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Uchitel Mourns Dead Fiance ... for the Cameras

9/1/2010 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel made an emotional visit to a memorial dedicated to her former fiance who was killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks ... and for good measure, she brought along Dr. Drew and a reality TV crew.

Rachel Uchitel Fiance
Cameras were rolling last Thursday as Uchitel -- who is starring in the upcoming season of "Celebrity Rehab" -- sat down near a plaque dedicated to Andy O'Grady in New York's Central Park and read a letter she had written to honor his memory.

A source close to the production tells us Rachel then placed the note in a bottle and dropped it in the water.


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Oh Dr.Drew you never stop at being the worst kind of s***bag. Now exploiting the dead for the ratings of your television show.

1520 days ago


This will disgust her dead fiance's parents. They said they don't even recognize the person she is anymore and now exploiting their dead son. Tiger threw away a classy, naturally beautiful wife for this ho.

1520 days ago


He's probably rolling over in his now she's a whore and litterer great.

1520 days ago


Skank should have been using her time to apologize to Elin! If that were even possible! We've all lost Elin lost her love too TIGER, but we don't go around breaking up marriages, homes, taking a husband/father from his family & then getting paid to keep our pie hole shut!!!!!!!!!! SKANK! I hope she chokes on her money....and I hope Elin lives a long & happy life. Trash/douche bag!!!!! What this skank won't do for 5 minutes of fame. I could puke!!

1520 days ago


Number 1 poster is right on target. Andy's life is better off without her in it. That's a disgrace to exploit a dead man just for the cameras. Talk about low grade crap

1520 days ago


Rachel Uchitel won't go away until we stop paying attention to her. I'm pledgeing to not view/read/comment on any stories about her and challenge you all to do the same. If we ignore her, she will go away.

1520 days ago


What an attention whore! Stop reporting on her and find someone more deserving, more interesting.

1520 days ago


Boo Hoo am I suppose to feel sorry for this whore.

1520 days ago


IIRC she's alienated from her dead fiance's family because Uchitel tried to lay claim to his estate after he died.

She truly is a piece of work.

" When things do not go as smoothly, it can be just as awkward for the family as for the intended. Sally O'Grady, whose son, James Andrew O'Grady, was engaged to Ms. Uchitel when he died, acknowledged that ''the bottom line is, he loved her more than anyone at the end there.'' But to her family, she said, knowing someone for two years is not the same as knowing them for 32.

And, in part because her son, a managing director of Sandler O'Neill, had been so successful in recent years, with the ability to travel and have a second home, Mrs. O'Grady said, she had not had the opportunity to get to know Ms. Uchitel, a 26-year-old television producer , as well as she knew some of his previous girlfriends.

Mr. O'Grady had willed everything to his sister, who is pregnant for the first time. And although Ms. Uchitel had been a supportive presence, Mrs. O'Grady said, there had inevitably been clashes over what belonged to whom.

''He left the money to my daughter, she needs it, and she's my first priority,'' Mrs. O'Grady said. ''If Rachel was in real need, and he supported her, things would be different. She's very young, I think she's going to marry someone with a lot of money. She's just starting her career, and she's going to be fine.''

Ms. Uchitel said she had gotten some charity money and was far from poor. Still, she felt there should be something to ease the pain of a lost future. ''Money doesn't necessarily compensate,'' she said, ''but in this society that's what we use to compensate. What else is there, unless they're going to give me some knight in shining armor?"

1520 days ago


What a piece of ****.

1520 days ago


I too didn't think this "woman" could be any more disgusting. Sadly, I was mistaken. I don't know if she reads her own press (I'm guessing yes) but just in case: You are the worst kind of parasite Ms.Uchitel. Classless, despicable and without an ounce of shame. What a slap in the face to all who lost loved ones in the tragedy. Is there nothing so sacred that you wouldn't exploit it for a buck? Your 15 minutes of fame are almost up dear. Soon you'll be just another whore no one gives a rat's ass about.

1520 days ago


...and don't forget who set this farce up: Why it's Dr Drew! BEWARE of any TV celebrity with "Dr" in front of their name. On TV they cease being Doctors and become performers.

1520 days ago


Please..... Andy got lucky by dying. Being attached to that pathetic so called woman would have been awful. She needs to know her 15 minutes are up and we don't care about her or her pathetic behavior. GO AWAY

1520 days ago


how touching. i'm sure tiger is impressed and racing to the distraught finace/widow even now.

1520 days ago


So utterly and completely disgusting!

1520 days ago
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