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Faces Public Shaming

in Foreclosure Case

10/6/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If it's even humanly possible ... the guy who owns the note to Octomom's home is now threatening to publicly humiliate Nadya Suleman ... if she doesn't pay off her massive debt in three days.


Amer Haddadin tells TMZ, he's sick of being jerked around by Octo and her lawyers ... and if they don't settle her gigantic debt by October 9 -- dude says he's going to hold a news conference to tell everyone about how terrible of a resident she has been.

Of course, Nadya has nothing to worry about if she meets Amer's deadline -- but as we previously reported, that's one big if ... because girl still owes over $450,000.

How long does it take to shoot a porno?


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Bubba Ganoosh    

She better call that guy from Vivid, get on her knees and start sucking. She's responsible for taking care of those kids by any means necessary. She signed up for this nonsense. Nobody forced her to have all those kids. Either take care of them or give them up to the state.

1377 days ago


What are the options here?

She's already been a figurative prostitute, but that's still a far cry from being a physical one.

Somehow, attain the money (or someone donates it), - we're told that's not going to happen.

Squat in the house claiming hardship, - possible.

Amer working out an agreement with her attorneys, - he doesn't seem open to it, at all.

Bite the bullet and move elsewhere, - most logical.

Minus all the vitriol, which option do you think she'll actually go for?

1377 days ago


Pickles, of course you think you're smart, - you have the dispicable misfortune of being YOU.

All of our condolences.

1377 days ago


I don't know, BubbaGanoosh. I think this whole drama may likely be just the latest in her long series of "crises" designed to gin up the donation machine. By Saturday, the headline will be "Octomom's House Saved For Now!" and then she'll move on to her next manufactured drama to try to pick the public's pockets. When her next "extension" expires, we'll be doing this little song and dance again. Lather, rinse, repeat. I do hope I'm wrong and that he's sincere in tossing her butt out the front door and straight into a Section 8 trailer park. Even that's too good for her but at least her kids will have a roof over their heads and food in their bellies.

1377 days ago

MLE Strange    

It always amazing me how people can sit behind there computer and attack innocent children who didn't asked for what is happening in their lives.
Posted at 8:53 AM on Oct 6, 2010 by aL258


No one is attacking her children you IDIOT! The general consensus are and will ALWAYS be ATTACKING your beloved Queen of Fraud and Welfare Cheat.

So, in the same vein, I could surmise and say the exact same thing you accuse the lot of us. YOU sit behind your computer to glorify the righteousness of Octoanallips. So, how are you special?

1377 days ago


It's time for the public to insist that she be investigated for fraud. Constantly pleading with the public about her financial woes when it's completely obvious that she has more than enough money for what she wants is fraud. If you go out and say your child has cancer, when he doesn't, and you collect money based on that but spend it on something other than what you said, is fraud.

Calling Jerry Brown. Oh Jerry.

A week ago Fraudya said she was broke. After that she went to Disneyland and she got her lips injected with more Restylane or Radiesse.

Why is she allowed to continuously defraud the public?

1377 days ago


Where's Daddy Doud????? He said he was going to take care of his family. The house agreement was intitially put in his namea and then transferred to Nadya's donations corp so why aren't they paying? They agreed to it. The Doud-Sulemans are scammers.

1377 days ago


It's pretty obvious Haddadin is threatening so some do-gooder will
step up and generously pay off her house. This drama is past being
tiring.Let the process begin! She deserves the same fate that other
people have faced when they buy a house they can't afford. They get
evicted.Most people can't call up TMZ, Radar, their ATTORNEY, to
get help or make some quick cash.She can either dump the corporation's lil piggy bank, or get outta the man's house.Even IF
some bozo pays it off, who'll buy the groceries,pay the taxes,
insurance, manis, pedis, body enhancements,etc.It'll NEVER END!

1377 days ago

MLE Strange    

By Saturday, the headline will be "Octomom's House Saved For Now!" and then she'll move on to her next manufactured drama to try to pick the public's pockets. When her next "extension" expires, we'll be doing this little song and dance again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Posted at 9:20 AM on Oct 6, 2010 by PicklesLaRue


Are you Robin or Gala1 by chance?

Well, irrelevancy aside, I approve of your statements. It's rather telling how the ONLY time she's tabloid fodder now is when she's got one hand behind her back (fingers crossed to boot, I suspect) and the other extended out towards our faces and hearts in hopes to garner public support for her latest plastic surgery she.nan.igans.

Argh! Let the poor sods be sapped into financially taking care of the brood she REFUSES to be responsible for for the next 16 years. Let's see how generous they will be next year or the year afterwards when Octofug will STILL be unemployed and continuously have no shame in begging for public support.

1377 days ago


Nadya and Lindsay, cut from the same cloth. Both are tabloid fodder for their multiple misfortunes brought on by their own stupidity. Neither have any marketable talent other than their notoriety and personal ineptitude.

1377 days ago


Are you Robin or Gala1 by chance?
Posted at 9:40 AM on Oct 6, 2010 by MLE Strange

No (though I remember them both from the old "forum.") No, I'm just one of the many taxpayer-victims of Nadya Suleman.

I agree with your speculation begging fatigue will set in soon (if it hasn't already). I also think that there will be less and less sympathy for her manufactured financial plight as her children become older, more independent of her control and more visibly problematic to the community.

1377 days ago

Jane Marsee    

PicklesLarue, I agree with everything you have posted so far. The ONLY ones who support Fraudya are Fraudya and her crew. Or only Fraudya posting under other names. Keep up the good work, Pickles!

1377 days ago


Oh, and one last comparison, Lohan's next "starring" role...How To Be A Ho. Everyone's expecting from Nadya what's already being pursued by Lindsay.

1377 days ago


octowhore should kill herelf and her litter of bastards as well. Posted at 9:51 AM on Oct 6, 2010 by Kevin


No, Kevin. She should not. She should give them up to families who have something to offer them in the way of adequate financial and healthy emotional support. Or, she should go on welfare and get them (and herself) out of the fame-ho business.

1377 days ago


PicklesLaRue (Louisiana stripper or L.A. transvestite), I think you post under a lot of names. Giving kudos to yourself attempt to save face isn't kosher. Other than your inept attempts to be wittier than others, and snarkiness, you are correct that Nadya is an uninviable and irresponsible person who lives on the benevolence of others. The fact that she continually expects it will, eventually, catch up with her.

1377 days ago
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