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Steven Tyler on 'Idol'

Show Me the Money!

8/13/2010 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steven Tyler is playing a little bit of hardball with "American Idol" execs -- saying they better "lay out the bread" if they want him to come on board.

Steven Tyler - American Idol
Less than two weeks ago, the Aerosmith singer proclaimed "I'm doing it" when asked if he was gonna be on "Idol." But yesterday in New York, he seemed to be playing coy when asked whether he was going to take the gig.

We smell a negotiation ploy!


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mary bolda    

give it to Bret Michaels, he would make and excellent judge look what he did on trump's apprentice show. Mariah Carey also would make an excellent judge too.

But please no big mouth Steven Tyler, look at what his recent gig on drugs did for him!!!


1510 days ago


Yeah give him more money so he can dump more heroin in his veins. With the 'more money' insistance I'm now convinced he would be a detriment to the show. Do us all a favor and stay home Steven!

1510 days ago


I just saw Aerosmith in concert and they are far from washed up one of the best shows I have seen in years.

1510 days ago


He would rock..i hope he gets it!

1510 days ago


Is that Chrissie Hynde?

1510 days ago


They must be able to find someone younger and closer to the contestant's ages for this gig. Steven is way too old for this.

1510 days ago


I thought this was julia roberts

1510 days ago


Steven Tyler is a legend. Aerosmith is a legend. It doesn't matter what any of the idol watchers think cause this man is an absolute musical legend.
The only thing that is OLD IS AMERICAN IDOL. It's rigged, and it's pathetic and completely UNworthy of Tyler. If you're gonna do it, Steven, take em to the bank!

1510 days ago

eyes r rolling    

Here's what I think... Idol is cooling on their decision to consider him so he's spinning it so he can say they couldn't meet his $$$ demands - instead of admitting they realized he doesn't bring anyone or anything to the table and he should just hit the road.

1510 days ago


At first glance I thought that was a bad picture of Julia Roberts

1510 days ago


Please no Steven Tyler. I for one will definately quit watching if he's the new judge. Other than that I could care less who they get but I do think Bret Michaels would be really good and intertaining. I think some of the previous Idol contestants would beat ST!

1510 days ago


Steven Tyler is a rock GOD. He's forgotten more about the music industry than all the previous judges before him combined will ever even know. In other words, this is BENEATH him. All these teeny bopper naysayers have no clue what the hell they're talking about. The man has sold more than 150 million records, has his own roller coaster at Disneyworld and is a member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. In comparison, Simon Cowell is a pimple on his ass. If Tyler decides to do it, good for him for branching out, but he's already a living legend. He doesn't need American Idol- Idol needs HIM.

1510 days ago


And to all the shallow-assed 12 year olds commenting on his looks, show me another man his age who looks half as can't. Those strong Italian genes produced LIV TYLER...If Tyler goes for the gig, it will be the best thing that ever happened to American Idol. Unlike Ozzy Osbourne, Tyler is entertaining, relevant, and can play almost any instrument. Wait till some of these wannabe "rockers" and "pop stars" start with their generic crap on-stage...finally, someone with real clout will be able to tell them like it is. You kids are absolutely clueless...

1510 days ago


I see a lot of comments about Brett Michaels vs. Steven Tyler. You're joking, right? Poison OPENED for Aerosmith. There would never have even been a Brett Michaels without Steven Tyler. Tyler even sounds better at 62 than Michaels ever did. And what's with the "famewh0re" crap? Michaels has already been on two reality shows (Rock of Love & Apprentice), so who's a "famewh0re"? Brett is "offering" to do the show because he is no longer relevant as a musician and needs the reality show circuit to keep his fame-- if Tyler does it, it will only be because the producers want a REAL American Idol to be a judge. And you morons going on about Tyler's drug issues don't bother to mention it was prescription painkillers that cause his latest woes, not heroin, which he kicked over 20 years ago. I hate this ****ing generation. Shallow, stupid, and full of ****.

1510 days ago


Tell me again why this wash-up either needs or deserves big bucks?

1510 days ago
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