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'American Idol' Judges

Dangerous Strangers

8/10/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with "American Idol" tell TMZ ... execs on the show recklessly rolled the dice by choosing Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler as the new judges.

Our "A.I." spies tell us producers have never put Lopez, Tyler and Randy Jackson in the same room to see if they have the right chemistry.  As one source put it, "It's ridiculous not to road test these people before committing ... it's insane."

We're told before choosing Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson, Exec Producer Nigel Lythgoe organized dinners with the three prospective judges, to see how they meshed.  We're told Nigel even had Simon and Randy go to a few strip clubs together ... to see how they got along.
FOX, we're told, was adamantly opposed to Paula because the Network felt she was "washed up," but Nigel convinced the execs it was all about the "magic" between the three.

Turns out ... there's still time.  High level sources tell us the deals with Lopez and Tyler still haven't been signed, and auditions with the judges are just a month away.


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Celebrities Suck    

why would they even have Jennifer Lopez as a judge on Idol? Have you heard her singing? She can't sing!!!!! She became famous because of her bubble butt, other thn that she CAN'T SING!!!!! ERGH!!!

1500 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

we need a real singer up there not JLO why not Marc Anthony now that's a REAL singer!!!

1500 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Kill off the show already. These are three nail in the coffin judges. AI has been overcooked for many seasons already and most of the winners usually go nowhere. They expect watchers to listen to J.LO's annoying speaking voice for an hour or over? Geez!!! That is terrible. Steven Tyler will fall off his chair. He is prone to falling over. As for Randy, AI could have just used a recording of his voice with his overused lame sayings... "It was pitchy.", "I didn't get it.", " It was karaoke.", "That was the bomb.", "When I produced this song...", and something stupid about a dogpound. Enough already.

1500 days ago


This "show" is actually still on?

1500 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Idol will soon be a has-been.....

Now they are bringing home wreckers to be judges. go figure!!!

dayanara torres was Marc Anthony's beautiful wife which he left thanks to JLO the home wrecker!!

1500 days ago


WHO EFFIN CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1500 days ago


No way in HELL is Steven Tyler going to have an ounce of respect for Jennifer Lopez. He's a rock god, and she can't sing OR dance in my opinion. It's going to get ugly.

1500 days ago


J Lo will be no worse than Paula Abdul.They could have added Rosie O'Donnell.

1500 days ago


Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler will be the death knell of AI!
Adding Kara, losing Paula and now Simon...just kiss the show goodbye. It was terrible w/o Paula, Ellen was a dud.
I will NOT be watching this year.

1500 days ago


Jennifer Lopez is a BAD decision. I think that she will hurt the show, not help it. She may have some fans, but there are MANY people who detest her. She has a stuck up attitude and is so impressed with herself that it is sickening. She's not suited to be a judge. Who got her foot in the door?

They will regret it if they put her on the panel, IMO.

1500 days ago


Well I believe this is a huge mess. I don't think that Steven an Jennifer are good choice to be AI jugdes. AI would lose a lot of viewers. The viewers are looking to watch someone, like simon. I can admit first season, I hated simon. Second season, I was interested in his comments. I relized he was right and funny. Third season, I was hooked. So they need someone like that. I have been watching American Idol since season one. There was chemistry between Ryan and Simon also. I think Harry Corrmick Jr, is a very good choice for a AI. Now to replace, Kara that's not going to hard. She didn't just do anything for the show. Ellen, I think did a wonderful job. I wish she would come back.

1500 days ago


This show is DOA! Fox should instead air reruns of In Living Color and it would pull in more viewers than this group of ego-stroked airheads. Lopez is a bore and Tyler should stick to taking his band to play casinos in the midwest. Jackson should just cut and run so the other two don't destroy what's left of his career. Wasn't a study done last year that watching JLo do anything caused violence? Ego with no talent being promoted as talent was eventually uncovered as the root. Wake-up Fox, there will be violence in the streets in you air this show another year; especially with big butt Jenny Lopez that alters her real face with six coats of make-up. However, you can't hide no talent hack, not even with multi-digitized voice altering software.

1500 days ago


Hopefully these decisions with hasten the demise of American Idol, a show that should have ended years ago! This show has never been anything more than a cookie cutter mentality for what they deem talent to be! :(

1500 days ago


Boring!!! They should hire Ben Afleck ( who cares if he has no musical background!). I'd love to see him and j-lo working together. Lots of chemistry.

1500 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

Anyone that is chosen for the two empty positions would bring in the end to/of american idol. If people are not interested there goes the sponsors and the show. The competion version of it I do not start watching until the last 5 people left or something and even then I hear in the news the next morning and bombarded the entire day and the next day with play backs of idolization of who won. The show to be pressures these young people once they are in the competion and annoys me even when ua contestant loses they have to sing their farewell song; that sucks! well for them i just turn the channel.The only area where I like american idol is the auditions of people who after several seasons do not realize they will not be the next american idol.

1500 days ago
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