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Rachel from 'Big Brother' --

Wannabe Bikini Model

8/11/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Back before she became the most hateable person in the "Big Brother" house -- Rachel Reilly was a wannabe bikini model for Hawaiian Tropic ... and the footage has finally hit the web.

Rachel Reilly Big Brother - Bikini Video
Rachel -- who's a favorite to get evicted from the house this week -- doesn't do any talking in this clip.

And really ... it's better that way.


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Hmmm ... must've been shot before the ridiculous boob job. I actually liked the fact that she was kicking ass in the comps up until last night. I think a lot of people underestimated her. But she made a crucial mistake getting cozy with that dumb jock Brendon. They put huge targets on their backs by flaunting their showmance and dominating the early challenges. But now that relationship has doomed them both. They were both absolutely horrible on the show last night. Talk about sore losers! Rachel was WAY off base attacking Kathy, and Brendon is just a *****-whipped, whining idiot, blaming everybody else in the house for his own shortcomings. And then he tries to placate Rachel with lame kisses and "I love yous?!" C'mon, dude, try growing a pair! For someone who is probably the most athletic guy in the house, you tanked both of the last 2 physical challenges, and you have no one to blame but yourself for that. And Rachel knows it too! Good riddance to both of them, but it will probably be Rachel walking out tonight since EVERYBODY in the house just despises her.

1536 days ago


Obviously this is before her implants. She is skinny, but NO waistline. Mouth breather...or used to something being in there. She is too whiny on BB, hopefully she'll get kicked off and the show will go on. Brandon is too good for her...move on dude.

1536 days ago


Rachel is annoying, but I have to agree the show will be boring without her.

1536 days ago


She sure got a lot BIGGER since then

1536 days ago


She is so gone, Brittney wins POV AND WELL DESERVED.

1536 days ago


This is obviously pre-breast implants as well...she looks better here than she does now.

1536 days ago


Oy vey Rachel. That was hard to watch. I started disliking Rachel about 2 weeks ago when it seemed like she was fake crying and had a strange look on her face when she was hoping for some attention. Then it struck me..... Botox! Maybe she's not faking it after all, but has no expression left on her face from over injections LOL!! I wonder what she'll say when she sees it herself. Back off on that stuff honey. I think she would have lots of potential as a great girl if she'd stop thinking that she deserves to be the center of attention. As soon as you stop expecting it, you will be. The other thing is her science degree. I have yet to hear her say anything other than "hmmm", or "uh huh right?" in response to any of brendans scientific musings. I believed her when she said she had a science degree but now I wonder if it's one of those purchased ones. Im actually happy she's leaving today. When one drama queen leaves, another will emerge. Both Ragan (blech) and Britney will pick up the slack. Have no doubt!

1536 days ago


Also (lol), Rachel is so going to dump Brendan's ass either in the jury house or two minutes after the finale show. He is just no challenge to her and isn't interested in anything she is, except of course the posturepedic polka. I like a sensitive, loyal guy but he's almost a girl himself.

1536 days ago


Hard to believe she was so bad at acting like a whore, and as fug and pastey as she is, how could she think she could promote a tanning product? That face is brutal, totally busted.

1536 days ago


Rachel is my FAV person on Big Brother, she's funny and entertaining, albeit a little fake...but that's what it takes to play the game I guess.

Good luck Rachel, BB would suck without you!!

1536 days ago


Rachel may act like a two year old at times and be a bitch but shes smart and has played the game, don,t judge anyone by first impression look who we got for president, ha. So think about this, if you get on bb always pay attention to who is meeting in the food room or what ever that room is where the guys go and that will tell you a big alliance is going on, just sit back the first week or two and watch them pair up and then go in for the kill, just my opinion,, go rachel.

1536 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

THANK GOD she's not talking!...or laughing her stupid, fake laugh! Too bad she got those ridiculous looking implants. Maybe she got them to distract attention from the fact that she's straight up and down (no waist).

1536 days ago

Dennis Mitchell    

Wow. This was too funny when I saw it air of TMZ today. Even they can't stand that slutty bitch. I can't wait for 'Brenchel' to be evicted. And Rachel's voice is literally like nails across a chalkboard ... makes my ears bleed out. Go TMZ!

1536 days ago


Thank god she got the boot tonight.

1536 days ago


Good riddance to Rachel and hopefully Brendon is next.

P.S. Britney and Lane know each other from outside the house. I'm not sure why Big Brother is keeping this a secret from the viewing audience.

A couple of things you all may have noticed and wondered about:

A couple of weeks ago Britney told Rachel that she wanted to make sure that Lane didn't get put up on the block. Kind of odd that she would be worried about someone she never even talks to in the house.

And who did Britney run up to and hug in the bathroom when they thought nobody was looking after last night's eviction? Yep, you guessed it, she ran up and hugged Lane from behind and the camera immediately switched to a different room because we weren't supposed to see it.

1535 days ago
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