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Faces Public Shaming

in Foreclosure Case

10/6/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If it's even humanly possible ... the guy who owns the note to Octomom's home is now threatening to publicly humiliate Nadya Suleman ... if she doesn't pay off her massive debt in three days.


Amer Haddadin tells TMZ, he's sick of being jerked around by Octo and her lawyers ... and if they don't settle her gigantic debt by October 9 -- dude says he's going to hold a news conference to tell everyone about how terrible of a resident she has been.

Of course, Nadya has nothing to worry about if she meets Amer's deadline -- but as we previously reported, that's one big if ... because girl still owes over $450,000.

How long does it take to shoot a porno?


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She is going to wait till the last minute to see if anyone will bail her out.
When that doesn't happen, then she will agree to the 1 hour porno movie.

1480 days ago


I post under one name Allrightythen. I'm not looking for "support" or agreement with my opinions (from you or anyone else.) That many here seem to agree with me and say so indicates nothing more than a genuine consensus of opinion about the poor character and destructive, anti-social behaviors of Nadya Suleman. Oh, and for the record: my profession does not require either the removal of my clothing or the "tucking" of my junk. Not that there's anything wrong with those whose professions do, of course.

1480 days ago


83. Allrightythen (and whatever additional name you post under)

My, my, aren't you sounding pretty self-righteous? And you call Pickles a stripper or transvestite? Well, so are you Jim Carrey? Your writing sounds like your is pretty big.

Inept attempts? I think Pickles has stated her point of view much better than you have!

1480 days ago


She used her kids to be famous and she thought she would be rich and a movie star..WRONG..She enjoyed the money all along..I dont like her or feel sorry 4 her..Her kids need to be adopted by some family who can give them a decent life with consistent food, shelter blah blah bla

1480 days ago


Amer Haddadin, is one of the lowest s***/dirtbag on the planet earth. He went into this deal with Nadya father seeing a quick sale and fast bucks coming from Nadya. Knowing how desperate Nadya was in needing a stable, spaces home for her octuplets and older kids in 2009, Amer stroke this deal with her. A private deal he's been making publicly known to humiliate Nadya Suleman who is already look down upon. Beside Amer being unprofessional, he is distasteful and disgusting! He's a media hog and taking full advantage of this whole situation to gain attention to him-self.

If Amer Haddadin, really wanted to help Nadya Suleman and her children, as he claimed. He would lower the mortgage payments to make it affordable for Mrs. Suleman and ignore the balloon payments which would still allow him to pay the bank in full every month. As that's how he was paying the mortgage him-self before Nadya came alone. One of the neighbors said; that house was vacation for years.

Amer Haddadin is a creep! I hope Nadya comes up with the full amount owed to this piece of crap Amer and get him out of her and her kid’s life indefinitely. What a loser he is! He knows she is struggling, knowing the public (haters) stopped her from earning a living to provide for her kids, he was there and saw Nadya hustling trying to do the right thing by him while not being a burden on taxpayers again and he's still not even willing to help meet her half way. Amer's human trash who has no soul and I don't think anyone would want to deal with him buying a home, after seeing how he is trying to publicly humiliate Mrs. Suleman in a private matters that should be no one concern but his/Nadya! Horrible businessperson!

1480 days ago


I always enjoy Pickles' posts

1480 days ago


Aside from your foreseen denial, I think you are your own greatest fan. I think you would find more a more honest consensus by just stating opinion with the fairly often employed belittling of others opinion, - as valid as yours (at least from the sane posters). I merely took umbrage at your childish attempts to school other posters by ridiculing their equally interesting opinions, - without the snarking. Do as you wish, but your comments (which I can moderately agree with) would be more valid without all the side-bar. Look forward to your comments about the topic, not about the posters. Whether you are introspective enough to agree,...whatever.

1480 days ago


...Well, so are you Jim Carrey?Posted at 10:08 AM on Oct 6, 2010 by Alvin

I'm never going to tell you.

1480 days ago

MLE Strange    

Nadya and Lindsay, cut from the same cloth. Both are tabloid fodder for their multiple misfortunes brought on by their own stupidity. Neither have any marketable talent other than their notoriety and personal ineptitude.

Posted at 9:46 AM on Oct 6, 2010 by Allrightythen


I neither like the pair, however, at least Blohan has made her OWN income as a WORKING actress for years and therefor is entitled to blow through her earnings however she sees fit. She's not on public assistance. She's not conjuring beg sites to help feed her addictions and most certainly, not having myriad of ethnically diverse children on the public dime.

Fraudya, on the other hand, has NO descernible talents not even the one she attempted to get a degree for. She's nothing but a ball of psychobabble confusion, often, not realising nor understanding that she contradicts, in a glaring fashion, herself time and time again.

How are they "cut from the same cloth" as you claim?

1480 days ago


Posted at 10:17 AM on Oct 6, 2010 by Allrightythen

So now anyone who doesn't agree with you lacks "introspection." And criticizing the ill informed opinions of others is "childish" but openly speculating that another commenter is either a transvestite, a prostitute, a drunk or a poseur responding to their own posts demonstrates a superior maturity and intellect? LOL. Whatever, dude.

1480 days ago


Whatever, dude.
Posted at 10:23 AM on Oct 6, 2010 by PicklesLaRue

OOOOh! You just presumed my gender as male. A little Freudian, isn't it? Well, now we all probably know yours...dude.

1480 days ago


The facts of the matter is that Mr Haddadin sold her dad a place
for her to live when she was desperate. Dr. Phil got people to donate their services and products to fix it up nicely for the kids.
It was a business arrangement. She has not lived up to it. She should have paid her bills instead of living like money, "is just
paper", and grows on trees.He took a gamble that he would make some
money on selling his house. He may have lost that one because he'll
probably have to spend more than he may have made to repair it.
She's had plenty of time to make more affordable arrangements.

1480 days ago


"Strange," Glad to hear you're not one of the Lohan fawns out there. The reason I said that they were cut from the same cloth is because, what you so graciously call an "actress" and "talent" in reference to Lindsay (very HIGHLY dabatable), they are BOTH media driven creations. Both of their "fame" is undeserved and detestable and, again, driven by the media. Both are deservedly more "infamous" than famous for their decisions of lifestyle and ethical stupidity. Both are proven liars. I could go on for quite a while outlining the similarities, but most can continue on their own as it is too easy. They're virtually societal twins.

1480 days ago


BTW, If he could say anything that could,or would humiliate her after the stunts she's pulled, " I'd love to hear it because it's
got to be a looloo!".

1480 days ago


Pickles, my responses (to you) have been in your own vernacular. Not tasteful when it's directed back at you, is it?...dude.

1480 days ago
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