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Blue Power Ranger:

I Quit Show Over Gay Insults

8/26/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who played the Blue Ranger on the "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" series has just revealed that he's gay -- and dropped a huge bombshell ... that he quit the show because he was harassed over his sexuality.

Blue Power Ranger Gay

Actor David Yost -- who played the B.R. from 1993 to 1996 -- just gave an interview to "No Pink Spandex" -- and explained, "I was called 'f*ggot' one too many times [by the show's] creators, producers, writers, directors."

Yost added, "I know that my co-stars were called in a couple of times to different producers' offices and questioned about my sexuality, which is kind of a humiliating experience to find that out."

Yost claims it got so bad on the show that he became "worried that I might take my own life."
Instead, Yost took a break from Hollywood ... and only recently decided to start acting again.

Calls to Saban Entertainment -- which produced Power Rangers -- have not been returned.


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wow, i can truly say that i have never seen such foul & disgusting behavior.everyone is entitled to their opinion, but there's a line in which a person can cross into ignorance. with that being said, i have read a lot of ignorant statements. i am a heterosexual woman who believes in God and support gay rights. I don't think it's fair to condemn someone for trying to live their life. as a whole, gay people simply want to have equal rights. they are not trying to intentionally hurt or harm people. it amazes me how some people thinnk they are entitled to declare what your fate will be in the afterlife. i think that decision is left to up to God to decide for himself. NOT you. instead of passing judgement, how about we fix our own personal flaws? i send well wishes to david and hope he has a great future.

1527 days ago


Oh man. You guys make me embarrassed to be a Christian. Trust me, the 'worst' sin is not's your own self-righteousness as so-called Christians and your intolerance of the world around you.

1526 days ago


...Though of course, the rest of you pissy 'daddy-didn't-love-me' morons with your negative comments are just as bad...

1526 days ago


WHO CARES? Guy probably can't act anyway. If he truly could, why be a Power Ranger? Although Batman, now he dressed in black tights and NO ONE questioned him. Do you think David wiggled when he walked?

1526 days ago

Reality Check    

To Grimlock #50:

Seriously, dude - get some help mental help, and not the type you might get from whatever freakazoid religious spinmeister you call a Reverend.

Homosexuality is NOT A CHOICE. It just IS. When exactly did you choose to be STRAIGHT? If you can answer that question, then that explains a whole heck of a lot about your attitude and comments here, as there is a lot of repressed gay feelings inside of you just bursting to come out and you are obviously taking it out on the world in general.

Sorry to disappoint you, but the vast majority of us gays and lesbians are happy, well adjusted people. No, we do not "know it's not right" - quite the contrary. We are exactly who we were intended to be. The only choice we ever made was to stop living a lie in order to conform to the "ideals" of greater society.

Do you think that you can be like Dr. Laura, throwing around words that you know are offensive to try and desensitize us or something? You see how well THAT worked out for HER. Yeah, keep trying that strategy. I want to see how well you do with that when you aren't hiding behind the anonymity of the keyboard and internet.

As for David Yost and his revelation, why is it so difficult to believe that he might jut be telling the truth here? Everyone has heard the horror stories about actors losing work after coming out in Hollywood. How much more difficult must it have been for someone working on a youth-oriented show, being produced by an Asia-based production company that probably had a strong cultural bias against homosexuals (even more so than the then-current US biases). Hollywood agents routinely advise gay actors not to come out for the sake of their careers, so of course he would have just quit instead of saying something publicly at the time.

1526 days ago


I believe it rises beyond the issue of "gay vs. straight". I'm sorry but it's damnably unethical and last I checked, ILLEGAL to ask junk like that about an employee, worse, behind his back like a yellow coward.

Dishonour. Cowardice. Plain and simple. No one should have to face that kind of work environment, period. I thought America was better than that.

I was wrong.

1526 days ago


I knew something was weird about that guy. Everybody that I knew that watched the show in those early years kind of knew he was like that but dismissed it because we wanted to see some monster ass kicking fights. They sort of kept him out of the spotlight a lot and that was good for the show. It is a classic. It is sort of tough that he was treated that way but he had to know what he was getting into from he start. The crap is not "generaly excepted" even today. Women today are just listening to these stupid shows like "Noprah" and "The View" and believing the B.S. about how it is okay to be gay and so forth and men in general like myself and most that I know don't except it but just tolerate it by the logic of as long as they keep to themselves and don't intrude my life ten I can handle it. Thats the real truth. Yost should have just toughed it out in stead of these type of cry me a river interviews as another poster put it. Oh and yes it was a long time ago....not that so much of a long time ago but still a good while back so I think this Yost should have just stayed under his rock where he has been keeping himself and then should have quietly came back to acting without any interviews.

1526 days ago


Kenny Nash recording artist/writer and gay as well. I'm not a gay country recording artist I'm a recording artist who "HAPPENS TO BE GAY". It's getting really old these people trying to pull the publicity stunt by comming out. I really don't think anyone cares about your sexuality anymore. The human attention span is like a lightning bolt anyway these days.............NEXT !

Kenny Nash

1526 days ago


Man, who gives a crap? AND, the show SUCKED and they all couldn't freaking act. It's not like it's missed.

1526 days ago


#49, your idiocy is astounding. I feel so sorry for you...for anyone near the radius of your ignorance and hatred.

It sounds as if you might base your views on the Christian bible. I'm forever amazed by those who lack the intelligence to realize that the Christian bible was written by men and influenced by politicians (Constantine the most notable). In truth, no one can know how a Christian god would view same-sex relationships.

Sign me
one of the "Grown Ups of all people" who knows that homosexuality is no more "wrong" than heterosexuality...and whose respect is withheld not from people who love others of the same sex, but from idiots like you.

1526 days ago


Sounds like the republican party. However, being that this was show business I find it funny since there is a significantly higher number of gay people in the industry to begin with. Having been around many show-business people in my life, it's amazing to me but there are certainly more bisexuals and gays probably than straights in the "biz."
What a bunch of crap.

1526 days ago


And #66...well said.

1526 days ago


I always wanted to bend the pink ranger over. I bet she could have sucked the chrome off a trailer hitch.

1526 days ago


I lov the jesus freaks being all judgmental. What did Jesus say retards?
Don't worry about a mote in your neighbor's eye wen u have a ****ing plank in your own!

Also, I doubt Jesus would doubt sucking on the tit of the whore that is Hollywood through TMZ, so bitches, YOU ALL SINNERZ!

1526 days ago


Wow!!!! I would've been shocked 10 years ago, but now I have to put this in the "who cares?" catagory.

(But seriously, I wouldn't have cared then either!)

1526 days ago
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