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Oksana's Smoking Gun in

Brutality Allegation

7/29/2010 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected to Oksana Grigorieva tell TMZ that there are "third party witnesses" who will tell L.A. County Sheriff's investigators they saw Mel Gibson punch Oksana on January 6 during the blowout at her home.

The sources say the witnesses have not yet spoken to Sheriff's investigators, but they will come forward soon.

Although the sources would not be specific, it appears at least one of the witnesses is someone who works with Oksana on her music. The sources also say at least one of the third party witnesses saw Mel pull a gun on Oksana on January 6, after he allegedly punched her.

We're told Oksana's 12-year old son Alexander has already spoken with Sheriff's investigators. Sources say during the mediation in May, Oksana said Alexander was hiding under the bed during the January 6 argument.


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Ok, I am glad people have the integrity to stand by their words. Somebody is going to be apologizing when the Court releases findings. Maybe me, but I wish gambling were legal in my state; I would bet $1000 that Mel abused Oksana. Would you bet the reverse?

Posted at 12:54 PM on Jul 29, 2010 by vee

LOL I wouldn't bet money on it vee, at the end of the day it's not THAT important. That's getting a little too wrapped up in their business I think.

1547 days ago


karen lee and mee

okay fellow posters,
people are confusing our monikers

1547 days ago


I've been reluctant to comment, but reading everyone's comments about these people is just too much. First of all, use your god-given intellect, people. Nothing is just coming to light "now". The information has been available all along. It's the gossip industry releasing the information in bits and pieces just to ensure we show up every day. Maintaining your interest in their site increases their popularity and makes it easier for them to convince companies to advertise with them. All proven with hit counters. This story is the best thing that's happened to ROL and TMZ since Sandra Bullock and JJ. As for the witnesses, if one is "Mel's maid" whom he threatened to fire if she "worked for" Oksana then it is obvious WHY she is just stepping forward now, if that is whom the supposed third party is. Lastly, here's something else for your reading pleasure: I specifically refer to ""Mel's family had no control over his drinking and were instead afraid of his bad, unpredictable temper." At that time, "Mel rarely left the house [on location] for other things than business meetings."

In papers filed this week, Mel lists the date of the couple's marital separation as Aug. 26, 2006 – less than a month after his profanity-laced DUI arrest. (Robyn has not specified when the couple separated.) "

That story came up on a Google search I did and the journal entry is April 15, 2009.

Sounds like the same m.o. to me hence why she chose to extract her and their kids from their marital home (being catholic, divorce might not have been an option at the time and that's why the "dissolution" of their marriage went down the way it did. My assumption is that the baby with the lover was just the nail in the coffin on R&M's marriage. RG just couldn't maintain the charade with someone else's baby on board.

1546 days ago


Money talks and Bull Sh*tters Walk!

Same game, nothings changed.

She has the option about writing a "tell all" paperback and electronic ( with audio) book for the morbidly curious.

If not she'll be paid well by Mel. Sounds like she turned down the $15,000.000 settlement because she does not trust "raging" Mel Gibson with her daughter.

If he doesn't get the help he needs, I wouldn't trust my puppy with him. Having said this, Oksana is an opportunist who didn't know she was getting involved with RAGING rich man.

Mel Gibson left his wife for Oksana's looks then found there wasn't much there he wanted when he got tired of looking.. lol

Mel's being a racists is the least of his problems.
He needs serious intense "anger management," therapy.

I'm just saying whats true peeps

1546 days ago


I wonder why she waited so many months to
show evidence.If I am scared I want it to
be stopped now.Not in months to follow.I
don't want to chance me or my kids being
killed by a madman.If he hates me enough
to say and do all this,he has to be in a
real mental state,and I would be having
him locked up on the spot to stop him.
I wouldn't wait months to survive it then
yell he did it.By not saying anything,it
means we forgive what the person did.We
are giving the person the benifit of the
doubt.Maybe there was a reason for the
forgiveness?Maybe the whole thing was
staged?May be we need to rely on the part
not done,instead of what the claims are,
that were done?Either way...A Long time
between accused beating and NEWS Reports.
I hope no one kills me for being alone
at home with them after all the beatings
I don't report.

1546 days ago


Mel built his very own church. If anyone thinks that religion is for the feeble minded, this is all the proof you need.
There is something very sick about worshipping plaster statues, yet being so hateful to your fellow
man (or woman). While I'm at it, his very twisted jesus movie illustrates something seriously wrong
with him.
Put him in a straitjacket, let him cling to that voodoo doll thats called a crucifix, then throw away
the key.

1535 days ago


come on if Mel really did all of this he would have been in Jail in January. I can tell you if a man did that to me he would be. I sure as heck wouldn't be parading around with him 5 months later. Its all a set up. this gold digger needs to be in jail.

1532 days ago
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