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New Claim: Michael Jackson Supported His Dad

10/5/2010 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson secretly supported daddy Joe Jackson ... according to new legal docs.

In legal docs filed in Joe's wrongful death case against Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael's former alleged manager, Leonard Rowe, wrote a sworn statement in which he claims Katherine acted as Michael's agent, funneling money to Joe for support. 

And Joe's lawyer, Brian Oxman, wrote his own declaration in which he claims he prepared financial docs for Michael during his 2004 custody battle with Debbie Rowe.  In those declarations, Oxman claims Michael disclosed he was giving Katherine $50,000 a month in the early 2000s and later it went up to $66,000.  Oxman says Katherine used part of the money to pay for Joe's living expenses.

The legal docs are being used in the wrongful death case to prove Joe has standing to sue -- in other words, he must show Michael had been supporting Joe during his lifetime.

Michael's camp had no comment.


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Alice the lighting programmer confirmed what we saw on TII.

A very happy and energetic Michael READY TO CONQUER THE WORLD AGAIN.
I DON'T BELIEVE the crap that Michael wasn't feeling well and that AEG took advantage of that.

1389 days ago


Attention Everyone:

On the 13th of this month. On the Katherine Jackson: MJ Feared People Wanted Him Dead board. We are having a MJ Birthday Party for Little Mimi. So bring your favorite MJ video's and come join us in the fun & help us celebrate Little Mimi's Birthday.

1388 days ago


-#22: Hey Chico! I know about Rowe and that R.Kelly, Ne-yo debacle--that's what they used to shut him down on CNN when he was trying to alert people to AEG's shady dealings. Thing is, although his integrity is in question, I still find it hard to write off what he has accused AEG of. And there seems to be so much pushback and efforts to discredit Rowe because his book exposes them for who they are.......
The following article is about how wrong Katherine's decision to sue AEG was, claiming ny suing them, she's "biting the hand that feeds her..."
As for how much Michael was giving Kath, I think there is a chance that he continued to give her money up to 2005, but after that? Not so sure. He was eaten up with legal fees and had bailed to Bahrain, so he possibly didn't have as much liquid funds as before. And maybe he wasn't worried about it...especially when he knew all she was going to do is give a lot of it to Joe........
And Janet CLEARLY wasn't concerned about Hayvenhurst, although she did buy Kath a house in Vegas one of the times Hayvenhurst faced foreclosure......
Personally, I think Michael may have had his fill of Kath giving her money to Joe, Jermy's Kids and Randy's kids, and possibly decided to see what would happen if he DIDN'T bail them out of the Hayvenhurst foreclosure...
Maybe THEN Janet would've helped??
-BTW: As much as I'm happy that Joe filed that suit against Murray, I HATE that Oxman has anything to do with it...
And you're right, the way he spouted on every news show about how he gave Michael's camp warnings, made me dislike him on sight....his look had "shady lawyer on the make" written all over it--just the fact that his bellowing added to the idea that Michael was an addict, is enough reason for me to write him off. He and Schmuley both, ran around telling everyone, "I told you so", regarding Michael, when neither had spent any time with him in his latter years......some friends......
-#33: CloBird, you hit the nail on the head! You wrote:
I seriously doubt that these do c u ments have any legal standing.Unless there is a signed contractual agreement,there is no real proof.
-#51: Hey MiMi! From what I read, Janet bought a home for KATHERINE when Hayvenhurst had one of it's run-ins with foreclosure. Possibly Kath allows Joe to live in her home....not sure about that one......
As for Katherine cnfirming the validity of these docs, I doubt it. At Joe's hearing, it was stated that Katherine AND PPB's lawyers did NOT support Joe's claims....
BTW: In spite of Rowe's past, he is the only one with the guts to stand up to AEG. The fact that he did that KNOWING what it meant to his career, shows that either he knew the truth about AEG and was determined to expose them, or he realized what it could do for his new career as an author.......or BOTH.....
-#76: Janalal4, no need to wait for Heaven on this one. If you watch the clip below from the 2002 World Music Awards, you'll have the answer to your questions on how Michael felt about his life and career:
As for the concerts, I think he had mixed feelings. In one hand, he told the TINI Superfans that he didn't know about the 50 concerts and was apprehensive about doing them, yet when we see him in TII, he looks totally engrossed and inspired.....HOWEVER, TII was required to use only Michael's BEST moments.........
-#80: Great post Katie 10!! But here's a thought regarding Katherine: she may make money from the AEG suit as you say, but by suing them, she'll also expose many of their shady dealings and Randy Phillips, Murray, Paul Gongaware, Kenny Ortega, and hopefully even Tohme will be forced to answer for their actions where Michael is concerned....
That alone, is worth whatever money Katherine gets from it, IMO.......
-#89: Hey Della--so great to see you on the boards again, WELCOME BACK!!

