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McCourts Screwed After MLB Nixes $3 Billion Deal

6/20/2011 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MLB commish Bud Selig just rejected a proposed $3 billion dollar TV deal between the Los Angeles Dodgers and FOX Sports ... a deal that was the basis for the divorce settlement between Frank and Jamie McCourt.


As TMZ previously reported, the McCourts reached a settlement to their divorce on Friday that was predicated on MLB signing off on the FOX deal.

Now, with the demise of the deal, the McCourts are back to square one -- PLUS it now seems unlikely the Dodgers will be able to pay its players and employees this month.

If the team misses payroll, Selig could seize operational control of the team and eventually force a sale of the team.

UPDATE: A rep for the Dodgers, on behalf of Frank McCourt, released a statement saying, in part, “Commissioner Selig’s letter of rejection is not only a disappointment, but worse, is potentially destructive to the Los Angeles Dodgers, and Major League Baseball."

The rep continued, "Accordingly, we plan to explore vigorously our options and remedies with respect to Commissioner Selig’s rejection of the proposed FOX transaction and our commitment to protect the long-term best interests of the Los Angeles Dodgers.” 

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No Avatar


Strike Three.


1031 days ago


GREAT move. These two disgusting leaches need to be kicked to the curb. This is fantastic news for LA, for the Dodgers, and for decent people everywhere.

1031 days ago


Greed, meet the McCourts.

1031 days ago


Irregardless of anyones divorce, we're talkin business and a lot of incomes. How can a "baseball" commissioner determine the course of a 3 BILLION dollar deal? See ya in court Bud.

1031 days ago


WHAT THE HELL. THis sucks. Bud Seling must hate the Dodgers or have a stake in what is to come next. I hope Jamie McCourt is happy. She screwed her husband first now whe is screwing the Dodgers.

As a female I must say that she sucks and not very good. I hope Frank finds a Hottie to make him forget about Jamie and make Jamie wish she never left him or the Dodgers.

1031 days ago


17 years ago gas was 99cents/gallon!

3 billion is an okay number now, but it puts the Dodgers in a bad longterm deal. Television and internet is merging - this deal doesn't account for the rapidly changing delivery of sporting events. You can watch games on your phone - FOX stacked the deck, they knew McCourt needed them!

When they gave him that personal loan they knew he was dire straits and had the advantage in the deal.

3billion for 17 yrs comes out to 177 million a year. That isn't good economics for MLB!

1031 days ago


The MCS have always sucked. I hate the dodgers but wish the best and Selig has made the right decision. Greedy fn bunch of a holes (the mcs of course i hope u go broke).Go Rockies.

1031 days ago


I think they have to take NLB and its Commish to court in this matter. Perhaps there is something going on under-the-table putting money in the Commish's pocket.

It makes no sense to turn away $3 Billion that keep the Dodgers well afloat with payroll payment capabilities for years to come.

It is GOOD for Baseball, and GOOD for business.

I sense a political side here. FOX is notoriously known to be less Liberal Extremist than say CBS, NBC, ABC and others. FOX has a good number of shall we say: less than moderate and more conservative in Republican ranks - and they draw the Audiences to prove it.

What is the NLB Commish's political party affiliations?

Bud Selig

Bud Selig the Baseball Commissioner is a very heavy ($$$$$) donor to Democrats and things Democrat Party related...

"NewsMeat" found $113,150 from 1980 into 2010... donated by Allan (Bud) Selig as himself, from Milwaukee Brewers or recently as NLB Commissioner.

Seems the McCourts (both of them) are also long term heavy donors to Democrats, Democrat PACS, or whatevers.


So is this bias by Bud Selig against the McCourt Dodger deal with Fox for $3 Billion punishment for straying from the Hungry Dogs?

1031 days ago


I hate Bud so much.

1031 days ago


This was no way on purpose....NOOOOOOO WAAAAYYYYY!!!!

1031 days ago


I bet the main reason Selig is doing this is he knows this is the way to force the McCourt's to sell the Dodgers. I don't blame him, but I doubt they would have said no to the same deal if it was for a different team with stable ownership.

1031 days ago


MLB has a code of bylaws and "best interests for baseball" clauses that potential owners are expected to follow.

McCourts used the club as their personal ATM and bought overpriced estates in Malibu & Holmby Hills vs. overseeing baseball operations effectively limiting GM Coletti from stocking the minors and trading for a left fielder (along with a middle reliever, closer, catcher!). Also, let stadium security lapse leading to the Stow Attack.

McCourt missing end June payroll (& deferred Manny payments) will trigger MLB taking the club. Selig and owners want McCourts out as they are financially thin and can resell the club creating in essence a "double dip."

McCourts may get temporary stay keeping the team while the courts review records only to come back in favor of MLB. Jamie then has cause against her ex for mismanagement of community property (to be ruled upon in August - expect in favor of Jamie) and misappropriation of assests.

Dodgers will change ownerships by the time of spring training '12 and the team will be looking to improve upon their last place finish in the league the previous season.

1031 days ago


Many of you are completely clueless if you actually speak up in support of the McCourts, who diverted over $100 million from the club in seven years by paying their idiot sons lavish salaries for doing nothing and using shell companies to pay themselves huge salaries for their seven mansions, trips, and massages.

If you have actually followed this story, this is a horrible TV contract in both length and annual value. Far, far below market value. FOX trying to take advantage of the cash-hungry McCourts. Great decision.

1031 days ago


17 years is a long time to be locked in to a tv deal.

1031 days ago


good new owners

1031 days ago
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