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Steven Tyler on 'Idol'

Show Me the Money!

8/13/2010 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steven Tyler is playing a little bit of hardball with "American Idol" execs -- saying they better "lay out the bread" if they want him to come on board.

Steven Tyler - American Idol
Less than two weeks ago, the Aerosmith singer proclaimed "I'm doing it" when asked if he was gonna be on "Idol." But yesterday in New York, he seemed to be playing coy when asked whether he was going to take the gig.

We smell a negotiation ploy!


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are tyler and janice ****inson the same person?just sayin'...

1498 days ago


Unless Steven Tyler grew boobs, this is Carly Simon..

1498 days ago


Old aerosimms has his steven tyler doll shoved so far up his butt, he's starting to talk sh* tell em aeroturd.

1498 days ago


If they get that arrogant prick, that show will be canceled with in a year. I'm watching the X-factor. I can't stand Seacrest, he is one major douche bag.

1498 days ago


Another person who would always be awesome

1498 days ago


i feel i should speak up for what Harvey said. He said people were complaing that Steven wouldnt make a good judge because the teen audience that mostly watch American Idol, dont really know who he is. Well that is definitly wrong. I am 15 and I know what Aerosmith is, I know who steven tyler is. I've been an Aerosmith fan ever since i was 11. I think Aerosmith does a good job interacting with a younger audience because for exanmple, they have their own ride at DisneyWorld, they have been featured in 3 video games including Guitar Hero, everyone has heard "I Dont Want to Miss a Thing"many teens today have watched Wayne's World and have seen and heard about Aerosmith there. And many teens today have heard the song Jaded. All my friends know they are and have heard Aerosmith songs before. so i think the assumption that Steven would not be good with a teen audience is wrong. And he would alos be a great judge because he does have a sense of humor, and he definitly knows music.

1498 days ago


i just made a survey and 9 in ten people below the age of 20 know what Aerosmith is and know who Steven Tyler is. All ten people asked knew what Aerosmith was.

1498 days ago


I dont think American Idol will hire him he seems unstable. He acts loaded in this interview.

1498 days ago


these ungrateful money hungry spoiled celebrities who aren't worth crap. they should all be bankrupt. Give to the less fortunate. Talentless ugly creeps.

1498 days ago

kooky 1    

EEK...what an old tranny with man boobs and acting very high. Pathetic. Used to love him.

1498 days ago


Aerosmith is one of the greatest bands in existence just underneath The Stones, so why does he keep trying to derail his band, or worse make the rest of the band hate him? He has serious issues that he needs to sort out, and Idol is a step down so wtf on this. He does this crap when he drinks, maybe he needs rehab again, this isn't cool.

1498 days ago


You people just don't get it. Tyler is a master entertainer. He makes money, and good money, for doing what he does because he is one of the BEST at what he does. Money grubbing? Of course- he's a bloody ROCK STAR! So what? Do you think Randy or any other judge is doing the show for FREE? The fact is, Aerosmith have survived LONG AFTER the rest of their ilk have ceased to be relevant BECAUSE of things like Idol. Joe Perry was on it a couple of years ago. They were on the Rugrats Movie soundtrack. Tyler had a song on Elmopalooza. He knows how to market himself because he's an entertainer. And again, you bitches thinkin' you're cute by dogging his looks...I want to see what you think you're gonna look like at 62. Grow the hell up.

1498 days ago


Why don't they ask Richard Carpenter to be a judge? He'd be perfect for that job (IMO)!

1497 days ago


It's too bad Idol had to tell everyone what the judges and Ryan's salaries are. Now they're going to be hard pressed to get a 'real' star. I liked Doogie Houser though.

1497 days ago

she girl    

Though, Brett is a good idea , the answer is clear as day Randy needs to pull in his old buddy Steve Perry (the voice) if anybody can judge a singing competition he would be the one! He
would be a excellent choice, Hey TMZ! Can you get this idea to Randy J.

1497 days ago
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