1388 days ago


Untitled, pt. 2........
Sorry for the length, guys but you know me--I'm coming on the tail end of this one.....
-#93: Kathy, you're a girl after my own heart! You wrote:
His dad didn't poor his heart and soul out to humanity to try to save the world and to try to make L.O.V.E. mean something to people worldwide. Michael did. Koodos to Michael forever more. He is a self made man inspite of his dad.
Posted at 3:44 PM on Oct 5, 2010 by Kathy
The only thing I want to add is that Michael, himself, acknowledged that all of his gifts came from GOD--that he was simply the instrument God used to bring these magical, wonderful, amazing gifts of GENIUS to us...
And we were "TOTALLY NOURISHED BY IT........."
-#98: Hey Chico! I couldn't find any word on the results of Joe's court date on 10/7??
Guess the jury's still out on that one. It was rather strange, IMO that the Judge didn't give a date on when he would rule on this.....
-#102: Gsharon, great post, but one wrote:
I think Jermaine is really behind all this asking for money. Seems they trusted him to be the Family spokesperson and must value his suggestions. -Gsharon 710
I agree that Jermy may be involved with Kath's request for money, HOWEVER, I don't agree that they look at him as a "Family Spokesperson"--more like they TOLERATE him as such....
Jermy thinks because he can talk a good game, people will just follow his lead....WRONG! He had a great career of his own for a minute until he let jealousy rear it's ugly head back in the 90's with that LAME song he wrote about Michael. Add to that his stealing his OWN BROTHER'S (Randy) WIFE, the fact that he was the one who introduced Michael to Tohme and many of the other culprits involved in Michael's death, and an already MARGINAL talent slowly fading and you have the one the only, the DELUSIONAL, Jermy......
If you go to A&E's website, you can watch the brother's Reality show--"Jackson Family Dynasty", and see EXACTLY what the brothers thought of Jermy.......
-#107: MJ215062009, that is HILARIOUS!! I didn't know that they canceled it due to too many messages on LisaMarie's site asking her to quit yakking about Michael.....GOOD FOR THEM!
I know she wants to use Michael as her claim to fame like everyone else around him, but she just needs to drop it. Her affiliation with him and being her father's sole heir should be enough....
-#120: WD41, this is one of the most INTELLIGENT posts on ths thread. You wrote:
Legally, If Joe was receiving money from Michael that would be considered income. Did Joe Jackson pay taxes on that money? Joe Jackson is also receiving Social Security AND if he claimed that money on his taxes they would adjust his benefits accordingly. IF he did not claim that money he will be in serious trouble from Social Security. -WD41
-#121: WillOTheWisp, what Marie posted is totally true...a little blunt maybe, but true. And while I agree that Joe did have a DETERMINATION to get his boys to the top, he did that more out of his own need to be a star in the Music business, IMO....he was the typical "stage-dad".....
The point is, Michael would've risen to the top, regardless of what Joe did because GOD was behind the gifts he possessed, NOT man. He wasn't simply TALENTED, he was GIFTED--Huge diff. In fact, Joe almost didn't even let Michael sing with the band despite him and Katherine's pleadings, because he was so young....
