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New Claim: Michael Jackson Supported His Dad

10/5/2010 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson secretly supported daddy Joe Jackson ... according to new legal docs.

In legal docs filed in Joe's wrongful death case against Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael's former alleged manager, Leonard Rowe, wrote a sworn statement in which he claims Katherine acted as Michael's agent, funneling money to Joe for support. 

And Joe's lawyer, Brian Oxman, wrote his own declaration in which he claims he prepared financial docs for Michael during his 2004 custody battle with Debbie Rowe.  In those declarations, Oxman claims Michael disclosed he was giving Katherine $50,000 a month in the early 2000s and later it went up to $66,000.  Oxman says Katherine used part of the money to pay for Joe's living expenses.

The legal docs are being used in the wrongful death case to prove Joe has standing to sue -- in other words, he must show Michael had been supporting Joe during his lifetime.

Michael's camp had no comment.


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The whole crazy ass family lived off Michael with the exception of Janet. They walk around dressed like 1970 Pimps all on his dime. The dude was broke and died trying to support all their asses. They should be ashamed of themselves.

1418 days ago


I seriously doubt that these do c u ments have any legal standing.Unless there is a signed contractual agreement,there is no real proof. Brian Oxman can not be trusted.Neither can Leonard Rowe be trusted,as they both work for Joe.

1418 days ago


Oh please! Like people didn't know Katherine wasn't giving money to Joe Jackson AND her sorry ass sons. That's why she needs more than $26,000 a month. Not for her, but to take care of her entire family, including Jermaine's worthless ex-wife and his kids. Joe Jackson and Katherine are married, but supposedly he lives in Las Vegas. IF Michael Jackson wanted them specifically to have money, he would have left it to them in his will, wouldn't you think.

1418 days ago


Sorry - but those docs mean nothing. Michael was giving his mother money, not his father. Katherine was supporting Joe by her choice. Michael was giving his father what he gave him in his will - NOTHING!!

1418 days ago


there are so many kids grandkids wives girlfriends boyfriends cousins aunts uncles nieces nephews exwives best friends lawyers advisors debt holders thieves conmen people who make up stories this guys dead bones are being scraped. his father without a look of love or longing or caring said "michaels worth more dead than alive". probably forgot where michael fell in this crazy family and is only thinking i don't care that he's dead i just still need to get paid.

1418 days ago


Poor Michael. His father was a miserable, abusive, mean guy, but helped good or bad, become successful, however that poor guy got **** on comeing and going. His mother was a total enabler. I dont see anything wrong with helping out family, but $65,000 a month in living expenses is a bit insane.

1418 days ago


The Mother should be so ashamed. I don't think Mike wanted to support all that tribe. Lets hope his children will soon put a stop to this before it's all gone. The oldest son looks smart as a wip and lets hope he reads the truth on these sites about those worthless money hungry trailer trash.

1418 days ago


Katherine and Joa are disgusting to have accepted all the sums from Michael why not from their other children ?

1418 days ago


Get those kids out from under KJ and award their guardianship to Diana, and WITH their 80% of the estate that MJ left to them that also no one else can touch or find a way too (give that support allowance of $27K to Diana - and continue the $60...K/month to the kids as it stands already that SHE cannot touch either (same as KJ)... sign over the Encino compound to KJ, and with her side money (books et al - still income for her/the rest of the Jackson leeches)she could sell Havenhurst and THEY can exhaust that income but receive not one dime more from the Estate.

I know. Too easy and viable solution... it's never been about the rest of the Jackson family genuinely loving and caring about PPB, it's about continued financial rape , and exploitation THROUGH them. Still worried most about Blanket - the other two off to school, KJ allowing JJ access to HIM, JJ talking about how he thinks Blanket has MJ potential - with that 'gleam' in his eye as he says it.

Notice how rare it is to ever see ANY of them (PPB) smiling in any given pics - even on vacations (having 'fun')? Blanket especially even downright scowling most of the time - even in pics that are taken unawares? Of course, they are vulnerable, and still deeply grieving! BUT... NEVER a smile? while 'having fun' on vacation even? An 8 yr old, especially? Yet they all (J family) claim "they are happy, and very well adjusted".



GET THEM OUT FROM UNDER THE JACKSON CLAN WITH THEIR 80% of the Estate INTACT ... preferably the sooner the better. Like, NOW.

1418 days ago


If Michael wanted his father to have his money, he wouln´t excluded him in his will, like he did.

Michael was clear in his will how he wanted his money to be divided so respect his last wishes!

1418 days ago


Janet Jackson is very rich yet I don't think her parents and her brothers and her nephews are getting any of her money. Why was it that Michael Jackson alone had to take care of everybody?
This is called financial abuse what this family did to Michael Jackson all these years. He was like a big fat ca$h cow to them.

1418 days ago



Do you know if a dependent parent has standing to contest the will or to oppose the appointment of an executor ?

