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Jesse James' Ex -- I'm Following Jesse to Texas!

8/9/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James is going to have company in Texas ...because his ex-wife Janine Lindemulder claims she's moving to Austin to be closer to their daughter Sunny.


As we previously reported, the judge in their child custody case had ruled that Jesse could take Sunny to Austin, so she could be closer to her former stepmom Sandra Bullock ... who has a close relationship with the 6-year-old.

But this morning in an Orange County courtroom, Janine's attorney announced that the former porn star intends to follow Jesse to Austin ... and wants some money to help with the transition.

Janine wants $9,000 a month in child support -- with $3,500 of that earmarked for Janine's living expenses.  But she didn't get it .

For now, the judge ordered Jesse to pay Janine $50,000 for attorney's fees ... and set his child support rate at $2,000-per-month.

As for custody -- Janine will get Sunny on the weekends ... right after school lets out on Friday afternoons.

UPDATE: The judge just upped Jesse's child support payments to $3,000 a month. Outside of court, Janine told TMZ she considered today's hearing a "win" ... and that she's ready to head to the Lone Star State.



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Fiama- you're a retard that apparently has a "mouse" in your pocket. How the hell is Sandy a "loser"? She has taken WAY better care of Sunny than Janine has and has more to offer than her. Get off the crack and stfu you sad degenerate.

I don't see why Jesse has to pay that skank ANY child support if Sunny is living with him. I also don't understand how anyone can defend that porn skank. Granted, Jesse cheated and is horrible for that, but as far as parenting goes, he is the better option. Janine seems like she is effed up in the head and has some serious mental problems.

1543 days ago


I would hope that it is a win-win case for the natural birth Mother and her child to have a relatonship. Of course, it is hard to compete with people like Jesse and Sandra as they have all kinds of money with which to bribe the child. I hope that someday both Jesse and Sandra are sorry for the trouble they are causing the birth Mother - their bad karma will certainly be a cloud over their heads.

1543 days ago


My question is why is he paying her child support when he has the child and she only gets her on the weekend?????

1543 days ago


Janine wants primary custody of Sunny because that would mean bigger child support payments and she could then live off the child support. True equality would have Janine paying child support to Jesse(whatever she could afford). Wealth redistributionism at it's finest. Jesse gets to pay Janine's legal fees, too? What a lucky guy. To think Jesse betrayed the trust of the one woman in his life who didn't view him as an ATM and did so with greedy narcissistic whores. Keep your **** zipped up Jesse, because your taste in women sucks.

1543 days ago


So Janine has Sunny for 8 days a month...what's she doing with the other 22 days?
Looking for a job?
Upgrading her skills?
Taking some courses to educate herself?
Or just coming up with ways to annoy the crap out of Sandra?

1543 days ago


Janine, you put hard, honest working divorced parents to shame. Why should you get support when you only have visitation? $$$ has always been the name of the game to you, not your daughter...come hell or high water, you were getting that child support..just remember, it is called child support, not support my habit or so I don't have to support myself.
Money in Janine's hand is an invitation to trouble. Don't forget where you put your daughter this time.

1543 days ago


Sounds like that judge has personal baggage of his/her own.

1543 days ago


Jesse moving to Austin is one thing. The kids love her and Louis (who was to be his son) is there. But the rest of these fools moving.......WTF??? Supposedly his OTHER ex-wife is moving there to be near her kids, the older two. And now this crazy bitch is bringing up the rear. Wow. I know Sandy has to be like, seriously?!?!??!? I'd move to that new crib in New Orleans and bounce on all those fools.

1543 days ago


Oh yeah how in the hell is he paying child support when he has primary custody?!?!??! And then she gets an increase on top of that?!?!? This judge is on crack.

1543 days ago


Leave it to California to twist the law around... and to jack the father over to make the mother happy.
Non-custodial parents should pay child support not receive it.
Unless it's alimony and this entire story is wrong. Jesse's Attorney took him for a ride.

1543 days ago


Men should be much more careful and selective of who they put their penis in and make a baby with. Not to mention the fact that if this whack job DOES NOT HAVE CUSTODY of this child, WHY IN THE HELL does he have to pay her 3 grand a month??? WTF is the world coming to where ANYONE has to pay someone else TO DO NOTHING. She doesn't need 3 grand in child support for the 8 days a month where she'll actually have the kid!!

Poor Sandra. All she wants is to be done with the sideshow that is Jesse James. To raise her son... now she has to not only worry about Jesse moving to Texas, but HIS ex too? That woman is clearly INSANE. She's already been proven a bad mother. She's a porn star with a drug addiction! How horrible for Sunny. Sandra is the best thing that ever happened to that little can't pick your biological parents.

1543 days ago


Stay out of my state!

1543 days ago


I don't know what this judge is doing. But Jesse has custody right? Then technically he does not have to pay child support.

1543 days ago


This is just not right! Jesse James has primary custody of their daughter and how in the hell does the mother get child support when she only has visitation rights???? That baffles me! Clearly the judge in this case was not thinking straight!It is not fair and attention should be brought to this subject! Fathers should not always have to pay child support depending on the situation and certainly not in this case! Absurd!!!!

1543 days ago


What does Jesse own anyone child support? He has physical custody of his children.

1543 days ago
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