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'Sister Wives' Polygamist Husband -- 4 Dates in 2 Days

10/5/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kody Brown -- the head of the polygamist family on "Sister Wives" -- had a busy 48 hours ... going out on a date with each one of his 3 wives ... and the new fiancee ... while finding enough time to clean up after his 13 kids.

It started on Saturday, when Kody took wife #3, Christine, on an ice cream date.

The next day, Kody grabbed his motorcycle and went for a ride with wife #1, Meri ... before squeezing in some quality time with wife #2 Janelle (the one in the purple).

The new woman in Kody's life -- Robyn -- also got some face time with her man this weekend .... during a his-and-hers grocery store run in which the couple picked up an 8 pack of paper towels ... which will probably last about 10 minutes.

FYI -- authorities in Lehi, Utah have announced they launched a polygamy investigation into the family after seeing "Sister Wives" .... but the Browns claim the show is "worth the risk.".


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For realz TMZ. Come on. Wal Mart and grocery trips constitute as a "date"?

Lived in Utah county for a good time in my life. Can tell you that all of the "dates" were in the same shopping center. So really, shopping center trips constitute as a date?

1431 days ago


This is disgusting. If the more the merrier why can't they add some men to the mix. He always has a goofy grin on his face because he thinks he has a haram. They want to say they are in God's will. The Bible states you should obey the law of the land and they are not. This is not Godly. It is sick and I know the kids are taken care of but I still feel bad for them. I agree He is a pervert and the women are stuipd.

1430 days ago


Read up on your religions people, Mormon wives are expected to act "properly" so that their "husband" will summon them up to his "heaven" in the afterlife if they are "good enough." Why else would you think 4 women could live in a home together and share the same bed with their man? They believe their eternity lies in the hands of the husband! I don't doubt that these women are as close as sisters and rely on each other, remember they all have alot in common. It's sad that someone, ANYONE would rely on a man for their place in heaven, that belongs to our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ, may He bless each woman and child in this mixed up family.
"Under the Banner of Heaven" should be a must read in every home. A great eye opener to what is going on daily under our Governments nose.

1429 days ago


Live and let live.

I just wonder what happens to all the extra fundamentalist boys.

1429 days ago


This family is very happy , Its hard to fake that and If he has the enegry to make them all happy , Good for him . I love the show & wish the best for all of them. In one of the shows , a wife stated " Whats normal" Well seriously , none of us have perfect happy normal lives , They have just brought that to our attention . I personally wouldn't mind a bit if my husband said I want a new wife . We have room in our hearts for many , I think what they are doing is just great , Its like a family with loads of bonuses . Good luck Cody & wives on this journey . You DO have fans in Illinois !!!!!!

1428 days ago

heaven radio    

Kody is emotionally stuck in adolescence, rationalizing his narcissist libido by exploiting needy women who would rather have some sex instead of trying celibacy. Sadly the children lose and end up raising each other as moms and dad pump them out like breeders of animals. Did it hit you that the children were made to move the belongings of wife number 4? I am of the hippie generation that is so promiscuous yet we thought about zero population. Yes, zero population means you have 2 children that replace you and your spouse. You think about the impact of your consuming and try to live what you believe in. This is a sad reflection today of what is lacking in responsible good men and fathers today in the United States. The look on Kody's face is priceless when wife #1 isn't all that excited about his 20th Anniversary gift of yes, his sperm for another baby. At this point she would probably have liked a toaster or a sham wow more than this. I have one son, I am widowed and I don't need more babies. I just hold the babies at my Church nursery. The reason
this is not illegal is Kody only Legally weds one and the other marriages are Spiritual celebrations that cameras don't see. Yeah no legal contract no foul, unless common law applies. Yet we watch the show like a deer transfixed by headlights waiting to see this train wreck. If any percentage of these children perpetuate this lifestyle, do the numbers, this "family" will be the size of some small towns in the US and require their own Mayor, zipcode and their own ...........o well let's see
poly gamist, someone who plays many games. whew they make me tired just looking at all their emotional baggage..The truth is family and love is so fundamental to human need that we will invent one any way we can to fill the Spiritual void.

1427 days ago


i dont see what the prob is if there happy with there life style who are we to judge..... there not hurting no one they just want ppl to see that not every thing u here about there life style is bad... i mean yah its not a life for some ppl but its interesting to no how others live some times..... i mean come on its been a life style of some ppl for a life time and ppl think that u can just give it up its like telling a gay person they cant be gay cuz its the law or they cant be black cuz it the law i mean come on its what they are and how they where raised u cant at and u are wrong for trying to...... there are lots of things i noticed in the show #1 there not forcing there kids to have the same life style there leaving it up to them on how the want to live there life #2 no one is out on what changes are made to the family #3 the all no that in the long run there kids will all was be cared for and loved if any thing ever happened to one of them..... every one can see that those kids are feed clothed and make there own chose to what kind for life the want to live..... i mean yah its not normal to most ppl but than again what is normal... its there life if there happy and the kids are happy who are we to judge...

1400 days ago



not sure i completely agree with the Browns, but It would be nice to have someone close to talk to and help with the housework. Besides I'v been divorced twice and married 3 times. So whats the difference.Except I still don't get help with chores.

1255 days ago


My father told me that you can't legislate morality, simply because everyone defines it differently. Parents who love and respect each other, children who are loved and cared for by all the adults in their lives...yep, I can see why the busybodies would want this happiness to be prosecuted. (By the way, for the true morons out there I was being sarcastic.) Leave them alone. In this family, every woman who has committed to this life style is an adult, we have no 13 year old brides or what appears to be any truely disgusting deviate behavior. Let it go, I think they the life style is not for everyone, me included but I find the dynamic of their family fascinating AND yes perhaps a little weird... but hey, I don't have to watch and neither do you. And for the creeps making nasty remarks about the appearance of the women - GROW-UP! real people fall in love and stay together. My husband had rich dark thick hair and an extremely well muscled body at the age of 42 when we got married 40 years ago, it's not even close now and I'm certainly a lot fluffier than I was 40 years ago but his kiss, his smile and the really important stuff is all the same. The body is just a vessel for the soul and although it would be great to look and feel 24 again, it's okay to age.

1221 days ago

carmen torres     

Why is Christine Upset she is the one that says she wants sister wives. Robyn is just a new toy she will ware out to!

1081 days ago

joe Nolan    

I am a husband of one but would like a second wife.

1069 days ago
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