But when Joe heard Michael sing "Climb Every Mountain" at his school, he saw dollar signs....and the rest is HIStory.....
-#122: Hey HumanNature! You're so right, however, a few of the reports stated that Joe considered the money Katherine gave him from Michael to be INCOME, which is a whole other can of worms, so he and Oxman better make sure they worded their claim properly or he can add the IRS to his list of DETRACTORS......
-#125: Siggisis, is that you??
-#149: Hey Siggisis, THERE you are! Those earlier posts sounded NOTHING like you...
Michael and Flight Attendants.....yeah I'm sure he DID like them. Remember on TII when Ortega and Travis teased him about his arm movements and said it was like a flight attendant? ANd Michael said he LOVED when they do their safety instructions at the beginning of the flight....more likely he was fixed on some of THEM, more than what they were saying, LOL!
And that's HILARIOUS about Grace, a glorified NANNY, ordering someone back to their "quarters". Yeah, I'm sure she was jealous--that was around the time that she was making a bid for Michael for herself....SO GLAD he got rid of her tail before he died.........
-#178: Hey Daphne! Isn't that exciting--studying Michael's music in cool! Wonder what they'll call it....MJMusic Theory, or MJMUSIC 101........??
There was supposed to be another class on his music taught in Europe--I think it was being organized and taught by the "Slumdog Milionaire" producer--can't remember his name, but the article said you would study the structure, theory and every facet of Michael's music and the impact it made on the World......
Would DEFINITELY LOVE to go to that one.......
-#201: Hey MiMi! SANTANA--how COOL!! I LOVE him and I especially LOVED "Whatever Happens", the song he did with Michael. Once I start listening to it, I play it over and over....I'm HOOKED!!
-#202,206: HumanNature, you wrote:
His only way of getting any money is suing his wife for alimony.
Posted at 6:03 PM on Oct 6, 2010 by HumanNature
I certainly HOPE he doesn't go there, but I'm sure that's next if he doesn't hear what he want to with the cases he's already involved with. It won't be a huge deal anyway since Joe has been separated from Kath since the 80's.....
And this claim confirms WHY he didn't divorce her.....she was his connection to Michael and the money.......
BTW: Thanks for the article on Divorce....Gon' Girl!!
As for Kath's efforts to make money, remember she still has that Segye Times Judgement hanging over her head, so most of her money is supposed to go to them FIRST!!
-#219: HumanNature: You are on it, girl! I read this and LOVE the idea of a Michael channel! I'm going to find out how they set these up as I would LOVE to be involved as a DJ or consultant for it....
-#220: Chico, I didn't realize this, but would've thought there would be some sort of protection--especially on an Estate of that size......
-#221: Daphne, unfortunately, most are NOT speculations as I've seen COURT DOCS that show that Michael owned Hayvenhurst and was paying for it AND Neverland, and the upkeep and staffing for both. This info came out again when Randy failed to pay the Neverland staff for weeks during the 2005 Trial and they walked out on him......
As for his gifts to Kath and Joe for their monthly "allowance". the only indicator there would be what they're now claiming in their current cases......and the "Glenda tapes"........
No Peace till Justice!

