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Insane Clown Posse -- We Warned Tila ...

8/17/2010 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tila Tequila should have known that the crowd at the Gathering of the Juggalos was going to pelt her with objects ... because according to a member of the Insane Clown Posse, she got a fair warning before the show.

TMZ spoke with ICP member Violent J -- who claims the group informed Tila about a rumor circulating within the Juggalo community that Tila was going to be a target when she performed on Friday night.

Violent J tells us, "We told her about the rumor and she didn’t care" ... noting that Tila informed the group that she wouldn't back out of the performance because she's "not a bitch like that."

Violent J continued, "We paid her before the show and assured her that even if things got out of hand, she could keep the money if she had to leave the stage."

Obviously things did get out of control -- and Tila took a few shots to the face when the crowd began firing objects at the stage.

J tells us Tila's people have already informed the group that a "lawsuit is underway" -- but ICP insists, "We're not gonna sit back and give her our money.”

Still, Violent J tells us he thinks it's "f*cked up" that the crowd got violent ... saying, "I wish they didn’t throw stuff at her.”



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Stupid People Hater    

Hmm, sounds to me like she knew what was coming and figured she could sue. The defense lawyers should be able to use the same defense Mel Gibson's attorneys are using.

1467 days ago


"Quit pushing snooze on your 15 minutes of fame..." - Tilasuxzzz

That was the best one-liner in the entire thread. An instant classic.

1467 days ago


So she got the infamous "Bubba Sparxx" award. When Bubba Sparxx got it he didn't run to TMZ stating he was planning on suing. When the Ying Yang Twins and Andrew W.K. got it they didn't cry like little bitches either. Yes, I know, Tila is a little bitch, but wtf? The drummer from Mini Kiss got knocked off his stool after being hit in the head with an unopened beer can (2005 I believe), and I thought it was funny as hell, but he got back on stage after a couple minutes and they finished their set (of course we actually liked Mini Kiss). I know one thing for sure, if I was told not to take the stage because the crowd seemed like they wanted to kill me, I wouldn't have gone out there. She should just pick up the pieces (that are left of her plastic face) and move on.

1467 days ago


Like she had no responsibility to protect herself? If she was warned of the possibility of violence and chose to put herself up there for it, whose fault is that? Then she stayed up on the stage as junk was thrown at her rather than leave and protect herself. Her payment is the attention she is getting.

1467 days ago


Yo Tila, next time remember that dried blood is a dark red, not a bright orange like whatever you used to fake your pics.

And YES giving a fair warning does set them free. Why do you think there are "watch your step" or "do not keep valuables in car" or "swim at your own risk" kind of signs all over society? To cover asses, thats why.

1467 days ago


so Tila, I know you read this stuff, you were in chat the other night. Listen up you self absorbed SLAG! This is what happens to little girls who noone likes or wants. I heard your so called rappin and let me tell you YOU SUCK!!! Go far away. You think you got death threats before, well honey, its gonna get a whole lot worse for you. I personally would NEVER hire you for anything since this is the effect you have on the crowds. I would not pay one single red penny to see you. And you want to SUE a BAND for what its fans did!!!??? Good luck with all that. BLACK LIST TILA TEQUILA! noone wants her in thier town to incite more violence. You taunted the crowd and flaunted your littl tities and said a bunch of curse words to people who paid good money to see a band they Like and you got what u deserved. By suing this band, you will unleash a torrent of ill will across the land. Good bye SLAG!!!

1467 days ago

Conservatives are Cowards    

I couldn't help but have a good laugh yesterday upon reading this story. The level of trashiness on the part of ALL involved is something that can't even be touched. This is so awesome that it made my week. The mental picture of a bunch of white trash chasing Tila Tequila back to her trailer and busting all its windows out is something that I'm sure will bring me months of joy.

It is kind of pathetic that apparently the lineup for this festival was so bad that people went to this concert rather than having something better available to listen to. All the festivals I go to, if there's something I hate on one stage, there's always something else going on...and if all else fails, have a burger and a beer.

