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Fan Arrested at Sylvester Stallone's Home

8/25/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sylvester Stallone's private security team sprung into action yesterday when an overzealous fan allegedly snuck on to Sly's L.A. estate and tried to score an impromptu meet-and-greet with the star.


Law enforcement tells TMZ ...  a member of Stallone's private security team called police around 3:30 PM and told cops they had performed a citizen's arrest on a 22-year-old male who got past Sly's gates.

We're told the suspect claimed that he simply wanted some face time with "The Expendables" star -- who wasn't home at the time.

The LAPD eventually arrived at the scene -- where they took the man into custody and booked him for misdemeanor trespassing.

According to police, the man is still in custody and is being held on $2,500 bail.


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What's with these sad, pathetic, losers. Must be the heat wave.

1522 days ago

South Beach    

Should have just shot him. Before you know it you're 5 years down the road and they're still tracking you. I hate stalkers.

1522 days ago



1522 days ago


Send him to Hope, BC, home of Road Rambo!

1522 days ago

Just sayin'..    

He was probably coming over to punch his face for producing that sh*t-show, The Expendables...

1522 days ago


The dude just wanted a to pitch Stallone a new movie idea., give him a break.

I think he had a great idea....Rocky: Battle at the Estate.

Ohh least he tried. LOL

1522 days ago

Fredrick j frenger jr.    

If this Dude is entering someone’s property, he should be shot! I wonder about some of these cases though. You take a no-name celeb whose career is nose diving faster than a jimmy fallon monologue and suddenly they’ll want you to think even the UPS guy is stalking them. “Look at me world, I’m still relevant! See I have this one fan who just can‘t get enough!” But it’s like um, no he was just delivering you a package like he will to 500 other people today. Personally I’d never stalk anyone, but if I had to, I’d definitely make it this thick legged latin chick I saw on big now that would be a rump worth sneaking in the back door for!

1522 days ago


Sly may look good for his age (64), but shirtless he is saggy, veiny, lumpy, baggy, basically the ugly seven dwarves. Please make this your last "I think I'm still young and virile" movie.

1522 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Are those eyebrows real? I'm just sayin'........

1522 days ago


Sly. stop doing your eyebrows like your mother!! Seriously people, Google images of Jackie Stallone.........then post your remarks.....I kid you not..........he is trying to become his mother!......................just like Norman Bates in Psycho. Can you imagine him in the mornings,........without make up!?

1521 days ago


This reminds me of the old "I Love Lucy" reruns where Lucy tried meeting Hollywood stars when her husband Ricky went to Hollywood. I guess if they made a new version of that show, Lucy would get arrested for trespassing and would be labeled a stalker and stars like John Wayne would get a restraining order against her.

1521 days ago

Doc Rogers    

Great Job guys!! You make us all look good in the bodyguard/
private security industry. Keep Safe.

1521 days ago


Dear TMZ Staff: The past tense of sneak is sneaked. "Snuck" is not a word.

1521 days ago


i was told recently that sly gets all his prescription eyewear done by HAIG....a master optician in studio city, would anyone confirm........


1516 days ago


Many of you need a therapist this it not a laughing matter. GOod for the security guards there payed to protect and they caught the person. YOu never know what crazy person is out there. And the expendables by the way was awsome. the box office shows this and so does this person. comes with the job of being popular. Happy to hear the Stallone family is safe. and knock off the cruel jokes on him and his mother you pansies.

1512 days ago
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