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Mel Gibson -- Master of Disguise!

9/14/2010 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The similarities are striking ... but no, the man you're looking at is not Wilford Brimley ... it's Mel Gibson ... in disguise!!!!

Mel taped on his best Quaker Oats moustache -- along with a hat and glasses combo -- in a failed attempt to go incognito in L.A. yesterday.

Can't imagine why he'd wanna hide his identity ...


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Wish Mel and Kate Gosselin would run away together and never be heard from again. Between the two of them they have about a hundred frickin' kids! The continued bloodlines are what frighten me the most about the future!

1498 days ago

Maria Ashot    

I think it's hilarious, honestly. Looks to me like he is feeling a little better.

How refreshing to see the lawyers depart as soon as they figured out they weren't going to get paid, anymore than the previous lot...

Looks like the slowest ones in the classroom are finally catching up on their homework, eh? And about time: mid-September already! Who needs to be associated with this train wreck!

Meanwhile, in other countries: Whoaxy's former friends & possibly current associates held [are holding] a "Congress of the Chechen Nation" (Sept. 16-18, 2010) in Warsaw... That would be the capital of Violate K's homeland, for those of you who don't recall first grade geography...

Headlining the meeting: Ahmed Zakaev, BFF of Vanessa Redgrave, former flame of former Whoaxy leading man, Mr Dalton (who surely deserved a better fate).

And in other parts, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation is asking for about a half billion back in US dollars from the accounts of Big Boss Boris Berezovsky, who looted a bunch of treasury assets, including Aeroflot, and parked the stolen assets in three foreign countries (you guess which countries).

Boris is another big buddy & sponsor or said Ahmed. London is such a small town... And for some reason a magnet city for big thieves as well as for fashionistas, for example.

Where thieves congregate one also tends to find flocks of fancy wenches of all sorts. The two forms of social parasite tend to travel together -- and it has been well known since the days of Fielding (ergo, time immemorial) that the ladies in garish bold attire were the preferred instruments used to set up unsuspecting wealthy marks...

In other words, matters certainly seem to be coming to a head. And, predictably, the village people of Saransk are about to get a powerful reminder of that age-old adage, that Communist fervour briefly obliterated from their awareness, to wit:


Brace yourselves for the crash landing as Reality takes over.

Don't bother looking for new lawyers, Whoaxy. You have, like, a major case of the cooties.

1498 days ago


And Maria!! Welcome back....I thought you'd left us. Wonderful to hear you too.

1498 days ago

Nicole Guerin    

Leave the poor guy alone!

1498 days ago


1:47AM Sept. 16th 2010 Anon-get a reality check. Most of us see Oksana for what she is and by the way those same sources you mentioned have had a field day with Oksana. She has had almost 2 decades of negative social interaction with men in Continental Europe and the UK. Enjoyed reading the interviews of her past employers, past spouses and boyfriends. Noted that few defend her...must be a reason for that don't you think? What is the old saying? Where there is smoke there is usually fire? You must not be ignoring me if you responded to my post. HA!

1498 days ago


is it just me, or does anybody else thiink mel looks like adolf hitler in that disguise? CREEPY!!!! he sure as hell dont look like harvey!

1497 days ago


Gibson looks like he is more than 14 years older than Oksana.

Ohhh I forgot its a disguise..duhhh

1496 days ago

sinead M    

aww poor Mel, yeh leave him alone.. actually feel guilty even looking at these pictures and fuelling this nasty circus.. a human being HELLO!!?

1495 days ago


aww poor Mel, yeh leave him alone

1495 days ago


hahaha....he looks funny....but still love him!

1346 days ago
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