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'O.C. Housewife' Hubby Arrested for Domestic Violence

9/21/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of Orange County" star Tamra Barney's estranged husband was arrested this morning on suspicion of domestic battery, according to law enforcement sources.


TMZ obtained Simon Barney's mug shot. He's in the process of divorcing Tamra, and sources tell us they were arguing over their dog when Simon allegedly threw the dog's leash at Tamra and hit her wrist.

Sources say Tamra called the police. Simon is still in custody ... he's being held on $10,000 bail.


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Tamra you didn't think this through very well. Now that Simon is in jail, you are going to actually have to parent your children. Poor kids!

1496 days ago


#22 Tamra was with the man before Simon filed. That is why he filed.

1496 days ago


Tamra is the one that should be in jail or rather "pound" for being off her leash again. She jumped the fence in the first place to start banging her neighbor. That stray dog didn't go far! I thought there was a leash law!

1496 days ago


Tamra did more harm with that vile jealous driven mouth of hers. Telling lies, spreading rumors, pitting friends against one another all in the effort to make herself look better.
Her actions deserve more punishment then a couple once dog leash (no doubt a leash for a small dog) tossed at her cruel withcy wrists.

hey Simon, you only have yourself to blame. This hag screams trouble from the first impression.

1496 days ago


That case is not even prosecutable. I hope he leaves her with not a penny to her name. She is such a whore. He did her a favor by putting her up for all those years, but she needs to go back to the white trash ghetto where she is from. Dog leash...spare me. Battery requires intent and accidentally having something make contact with another person does not constitute intent for battery

1496 days ago


oh please it hit her on the wrist? so what? well they are filming the new season right now so obviously she realized it would be good tv. this girl is so irritating. too bad he did not really knock her butt down. I hope he gets full custody of those kids at least he pays attention to them while she is out playing with her boy toy and trying to cash in on her "fame" she is white trash with money.

1496 days ago


Couldn't happen to a nicer guy this guys a dirt bag,control freak he's were he needs to be!!!!

1496 days ago


Well he IS a controlling *******. He cannot handle an equal marriage partner as that's too threatening to his masculinity. His ego demands a subservient wife,one who will do as she's told, stay at home cooking and cleaning. Oh well, he'd better go back to the 1950s. There's always been an underlying, seething anger to him which I'm sure has been exacerbated by the house foreclosure and not having a job. Still no excuse though.

1496 days ago


Simon needs to get far away from Tamera and her drama. The old bag thinks she is all that and that she can walk all over people. Reality will hit her one day. Looks do fade.

1496 days ago

Taylor Dadson    

This one is my least favorite house husband or should I say house ex-husband. She has always been too good for this babbling clown.

1496 days ago


Big leash or small leash , this arrest makes a mockery of real domestic violence cases. I am so tired of these vapid, silly, garish makeup wearing, lime light craving moronic women.

1496 days ago


That's "unrehensible"!

1496 days ago


I'm not surprised since Simon was always controlling. As for throwing a leash, one of those retractible leashes with a hard plastic case can definitely cause an injury.

1496 days ago


stupid bitch!

1496 days ago


ANY chance the cameras happened to be "rolling"
filming for the "Desperate Housewifes of the OC"?
Anything to pull in more viewers. Too bad Tamra is
such an old bit** trying to act 20 years younger.
She is just nasty, and totally self absorbed. She
has to be the most two-faced person on that show.
No wonder her son has such a drug problem, I have
never seen Tamra sober...she always has several
****tails. What a total lush. Now who is going to
take care of her younger brats? She never did. Her
life has gone in a different direction, and being in
her 40's, she is not interested in raising kids (again).

1496 days ago
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