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Mediation Sources Call Oksana's Black Eye 'Absurd'

7/29/2010 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources involved in the mediation between Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson are scoffing at a newly released photo showing Oksana with a black eye.


According to the sources, the notion that Oksana held back the photo is "absurd." As one source said, "She produced photos of her mouth showing the damage to her veneers, she testified in great detail about the Jan. 6 incident. If she had a black eye she would have said it."

The sources also say, on the financial end, Oksana held every piece of damaging evidence over Mel Gibson's head -- notably the tapes -- and that is what produced a $15 million settlement.  One source said, "If there was a black eye it would have been $16 million."

And the sources say the day after the alleged incident Oksana's dentist never made any mention of a black eye -- and two days after the alleged incident the pediatrician she saw also failed to observe a bruised eye.

The sources note something else ... there was an ironclad confidentiality agreement in the settlement -- so it would have been pointless for Oksana to hold anything back because it could never be used again.


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Mel, dude, please let this be the last time you get a Russian mail-order bride....

1545 days ago


She is SUCH a lowlife LIAR. Ship her back to Russia!

1545 days ago


LMAOOOOOOOOO, this ingrate needs to give up, all her lies are starting to crumble......LOL

1545 days ago


I've been following this story on all the Hollywood gossip websites, and I cannot help but wonder: Is TMZ on Mr. Gibson's payroll? Is Radaronline on Oksana's? The bias toward one or the other on both sites is incredible. Enough already.

1545 days ago


So if I read this right, Mel did not deny hitting her in the mouth and was ready to pay her $15 million to keep Oksana quiet about it.

1545 days ago


I suspect that TMZ is REALLY REALLY pissed that RadarOnline beat them to the biggest celeb scandal of the year...TMZ seems to be pulling out all the stops in an effort to discredit Oksana using these unnamed 'sources'....

1545 days ago

Geronimo Deuces    

OKSANA, go get a "JOB" like the rest of us mstzzzzzzzzzzzz

1545 days ago


So, she did extort him with the tapes for $15 mil!! Now, she's lying with doctored photos. I reiterate what I said : this tramp is soulless and is everything Mel called her. I can't even begin to guess the mental and emotional torture she put him through. However, based on how he was on the tape, I could probbaly imagine.

1545 days ago


Oinksana is digging her own grave fast. She keeps coming up with ridiculous lies. Bitch please. If he really hit you or that little baby, she would have went straight to the police & not cared about the money. She only cares about herself, the money and blowing these "so-called" witnesses.
Abbey, you must be new to They aren't biased towards Mel or Oksana. Just reporting the news the way they should. Perezhilton is one biased piece of douchery because he's been team Oinksana and doesn't hide it. When he is proved wrong or her story comes undone, then he removes his news and comments. Very interesting.

1545 days ago


One thing is clear, she has made all the celeb sites her beyatch

1545 days ago


This chick is soooooooo stupid and dumb. The more she drags it on, the more people are gonna distance themselves from her. Could u imagine, walking into a room filled with people and all of a sudden it gets quiet because they afraid she's gonna tape what they say. Or she walks into a room with only one guy in the room and he hauls ass because he don't want her to say he hit her or pulled a gun on her....

1545 days ago


Prediction: Oksana gets her $15 mil in about a month and this whole matter blows over. Both sides are now trying to save face and position for a larger or lower (depends ont he side) paycheck. I am bored, can Britney Spears do a porno already? or Lindsy Lohan uncover a sex tape?, I need something new to fuss over!

1545 days ago

JVM Fan    

Has anyone seen this Mel G. story covered on the show "Issues?" They have some experts on that have a very interesting perspective re Oksana. They are covering it all more tonight. Issues has been doing a very good job bringing up new angles.

1545 days ago


Deport the Ho! She is worthless in Russia! Here she is a liability...

1545 days ago

karen lee    

It was recently reported that Oksana deliberately provoked Robyn into (finally) filing for divorce. HOW? SHE was the one who called Robyn to tell her that Mel had gotten her pregnant.

Ergo: a marriage that might have been reconciled was DESTROYED by an evil female creature just to get her hooks into Mel's bank account.

Oskanka was also the ONE who announced her pregnancy by Mel publically … announcing “her” news to the world press corp. while she & Mel walked the red carpet in RUSSIA for his “Edge of Darkness” movie.

Bad on Mel he didn’t kick her to the gutter for telling his family (and kids) B4 Mel had the opportunity.

It is the ONLY reason Robyn filed for divorce – throwing Mel’s seven other kids under the bus.
Imagine their distress that all their friends found out the same time they did.

This isn’t a woman … she’s truly evil – and A SUCCUBUS.**
**Alteration [after incubus ] of L.L. succuba [strumpet or prostitute].
Alteration applied to a fiend in female form; having intercourse with men in their sleep, draining the LIFE FORCE from their bodies. From succubare "to lie under," from sub [under] + cubare [to lie down]

1545 days ago
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