1467 days ago

Vegas Wrestling    

I think she's a dumbass famewhoring no talent bitch also, but seriously the people who attacked her are ****ing cowards. Oh, and who booked her to perform there knowing this could happen? Attacking a 90 lb woman is inexcusable no matter what.

For the record, I can't wait for this lawsuit to play out. Imagine a jury having to pick between a no talent famewhore and 2 guys who wear clown makeup and have fans who are like cult members. This should be a reality

1467 days ago

Mr Baxter    

Between the blind Tila Tequila rage and the obligatory Juggalo raid (common to anything remotely resembling criticism of ICP on the internet), these comments are pretty entertaining.

The violence that occurred at the event was the fault of the promoters and they should be held liable. Sufficient security was not provided at the event. Security was lax enough to allow one or more of performers to be pelted with many objects for several minutes without taking control of the situation in any form. There is a reason most concerts and music festivals have a decent level of security, things can get out of control quickly when a few idiots have been drinking for hours / days or are under the influence of drugs.

It doesn't matter if Tila was warned, the promoters are still liable. The promoters were negligent if they had good information about any of its performers being at risk and didn't remove them from the lineup or at least greatly increase security.

I personally don't care for either Tila Tequila or ICP, but it's easy to see that the promoters screwed up and are probably going to pay for it.

1467 days ago


I dont care for Tila, but ICP are a bunch of F-TARDS! They wished their fans didn't to that? Why? Because they will probably have to own money..HAHAHAHA FOR ICP
Well that stupid effing group shouldn't have promoted violence in the last so many years. Did anyone hear the radio show the ICP's member did about their daughter that died? Those ICP people are lower than the dirt on a snakes belly.
Wipe the clown make up off your face and go get jobs. Stop being perpetrator and do something with you life. There is hope if you want to get your life straight. ACT NOW.

1467 days ago


why does anyone give a rats rear about this skank?

1467 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Tila is making up her injuries. She was not cut on her cheek at the show and then all the sudden she has this cut that is gushing blood? She's making up those injuries to make it look even worse and try and get more attention. This chick lies about everything. The security guards took the brunt of the punishment, she was hardly touched.

Look at this pic and look at how there is nothing wrong with her face. Tequila Attacked by The Juggalos

1467 days ago


So, the stupid porn whore dumbass was told there was going to be trouble, but she incited a riot anyway? DUMBASS. And who's she suing? She was warned, and chose to step into a situation that was volatile. She was pretending to sing behind 5 big bodyguards; she was protected. Honestly, the stupid legspread slut just wants more attention...

1467 days ago


I can't believe the number of comments that don't believe in personal responsibility. Tila was given information about what could occur and yet she CHOSE to ignore it. How can anyone say that it's someone elses responsibilty for that? I don't condone the violence, but really, if you were warned that there was a possibility that you could be hurt, would you have continued? It's people like that that have turned our Country into a bunch of nanny states. Personal Responsibility People.

1467 days ago


Ok...Ok...listen up. ICP whos record label has been around for quite some time hosts the annual Gathering of the Juggalo event. They are underground which means not mainstream music, they will straight up tell you how it is and school you on life, they reach all those people that never were accepted for who they were (the outcasts), they bring the world together bringing hope for those that seem to have nothing at all. All the Psychopathic artists are extremely talented and intelligent individuals. People hate them because they will not change their style to impress ANYONE! They have mad family love for all their fans. As a Juggalette you can drive across the country and come across another Juggalette and you have an instant respect for one another. I have attended the Gathering of the Juggalos for several years and yes, the Juggalos and Lettes are a tough crowd to perform in front of. Stuff is tossed at every performer it can be a form of respect or a form of dislike depending on how you handle your crowd, it's like your audition, either you make it or you break it.
By the way...not all Juggalos and Juggalettes are bad or ignorant. We have families, attend college, some Juggalos work in the medical field, law enforcement, education field, etc...
I received a Masters Degree in Education. I love the music, love the style and remember I'm out there in a school somewhere teaching your children and sticking up for their right to be accepted for who they are as they are, it's ok to be different!

1467 days ago
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