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Tiger Woods -- The $100 Million Photo

9/3/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ever wonder what a man looks like right after he loses $100 mil??? Well, look no further ...

Tiger Woods 100 Million Settlement
TMZ has obtained this photo of Tiger Woods ... taken moments after the hearing in which his divorce from Elin Nordegren was finalized at Bay County Circuit Court in Panama City, Florida last month.

Tiger -- who didn't say one word to Elin that day -- smiled and posed for a photo with the bailiff from the hearing right after they left the courtroom.

One source tells us Tiger was "nice" -- even after signing away roughly $100 million to Elin. 

It's the first time -- in a reeeeeally long time -- that Tiger has been seen out without the Nike swoosh.

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No Avatar


I'm sure he'll love seeing that bailiff sold him out and gave his picture to someone.
Everyone always want$ a piece.

1509 days ago


Tiger "Cheetah" Woods got off cheap. Heck, he gave one of his hookers $10 mill and she didn't even have to crap out any of his babies.

Elin is a saint.

1509 days ago


Good try ender0x24 are you retarded or dumb? Are you deaf or did you not read the article? That's like me saying you're a moron cuz your probably white, that's why you stated your comment when obviously Elin broke up with him cuz he cheated on her moron. Why are you jealous of asians anyways? You made such a pointless post. LMAO
Small brain..

1509 days ago


Actually it's been everywhere in the media IF YOU DIDNT HEAR. Tiger cheated on Elin THAT'S WHY SHE DUMPED HIM. Why do i need to state the obvious? For pathetic ppl who try to be funny and are just lame. ANYWAYS. Nah Tiger is sexing lots of girls cuz apparently he has a big big.. ego... if u know what i mean. Ppl are so jealous of his talent... hey dont blame his talent on his mix race.
Elin needs to give MORE of the money to charity.. not just 1 charity.. so i hope she does more.

1509 days ago

Shuffle Demon    

I don;t know, but I have seen better pics of the guy smiling, he doesn't look happy IMO..on the contrary, I think this is more of a forced smile for the dudes picture...

1509 days ago


Well, let's put this in the right light. $100 million is about 10% of his worth. I have $450,000 in the bank and 10% comes to $45,000...so it is about as much as if I went out and bought a nice, new SUV...and I won't get to screw my SUV for 3 years.

So, he pretty much got off rather cheap in this divorce.

1509 days ago


It looks like Cliff Clavin from Cheers is dressed as a cop and wants to adopt a young innocent foreign exchange student from Guam to rub his feet.


1509 days ago


Well now thats over, good luck to you tiger!!! Learn from your huge mistakes. Stay away from women for a while!

1509 days ago

Professor Chaos    

Actually, now that he's single he should be able to bang as many women as he wants. He wouldn't be going through all this mess if he hadn't married and had just banged hundreds of women as a single man. I mean, who the hell would have blamed him?

1509 days ago

Anon E Mouse    

I love these numbers being thrown around.
Does anyone actually know how much he paid out or is everyone just pulling **** out of their a$$?

1509 days ago

christine frazer    

gotta get me some tigger not lol

1509 days ago


He actually looks to me like he's aged 10 years in the last few months. Even though this is his fault he looks like he's been through some self imposed hell. Those under eye bags are saying to me he's not sleeping and in under monster stress.

I doubt this is because of money. He may have done some bad things but I don't think he's without a conscience. He's putting himself through more than the media is. It shows in every way.

Unfortunately I can admit I've been through that aspect of this in my own life and can relate to how he's feeling. Losing his family will haunt him a long time if he's a normal person feeling guilt and shame.

1509 days ago


Good for Tiger. Get that gold digger out of your life and have some fun.

1509 days ago


whaaa did he sleep in that shirt

1509 days ago

No comment    

Well, if he paid one hundred million he got off easy for giving Elin herpes.

Tiger keep your woodie in your pants, you are going to have a bunch of chicks wanting to get pregnant and cash in. Rachel wants to be with you because not only is she a whore, but a fame whore.

Watch out for the Ben Roethlisberg effect, women claiming to be groped by you or raped by you.

BTW-I would never buy any of the products you are endorsing, because you are endorsing it. Nike slave labor sucks anyhow.

1509 days ago
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