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Lil Wayne Banished to

Solitary Confinement

10/4/2010 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Wayne has been tossed in Rikers Island's version of solitary confinement after he was found to have a pair of headphones and an MP3 charger in his cell.
0630-lil-wayne-bn-tmz-01-creditWeezy will be in punitive segregation, but he was already in a private cell. The difference is ... now he will have less interaction with inmates and will spend up to 23 hours a day in an isolation cell.

His out-of-cell time is now restricted to visits, religious services and one hour of recreational time and his phone privileges are reduced to one personal phone call a week.

Wayne was found with a pair of headphones and a charger for an MP3 player and another inmate was said to be hiding the MP3 player.

Wayne has been locked up since March on a gun possession charge. 

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Good keep him in there for life his music sucks and we sure as hell don't need him running around spreding his seed anymore he is one ugly mother#$%^&*

1487 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Hang the prick.

1487 days ago


Yeah, let's free him and let him get away with everything in prison, you go to prison because you didn't obey the law and you lose your rights when you can't abide by the laws, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan should be rotting in prison along with him for being idiots

1487 days ago


who is this scuz? Not a big rap fan.( Any self respecting woman isn't) I love Eminem cause he raps about real **** not money and hoes. Just curious why does he have the teardrop? Did he kill someone? What a waste of space. Throw away the key!!

1487 days ago


free weezy!!!!!!!!!!!!

1487 days ago

not bs    

To 11 and 12: its not bs. For the same reason they remove shoelaces in jail. To prevent injury to the prisoner and his fellow inmates. Prisoners could use headphones and similar items to hang themselves or choke someone.
Same as the bible. It may look innocent, but if items are not inspected and approved by the facility then it is unsafe. A bible may hide a weapon. or razorblades. No matter how harmless the item is, it was smuggled in, and hidden from the guards therefore for the safety of all, he should be punished. They have rules in prison for a reason. He may have only brought in headphones to listen to music, but I wouldn't want the guy in the cell next to me to be able or willing to sneak in whatever the hell he wanted as well. Prison would be that much more dangerous.

1487 days ago


Good catch #5 ... TMZ LIES!

1487 days ago


I don't give a damn what you people say. They need to concentrate on the real criminals and leave Wayne alone. I'd have guns, too, if I led the lifestyle he leads. As for the marijuana, everyone knows Wayne smokes. So do several upstanding members of many communities. He was an easy, high profile target. They got him for the notoriety it gave the PD. He is being railroaded. You may not like his music or his actions, but bottom line, this man should not be in prison. It is ignorant, considering the way other celebrities manipulate the system. It makes me sick.

1487 days ago


One of his out of cell times is for religious services? Yea. Right. I'm sure he just found religion. Keep that thug rapper trash in jail. Where the rest of them should be.

1487 days ago

Evelyn C    

You would think if he had drugs or weapon, hurt some one,but Damn for just having a pair of headphones and a charger for an MP3 player and another inmate was said to be hiding the MP3 player come on they I say use the (race card) Yes I said it and no I am mot white or black I am hispanic

1487 days ago


like his music, but the guy is an idiot. he is stupid, he should some or all his millions to buy some common sense.

1487 days ago


"FREE WEEZY".....MY ASS!! This man 'did the crime' therefore why should he NOT 'do the time'???? Just like that Lil Kim character! That woman just tested, tested, & tested the legal system some more until she finally threw the damn dice once too many times & totally 'CRAPPED OUT'! Hahahaha, I say...."GOOD"! Let her sit her as in jail & ROT for all I care. These rappers(and don't get me wrong here, I LIKE Lil Wayne very much-saw him on an MTV bio & it improved my opinion of the man immensely) but let's be real & call him exactly what he is.....a 'drug addict thug'. Don't mean that in a 'not nice' way either, just bein' realistic & calling it like I see it. Afterall, it IS the way he chooses to portray himself. He said, "It's my cup so it's none of anyone's damn business what's in MY CUP"! It's true of course until 'what's in his damn cup' crosses the line & breaks the law, then it IS everyone elses business. It seems to be law enforcement's business what's in 'MY OWN CUP' as an American citizen & I'm certainly subject to the laws in this country, therefore I tend to think Lil Wayne should be as well. Love the man(think he's immensely funny guy), love his music(my 16 yr old daughter think he's the next best thing since the invention of pnut butter), love to see the day he gets his ass out of there & starts cranking out some more of those AMAZING LYRICS of his but he did the crime & think he's going to come out of prison more of a 'MAN' than he was when he went in. Hopefully he'll be a bit more 'humble' as a result of his experience having been in contact with the 'common man' who suffers & certainly doesn't have the financial resources that HE does:)

I AM wondering tho', just WHY it took so long for him to receive punishment'solitary confinement' for the whole ipod/battery infraction he committed???? Didn't that happen like, MONTHS AGO?? That's a bit 'funny' isn't it. Have a feelin' that were it 'I' who had done it, my ass would have been sitting in solitary confinement the day after I'd done it! hehehe.

1487 days ago

dee jones    

You have got to be kidding me!! I understand the rules but my goodness, I am sure there are other inmates who have done worse then that and are not in the hole. Could it be his "star status along with his color"? Before everyone trys to eat me up for the last comment, stop and think racism still exist especially in there,so lets be real. YOu know,now that I think about it more, with all the Metal detectors, the searchers done on visitors, they from time to time treat the visitors worse then the inmate, how did he get the MP3 and whatever else he had? It came from the OUTSIDE, who ever had it are they in the hole too? Just thought I'd ask.

1487 days ago


Where was the "other inmate" hiding the mP3 player exactly? "Yo, Weezy, make sho you wipe da mutha off first, dog!"

1487 days ago


FREE WEEZY! Seriously, no one should be thrown in solitary confinement for music!

1486 days ago
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