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Blue Power Ranger:

I Quit Show Over Gay Insults

8/26/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who played the Blue Ranger on the "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" series has just revealed that he's gay -- and dropped a huge bombshell ... that he quit the show because he was harassed over his sexuality.

Blue Power Ranger Gay

Actor David Yost -- who played the B.R. from 1993 to 1996 -- just gave an interview to "No Pink Spandex" -- and explained, "I was called 'f*ggot' one too many times [by the show's] creators, producers, writers, directors."

Yost added, "I know that my co-stars were called in a couple of times to different producers' offices and questioned about my sexuality, which is kind of a humiliating experience to find that out."

Yost claims it got so bad on the show that he became "worried that I might take my own life."
Instead, Yost took a break from Hollywood ... and only recently decided to start acting again.

Calls to Saban Entertainment -- which produced Power Rangers -- have not been returned.


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Too bad this qu##r didn't actually off himself. Would have saved us all from one less f&g. Lets all cry for the blue f&g. Now go to your muslim buddy OL BAMA and get his permission to marry your f&g lover, the magenta ranger.... or kill yourself.

1488 days ago


Bombshell?...what part of being a blue power ranger isnt gay????

1488 days ago


Sure have all the civil rights you want, i don't care, it's still not gonna change the fact that you are Pole Munchers & Carpet Chompers, you are still gay, you know it's not right, everyone on the entire freaking earth knows it's not right.

being called a f.a.g of a homo, hurt your feelings??? awwww get over it, it's not racism or a hate crime, GAY people CHOOSE to be GAY, they are NOT BORN GAY, no matter what anyone on this website or earth says. You are not BORN into Gayness you choose that lifestyle, so reap what you sow i always say. if you are gay and you don't want people bashing on your LIFESTYLE,

Then shut up and quit prancing around like a unicorn on crack with a high pitch voice, or women stop dressing like Tom Arnold with the short hair and flannel shirts. BEING GAY IS A LIFESTYLE NOT A RACE.

imo , i don't care if you are gay, lesbian or whatever, if you want civil rights then by all means go for it, but as long as people are on this earth you will be bashed for it, that's how humans are about this lifestyle. So this happened in what 1992-1993?

So NOW you can come out and say you were bad-mouthed on the set? Why didn't you say anything back in 1993? Scared? Ashamed? would this have anything to do with that gay rights in Cali? i think so, he can come out and tell everything now because he wants his 5 minutes of Spotlight Gaydom. Get over it already, i don't wanna know who is a lesbian or who is gay.

Man + Woman = Family

Man + Man = nothing

Woman + Woman = nothing

sure you can adopt kids all you want, it's not the same, and furthermore you are teaching children that it's ok to be gay, like i said it's not ok to be gay, that's just how the world is. People will tell you STRAIGHT TO YOUR FACE...... OH YEAH I DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM WITH GAYS OR LESBIANS..... all laughing together and having fun...... get that same person alone and the attitude changes, ewwwww he/she is gay that's sick what's wrong with that freak.

It is WRONG and Grown-Ups of all people know this. Teaching this trash to our children is also wrong but this is my opinion of the matter.

If i have offended any gays/lesbians with my comments then good, think about it in a dark room for a while by yourself, you know it isn't right and you know it will never be accepted by everyone in the USA or the rest of the world, you MAY get the rights but you won't get any respect from the general public.

1488 days ago

Joseph <3er!    

Like this was any surprise he was gay to begin with? Who cares the blue ranger sucked anyways.

1488 days ago


"Billy", you were my FAVORITE ranger! :)

1488 days ago


I love how some of these idiots think Yost is lying...ok, see how YOU like it when you're gay ass is outsted while working to feed your family. And to the dip****s who think PR doesnt require have never, and WILL never, acheive anything close to professionalism of any calibure. Yost has done theatre work and other forms of method before working on MMPR. It sucks that America, such a stupid, pig-ignorant nation that deserves things like 9/11, can't be more accepting of it's own art forms and people.

1488 days ago


A guy who wore a blue ranger spandex suit... i wouldn't expect him being gay in a million years!! lol

1488 days ago


ugh i wish people would leave people alone...being picked on for any reason is no fun and everyone seems to forget about THAT. those who go out of their way to hurt others can burn for all i care i have no respect for them and dont give them the time of day. I know what I enjoy and what I love and I will NOT let them stop me from doing just that.Blue Ranger will still be one of my favorites and I will always enjoy power rangers. You still got me as a fan Blue Ranger and I hope things get better for you.

1488 days ago


WHAT?!? A grown man in spandex playing a power ranger has just announced that he's GAY? OMG. That's so shocking. :|

1487 days ago


**** ya ass homies its all about power ranger ya ass are haters thats wat give some ****en repsect BILLY UR FREAKEN AWSOME AND IF I WAS U I WOULD SUE AND KICK THEIR MOTHER ****KEN ASS AND 666 WAS HERE YEAHHHHHHHH

1487 days ago


stop with the hate.
and that pic above doesn't do him any justice.
watch his interview.
kudos to mr. yost

1487 days ago


What had happened is unfortunate, however some are forgetting the original red ranger Austin appeared on a gay porn video

1487 days ago

Vanessa Adams    

Oh come on, really??? Puh-leeze. The (original) Power Rangers went off TV a loooooong time ago. Funny that he just so happens to pick now, when he's trying to restart his so-called "career", to come up with the sob story. Seems more like a PR pull to me....

1487 days ago



I have to agree with you on your comments thats the "just" of the entire GLTG base.. i for one dont understand it all but as a society i wonder what this will be turn out to be in the future.

you're about to witness issues on mass levels which havent even been thought out yet.

Married Gay couples : how will insurance cover 2 males both HIV infected from each other?

Married Gay Parents : how are teachers in public schools to address education practices based on home economics, health, and sex ed?

these issues are soo about to be blown wide open i can just expect to sit back and watch.. maybe dr.phill, jerry springer, etc can figure out some solutions.

18 yrs into the future my 1st prom night.. my date picks me up.. he has to meet my parents.. i let him know my mom was/is gay.. how are they to explain the father/mom relationship?

i mean a kid wont call the other girl father will father will she?

then you will have that set number of families that live in gay homes assuming that lifestyle is all but normal.then finds everyone else thats normal is actually not. its a mind-bender.. better ask the supreme court to figure this one out..

total confusion on the entire lifestyle issue and i see why there's so many walls up to stop it..

they want the rights but also always want special provisions thrown in seperating them from the rest of socity cause they're wanting to be considered "special" ..thats not fair to normal peeps.

1487 days ago


what ever happened to the pink ranger she was short but fine

1487 days ago
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