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I Refuse to Get Naked

for Money

9/20/2010 6:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With the threat of foreclosing still looming ... Octomom made a video statement today swearing she'll do whatever it takes to keep her home -- as long as she doesn't have to get naked.

After finally admitting she might need to seek financial help to keep a roof over the heads of her 14 kids -- Nadya Suleman told a photog, "I'll do whatever I can ... as long as I'm fully clothed."

Suleman was clearly referring to the $500,000 offer from Vivid Entertaiment -- in which the porn company claimed they'd fork over a check in exchange for one XXX Octo-scene.

As we previously reported, the man who holds the note on Suleman's house has already set the foreclosure proceedings in motion -- claiming Octo is thousands of dollars behind in payments.


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I make minimum wage, and I can't even afford to go to Disneyland, yet she gets to take her kids every other week... I'm glad she's losing her house, it's her own fault anyway

1492 days ago


I wish I had the money to help her. All of you pointing the finger should be really ashamed....this woman needs help and all you can do is be rude and mean and nasty. She may of made some mistakes, but her kids don't have to pay for it.

Posted at 5:01 PM on Sep 20, 2010 by daniel


Some mistakes? She made 14 mistakes. Maybe you should get a few more jobs and help her out. She purposely got pregnant each time and thought she could find a way to scam someone else into financially supporting them and it backfired on her. As soon as she had the 8 she had a website set up begging for donations. But she always seemed to have money to spend on herself for manicures, gym memberships, starbucks, shopping and nannies. I think she has some serious mental issues and she talks like she is a crackhead. The best thing that could happen would be for her to lose the house and to put all the kids up for adoption. Her kids shouldn't have to pay the price because their mom is nuts. And then she needs some serious psychiatric help.

1492 days ago


Now what is she to do. Oh woe is me. Pop out another big litter and get even more money from the state? If you cant support a family you have absolutely no business at all bringing them into the world. Any and all money she gets I hope the state goes back on her to recover said monies.

1492 days ago


Oh Woe is She. Aint got a pot to piss and, now what is she going to do? Popp out yet another litter for yet more money from the state? She had no business in the first place having that many kids when she had no means to support soo many of them. They should either all be taken away from her for neglect or the state itself should go after any and all money she recieved to re-imburrsed. Get her tubes tied and put this nut job away where she belongs.

1492 days ago


The first 6 kids that were living with grandma. Grandma said Nadya would get checks for the kids but would never help pay the mortgage only blew the money on toys and herself, hence grandmas house went into foreclosure. So we make more babies to get more checks and does anyone see a pattern here? When has she ever took care of her kids? When has she ever put their needs first? I have heard of trophy wives , but babies. Just sick, very sick individual IMO

1492 days ago


Why is she making such a big deal out of wanting to keep her clothes on, when in every one of her interviews and publicity photos she's wearing the most low-cut, tight, skanky clothes she can find? Everything is hanging out anyway. Why not just go ahead and show it, and take the $500K?

1492 days ago


But will she suck cork? Darn right she will!

1492 days ago


BRAVO!!!! BRAVO!!!! APLLAUSE!!! Some may hate on her-- But she clearly is very resourceful and a smart woman. Nadya knows what she wants and goes after it. I like that about her. I’m proud of Nadya; she made it two years without welfare caring for her large beautiful family when other said she wouldn’t make it pass six months. I have faith that God will see her though any upcoming hardships, no matter what optical may get in her way, she'll survive because she has such positive enery even with hate is all around her. She has a good spirit and a good heart and for Vivid or anybody for that matter to try and take that from her, it's just down right shameful. Keep your chin up Nadya. I knew you wouldn't cave in to vivid though, even made a bet on it and happy to hear I’ve won LOL. Vivid can go to hell if they can't help you by other means that doesn't mean stripping you of your self-respect, pride and dignity.

So proud of Nadya! You go girl!!!! LoL

1492 days ago


Dam shame cause I would love to watch her get slammed.

1492 days ago


The woman has a master's degree in social work, doesn't she? It would be very interesting if she collects all your comments and releases a book of social anthropology discussing what kind of person(people) make such vile comments about strangers when all they have to go on is that she might lose her house & that she refused an indecent offer. Happily, what goes around comes around. :-)

1492 days ago


Nadya I hope you are getting paid for these interviews. TMZ and ROL needs to pay Nadya or she should slam the door in their faces. She need the money, why should TMZ and ROL make money posting this interview and Nadya not get paid for it?

I believe that's where Nadya went wrong. She's done so many interview and all of them were at no charge. Big mistake! I would have CHARGED or kept the world guessing or waiting for my book.

Speaking of book, ROL lied! They said her book was completed and she was looking for someone to publish it and no one wanted to touch it. Liars!!! I swear Nadya life would make a good Life time movie or big screen movie that's for sure. I think screen writers are missing out on a great opportunity and Nadya stand to get paid well.

One question, what's with all the editing in the interview. And Nadya son is so cute. :)

1492 days ago



Just thought I correct that before the spelling police get here.

TMZ where's the editing feature on here? lol

1492 days ago


She is getting closer to saying yes to vivid.

1492 days ago


How about for a Hershey Bar?

1492 days ago


No way she will take her clothes off. Then everyone will see her plastic surgery scars!!

1492 days ago
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