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Michael Lohan Blows Into L.A. For Lindsay

9/1/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan has moved to Los Angeles so he and Lindsay Lohan can be one happy dysfunctional family again ... so Michael tells TMZ.


Michael says he moved from New York to L.A. yesterday ... largely to be near Lindsay.  He says he wants to be close to Lindsay while she goes through outpatient rehab and therapy.

Michael concedes Lindsay would rather get mauled by a bulldog than be around him ... but says as she becomes "clean and sober" that could change.

And Michael blames the wedge between him and Lindsay on Dina saying, "If wedges hadn't been put between us and people didn't use children as pawns, a lot of the problems suffered by children wouldn't happen."

Michael tells us he's working with a realtor to find an L.A. pad of his own.


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I cant stand that guy
he seems like a stalker

1513 days ago


This guy is a leech, he's NOT a real father, he's following the gravy train hoping to latch onto Lindsay again. If he cared for her at all he would keep away and STOP talking about her. He has three other children in NY, what about them? why is it only Lindsay he cares about? he is creepy and has an unhealthy obsession with Lindsay. She will NEVER trust him again and I don't blame her, he has betrayed her so many times.

1513 days ago


Can't she have a restraining order plus a "shut yo mouth" order thrown at him?

1513 days ago


so he can stalk her and sell dirt to the tabloids

1513 days ago


Cutting off this jackass is probably the one good thing Lindsay has ever done in her life.

1513 days ago


He moved to L.A. for publicity. That's the only reason.

1513 days ago

solar panel    

OK, now I feel sorry for Lindsay. Her father's a fame whore of the lowest order on the Used Condom Futility Index.

1513 days ago


Is it any wonder than Lindsay is screwed up? Both parents are using her for their own self satisfaction. Trash comes to mind!

1513 days ago


This man is truly a stalker. She is an adult, she can decide if she wants to have a family relationship with him. He is like the man that don't undertands that no means no. I really feel sad for her, she probably won't be able to be free of him until the day he dies. What a pathetic man.

1513 days ago


Michael, this is just a thought, but maybe if you just keep your mouth shut when it comes to your daughter and stop heading to Larry King Live or Inside Edition every time you get some info on her........maybe.....just maybe.....she'd get back in your life. Your problem is that you can't find a mic or camera you don't like. You put women to shame when it comes to gossip.

1513 days ago


When she gets older it'll hit her, even if he is a d-bag, it's better to be civil and settle differences with your family, you only get one set of (biological) parents you know.

1513 days ago


I've never wanted to drown anyone more than lindsay. I'm so sick of her she is like toxic waste. I cant wait til she disappears for all eternity, and takes her family with her

1513 days ago


Its not all about Lindsay. He needs to work on himself first before he can do anything. He should listen to her, she already told him many times why she does not want to be with him. Yet, he ignores it. If he really wanted to be there for her, he would work on those things to have a relationship. He just blames it all on her current legal problems, drug use, etc... He puts no blame on himself and its a shame.

1513 days ago


>>>"If wedges hadn't been put between us and people didn't use children as pawns, a lot of the problems suffered by children wouldn't happen."<<<

Father-Michael has done more damage to his children than any pedophile priest could.

1513 days ago


where does this clown get his money from??

1513 days ago
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