1388 days ago


In reply to

Chico Posted at 9:35 PM on Oct 6, 2010

Just a short note to add to this conversation. I read somewhere by this attorney from Florida that the will's heir, of course Katherine in particular, was protected against ANY kind of lawsuit. Basically the will was set up so that in the event of a lawsuit, including divorce from Joe, that the inheritance allowance for Katherine, could NEVER be touched. I will find that article and post it soon. The article goes into great detail about how well protected the heirs are, and exactly why things were done the way they were done regarding the will. It's an excellent read.

Posted at 9:35 PM on Oct 6, 2010 by Chico


For Chico,

Your post is spot on and underscores some salient points of the Michael Jackson Family Trust (not the will as stated.) I wish I had come across it while this thread was still active.

I do, however, want to make you aware of important caveats to your post;

(A) The rules governing Trusts (and the control & protection of Trust assets) are unique to each state and will vary depending upon which state the Trust is established. The Michael Jackson Family Trust is subject to the laws of the State of California.

(B) In most cases, the primary reason for establishing a trust, in addition to asset protection and privacy, is control. Mr. Jackson’s decision to leave funds for the care of Katherine Jackson in trust (not outright) guarantees he [Mr. Jackson] maintains control of the final disposition of (his) assets even after his death.

(C) In addition, establishing a trust provides creditor protection for the assets Mr. Jackson earmarked to benefit his beneficiaries. So, yes, your understanding that the assets set aside to benefit Katherine Jackson are protected from lawsuits, liens & seizures, etc. is correct. However, this protection is ONLY maintained as long as those assets remain “in trust.” As we have already seen with her probate allowance, this is where things could become problematic for Katherine Jackson down the road given her financial history.

For this reason, and to protect Katherine Jackson’s interests, the Trustee(s) will almost certainly pay her bills and personal expenditures directly for the remainder of her lifetime. The terms of the trust are such that the Trustees will be exceedingly liberal in the distribution of assets to Katherine Jackson and they will not deny or impede her lifestyle. However, those same terms also compel she not receive more than her expenses dictate.

(D) As you stated, it is also true that California law allows that “property acquired during marriage by ‘gift, bequest, devise, or descent’ is the acquiring spouse's separate property.” In the event Katherine and Joseph Jackson were to ever divorce, Joseph Jackson would have no claim to her trust.

These points may have been covered in the article you referenced; however, because you mentioned Florida in particular, I wanted to include this addendum. Probate Laws and Regulations, and standards of practice vary widely from state to state and it can be confusing, even for attorneys.

Thank you for broaching this subject matter in your post.

Be well,

Mjuls, Esq.

Portions of this post have been previously published by me. If you choose to copy all or parts of this post into another forum you must credit “Mjuls” and include the appropriate disclaimer.

**DISCLAIMER: The information expressed is not intended to substitute for professional legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship. You should accept legal advice only from a licensed legal professional with whom you have an attorney-client relationship.

As a matter of record I state I am in no way affiliated with the Estate of Michael Jackson.

1387 days ago


This new MJ book is the best I've ever read. I'm glad someone is finally taking up for Michael and his family.

It's called America in the Mirror - Reflections and Corrections on Michael Jackson by Debra Newberg.

I got my copy at!

1383 days ago


Michael Jackson was the bread winner for the entire Jackson family except Janet Jackson who made and makes her own money.

I really do not see a problem with Michael having taken care of his own family.

I also love the way Michael Jackson looked out after his own children, (and they are his), by keeping their money safe until they reach responsible age.

People need to stop worrying about the family using Michael's children's money.

By the time they reach a responsible age, the children will have wised up to any trickery used to take advantage of them.

Regardless the children will most likely take care of their entire family just like their dad did.

I care more about the children growing up to be productive and caring like Michael Jackson was.

I also believe they will continue to try to make the world a better place to fulfill his legacy.

I'm positive they'll never trust a murdering quack like Murray!

1383 days ago

joe mac    

$66,000 per month? It's disgusting that Katherine and Joe were accepting that much money. Its one thing to help your mom and dad, its another for them to take advantage. They and all their mooching kids need to learn how to support themselves. By the time Michaels kids turn 18 there wont be any left for them.

Posted at 9:34 AM on Oct 5, 2010 by whatever

Michaels will is written FOR his CHILDREN it all went to them. That's why it's so hard for anyone to get a dime out of his estate. Michael's kids are gonna do fine.

1337 days ago


I know it seems hard to do especially when you realize what Michael was going through. His lazy siblings expecting him to support them rather than look for work. Why did they not bother Janet. They drained MJ emotionally and i think he realized it but was too kind hearted as he always was to say no just like he did the other vultures around him. I love MJ very much but we must consider what Janalal4 and Roseilicious said in their comments which are very valid. MJ was always used and abused by all and sundry, but God will avenge him. To Prince, Paris and Blanket my prayer is that you shine your light for him and the world to see that you are carrying on his legacy of being as good as you can whilst you can here on this earth but that in essence was what MJ did. To MJ was sweet on i definitely know you are in a better place you light is still shining very brightly in this sphere. I love you MOST Michael

1332 days ago
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