In this case :

"The phrase "any person interested" includes only persons who, either absolutely or contingently, are entitled to share in the estate. [4] Appellants are not entitled to share in the estate. They do not have any pecuniary interest in the devolution of the estate as may be defeated or impaired by the probate of the will. They are not in any way interested in [96 Cal.App.2d 336] preserving the assets, or in the settlement of the estate. They have no right to oppose the probate of the will or the grant of letters of administration with the will annexed, or to appeal from the order with respect thereto."

But oxman claims Joes is a statutory beneficiary under Civil Code (37760...). So he has standing.

Here :

What are your opinion ?

1418 days ago


A sworn statement from either Oxman or Leonard Rowe is a joke in itself. Rowe is a convicted felon...sued by both R. Kelly and Ne-Yo for selling shares of the Double Up tour without permission from either entertainer. Rowe has also spent time in prison for check fraud. Leonard Rowe's book "What Really Happened to Michael Jackson" is a distorted booke full of misconceptions to promote his own ebook and conspiracy. Oxman is not a crook, but he sure was screaming loud and clear on the day Michael died that he was a drug addict. Oxman was also fired by Mesereau for falling asleep in the middle of the '05 trial. A sworn statement from either means absolutely nothing.

We have all suspected that Katherine was funneling money to Joe for years. The question is, the AMOUNT of money is huge. $50/$60......K a month??? As far as the Encinco compound that Janalal mentioned, my question would be this: Was Michael still giving that much money to his mother at the time of death? The sworn statement says that MJ was giving Katherine that amount of money in the early 2000's, but MJ died 9 years later. I have often wondered about why the Encino compound's mortgage had not been paid, despite the fact that MJ had been advanced $$$ from AEG. Where did that money go? And more importantly, WHERE WAS JANET??? Michael was not the only successful child in this family, but Janet is the next highest bread winner. Why couldn't Janet help out?

Posted at 10:27 AM on Oct 5, 2010 by Chico

Chico, VERY good point! What has Janet been doing with her money? lol. Forgot about her:) Probably what she hopes for, right? "Maybe if I lay low, nobody will ask ME for money & they'll go hit Mike up"-hehe. I know over the years she's really raked it in. Maybe not so much 'lately' but in the 80's? Wow! Very good question Chico:)

Yeah, Oxman to me is just as shady as they come. Just his manner seems totally 'over the top' & too 'put on' to me. He WAS screaming "I told you so" at the top of his lungs, right? Didn't bode too well for the 'family' if you ask me. Oxman said he was telling anyone who would stand still that 'something was wrong with Michael & that tragedy would ensue', yet he certainly made it sound like that was falling on deaf ears, family INCLUDED! In retrospect, considering HE is at the helm of this whole wrongful death suit, it all seems rather contrived on his part now; like he was planning this all along? SAD, if so:(

Whoo-Wee! Leonard Rowe! I too read that book on Jetzi & got the feeling it was all a bit too.....'convenient' the way Mr.Rowe represents himself. He swears it was 'HE' who was MJ's manager & not Thome Thome & that there was this big conspiracy on the part of AEG to get rid of him but he comes off just sounding paranoid to me. Speaking of which, just 'WHO' was really representing MJ for heavens sake/His info r/e black artists & promoters I DID find interesting though & unfortunately all too 'believable' as well. Only because, I myself, haven't really heard of or seen a 'successful' black promoter of black artists. Now THAT part of his book, I found to probably contain a bit MORE than a grain of truth there. He may have self-servingly 'embellished' for his own gain but I can definitely imagine that this probably HAS been the case in the recording/entertainment industry. How ridiculously sad that is if what he says is the real truth:(

1418 days ago


Rowe's former assistant Cataunya Ransom says:I don't believe Rowe was ever Michael's financial advisor like he says he was,Ransom said.JJ and Rowe faxed out a release saying that Rowe would be representing Michael.But as has previously reported Michael fired Rowe via a written letter,stating
This is to inform you that you do not represent me and i do not wish to have any oral or written communications with you regarding the handling of my business and/or personal matters.
Rowe spent time in federal prison in the early 90's after being convicted of wire fraud for his role in the cashing of a fraudulent insurance check and also has multiple arrests for writing bad checks.Was Rowe a loyal friend to Michael? No he wasn't.He is driven by greed.He used to tell me all the time how weird he thought Michael was.Before he died Michael wasn't even talking to his family.Michael was good to his family though,when he'd perform with his brothers he always took the same salary as they did even though he was the headliner.He wanted everything split among him and his brothers equally.After Michael would perform he was always,always reading the Bible.He was extremely religious.Ransom told that Rowe wished to remain in good graces with the jackson family so he can profit off of them.The jacksons have big plans.They want to do concerts in LV and re-create Michael through holograms to be on stage with them Ransom said.Rowe wants in on the opportunity to brand Michael.

1418 days ago
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