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Insane Clown Posse -- We Warned Tila ...

8/17/2010 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tila Tequila should have known that the crowd at the Gathering of the Juggalos was going to pelt her with objects ... because according to a member of the Insane Clown Posse, she got a fair warning before the show.

TMZ spoke with ICP member Violent J -- who claims the group informed Tila about a rumor circulating within the Juggalo community that Tila was going to be a target when she performed on Friday night.

Violent J tells us, "We told her about the rumor and she didn’t care" ... noting that Tila informed the group that she wouldn't back out of the performance because she's "not a bitch like that."

Violent J continued, "We paid her before the show and assured her that even if things got out of hand, she could keep the money if she had to leave the stage."

Obviously things did get out of control -- and Tila took a few shots to the face when the crowd began firing objects at the stage.

J tells us Tila's people have already informed the group that a "lawsuit is underway" -- but ICP insists, "We're not gonna sit back and give her our money.”

Still, Violent J tells us he thinks it's "f*cked up" that the crowd got violent ... saying, "I wish they didn’t throw stuff at her.”



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ok, i was at the gathering but not at the stage during that time. but she knew the risk and she did it anyways. she got paid before the show and now she's suing? i saw a video and it showed her firing back so she was asking for it. even tho i dont think they should have been throwing **** in the first place, she knew wat she was getting into and she did it anyways. ICP is not directly responsible for wat happened. they weren't the ones physicly throwing stuff at her

1533 days ago


Course it's not okay, but damn, honestly??! If you've ever research the Juggalos or the Gathering, why would a girl like HER, attention seeking, go to a performance like THAT?! I mean really. Normal people don't like her, let alone homies. haha far out.

1533 days ago


OK, I am a juggalo, I WAS NOT at the gathering, but I agree that this SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPEND!!!! It makes those of us who actually are decent people look horrible, I cant even go to PA to visit a friend because her township considers Juggalos to be a gang! But this: was shot at the same time as the video that TMZ played, and looks to me like she was throwing stuff at the crowd too...maybe she should add that in her lawsuit. Yes, ICP and Psychopathic Records recieved phone calls, e-mails, and videos from Juggalos telling them that they did NOT want her at the show, so while the could have unbooked her, they decided to let her play and warned her that the show was going to be bad, she decided to perform anyway and got stuff thrown at her, but I have talked to several friends that were there, and they all swear that no one threw human waste, or followed her to her trailer.

1532 days ago

Get back to work!    

Somebody PLEASE tell me what it is that Tila Tequila "performs". Do people pay to see her "performances"? Are one dollar bills involved?

I am incredibly uninformed and I sincerely apologize for my ignorance.

1532 days ago


come on im a juggalo i was there. it was not alright for people to be throwing rocks and bottles at her wtf. i saw some juggalos filling up water ballons to chuck at her but hey thats water, i want to know wat sick person decided to go to the port-a-john thats ****in wrong ****. its the gathering things get thrown when naughty by nature was on someone started throwing tear gas or stink bombs. its wrong but she was warned and paid already she shouldve just left but nooo she aint gonna back down. she shoulda left when she was told too.

1532 days ago

the work    

I had read a few of the comments here and saw the pics, i dont care if she was warn or not i think that was really wrong and childish no one in the world doesnt need to feel that pain so what if she did some bad stuff in the past shes human she make mistake like we do,the pics looks really horrible how can anyone do this sure if you dont like her dont listen to her nor go to her shows.The situation ISNT funny at all you people need to grow up act your age what if that was you or your family member how would you like if people throw stuff at you or them,you wouldnt like that, violence isnt the answer and to the people saying she deserves she doesnt . This 16 year old girl had been through worst it happen long time ago shes not famous her story is ,but it is violent her name is Junko Furuta you hater should look her up( and see how painful it is an ask yourself its not worth it, it isnt worth it at all .I think she should sue them SO TILA IF YOUR READING THIS GET BETTER and your fans will support you !!!!!!

1531 days ago

the work    

okay i read all the comments to all the people that said she deserve and the people that thrown stuff at her i mean really thats ****ER childsish i mean really childish and if you didnt like her why not leave are you jealous of her or something ?
i feel really bad for you people saying means thing and hateful things about her what about that was you would you like if that happen to you i dont think so so treat people equal and stop being a hater it makes you look stupid i hope they wasnt grown because thats very sad.

1531 days ago


It's ridiculous that she's so upset about this when she was warned that **** was going to go down.
I don't support anything having to do with psychopathic records, but I think it's pretty respectable that they tried to warn her.
She's just stupid for not listening.

1531 days ago


Lie with dogs---get up with fleas.

I feel for her but "playing" with Satanically controlled idiots will nearly always produce such results.

1531 days ago


i do not agree with what happend but if she was warned she was warned if she was doing something like this and tols some one that there was a rumer that they might get hurt and they still did it and did get hurt whould she want them to sew her

1530 days ago


violence is never the answer but she got exacly what she deserve they warn her ass but she just to show her ass and what do she do like what is her carreer base like who is she

1530 days ago


she is the nastiest ugliest chic i have ever seen!!!

1530 days ago


Of COURSE she never deserved it. But why go to the Gathering of the Juggalos. I'm a fan, probably not to the point of being a juggalette, but I would be intimidated to even GO to the gathering. Have you listened to their music? I love the band, but the fans can be nutters.

So of course it's horrible, but suing J and Shaggy won't do anything. It's not their fault. I reckon they're nice guys.

1530 days ago


It was the perfect storm of stupidity: The most talentless reality star joins up with the most talentless band/rappers in front of the most classless group of fans, and this is what you get. As stupid as it was for someone like Tila to be at an Inane Clone Poser show, she didn't deserve to get hurt like that.

1529 days ago


I hate these damn 'Juggalo' morons. ICP are terrible, and their music is appalingly bad. I don't know who this Tila Tequila is, but however bad HER music is, I'm sure it's a step up on the Willy Bubba BS ICP put out for their 'Juggalos'

1529 days ago
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