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Family Mourns Tiger -- Shrine Erected

9/2/2010 4:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's been three days since a 2-year-old Maltese named Tiger was killed by Samantha Ronson's bulldog Cadillac -- and now TMZ has learned Tiger's owner has set up a makeshift memorial to honor her fallen pooch.


This shrine has been set up in the owner's apartment -- in the same West Hollywood building where Tiger got into that fateful confrontation with Cadillac early Monday morning.

As for Tiger's alleged killer -- we're told Cadillac is still on the East Coast.


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Why would you name a dog after a cat?

1482 days ago


Oh, for God's sake.

1482 days ago


WTF? I know dogs are like family members and all, but what's with the roadside memorial? Was it the neighborhood pet?

1482 days ago


I am so sorry for the loss of such a precious little dog. I cannot imagine the grief the family is going through. My deepest sympathies. There is nothing that replaces a pet's love.

1482 days ago


This is getting ridiculous TMZ !! Get an effin grip- this is news worthy??? And is this owner sending you pictures of this every day now ?? Very weird behavior.

1482 days ago


How many more posts are we going to get about this? It's a stinking dog!! Only reason TMZ is doing this is because the dog was killed by a dog owned by Lindsay Lohan's ex-gf. TMZ really needs to get over this sickening obsession with Lindsay.

1482 days ago


This owner is obviously milking it for what it's worth. Providing pictures to the press every day and all. He or she is using TMZ to push SamRo so that she pays for this to go away. I am not liking this blame game they are playing. Both owners must take blame for letting their pets run around without a leash. Initially i felt sorry for tigers owner but to be honest I am starting to have more sympathy for SamRo because this dog owner seems vindictive and manipulative . It was a tragic accident but it does not warrant this kind of smear campaign just because SamRo is somewhat rich and famous.

1482 days ago


Shrines to dogs, fugitive dogs on the lam hiding from law enforcement across the country... It's like a Sopranos episode for dogs. Sheesh... It's a shame the dog was killed, but seriously, a new story daily???

1481 days ago

dirty diana    

that damn cadillac better not come after MY 10 week old shih poo, i will make sure it never gets another dog! here on the east coast when dogs kill, they get put down.

1481 days ago


It's a F***ING DOG! How PATHETIC do you have to be to develop human feelings for AN ANIMAL!?! These people are SICK! SICK! Seek emotional help.

1481 days ago


Ronson should be thrown in county lockup until she brings that dog back to be dealt with. She carelessly chose not to protect others from this dangerous animal and should be held criminally responsible for the death of the other dog and injuries to the owner. And is Ronson on meth or what, she looks awful.

1481 days ago


They are purposely blowing this out of proportion. They are making it like they are extremely hurt. You know they plan on suing they ugly dyke.

1481 days ago


RIP Tiger.
I am an animal lover. My cats & birds are my children. Unless you've lost a family member, you will not understand the devastation and pain it causes.

1481 days ago


I'm sorry for the loss of their pet. I would go after Sam with a lawsuit. She should have never shipped the dog off after this happened. She should have turned the Ferocious animal over to Animal Control so they could keep it in lock up for a week to watch it's behavior. I believe that Sam's dog should get the death penalty for killing this little creature. This dog should never be able to harm another living creature. Euthanize it.

1481 days ago


I hope the owners donated tiger to the local chinese resturant he would be delish in a stir fry.

1481 days ago
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