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Polygamy Family Gets Really Good Lawyer

10/6/2010 7:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kody Brown and wives have a powerful new legal force behind them -- TMZ has learned ... constitutional law guru Jonathan Turley is now representing the "Sister Wives" family in the polygamy investigation, and he's willing to fight it all the way.

1006_jonathan_turly_sister_wives_EX3Turley -- a professor at The George Washington University Law School -- tells TMZ he is ready, willing and able to sit down with the Utah County Attorney and make a case why his clients should not be prosecuted.

Turley says absent some proof that the family is engaged in child abuse or other crimes, Utah prosecutors almost never prosecute for polygamy.  Turley is quick to note there is absolutely no evidence of child abuse or other crimes in the Brown family.

Turley points out ... although Utah prosecutors have a lot of discretion in deciding when to prosecute someone, people can't be hauled into the criminal justice system simply because they've gone on TV and become high profile.  In legalese, it's called "selective prosecution" ... and it's illegal.

Turley says his goal is to convince prosecutors to leave the Brown family alone. But he says if his clients are prosecuted, he'll fight it hard. Turley would not say outright that he'll make this a test case and push it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, but he made it clear ... he will do everything it takes to clear his clients if they're prosecuted.


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I think the man is very selfish the real wife the first one is telling him she has issues and he doesn't even consider this womans feelings . I could never marry a selfish man and one that thinks that much of himself to put himself above his wife kids and family I say remove his balls

1424 days ago


Legal or not. This whole thing is just plain wrong. It's not good for anyone, you'll never convince me. How many times have those women cried when they sit on that couch and bare their souls? Kody's "love should be multiplied, not divided" is in itself illogical. He has to divide himself up just to have any time with his wives. This is such crap. I don't know how anyone can't see it. What if every man behaved like this? Please.

1424 days ago

Doug Forbes    


No actually polygamy is not a crime. There is no such statute. Unlawful cohabitation? Yes. Purporting to marry..Nope.Unconstitutional violation of 1rst amendemnt. Do realize you could be completely celebate and violate Utah's bigamy law. Declare yourself married to one woman while legally married to another and you have violated it. That portion of the law will never stand up to a serious challenge.

1424 days ago

Doug Forbes    

Lock Bill Clinton up. He had at least two wives at any one time during his presidency. Remember Jennifer Flowers? You people calling for the destruction of this family are all going to Hell.

1424 days ago


I had Turley as professor for my torts class. Funny guy, really smart. Writes an amusing legal blog that's very popular

Also an all around nice guy. Have no idea how he got on the case but he likes bizarre legal scenarios so this definitely counts!

1424 days ago


what about these 13 kids....
how screwed up their own relationships will be

1424 days ago


Doug Forbes:

July 1862 Morrill Anti-Bigamy Act, which made polygamy a misdemeanor offense in US territories and other areas where the federal government has exclusive jurisdiction.

March 1882 Edmunds Act, which reinforced Morrill by making polygamy a felony in the jurisdictions covered by Morrill; also prohibited "bigamous" or "unlawful cohabitation" as a misdemeanor offense, which removed the need to prove that actual marriages had occurred in order to obtain convictions on polygamy related charges.

1424 days ago

Jones Jones    

I don't know about this "family" in particular, but the issue with polygamists is that they have all these kids and then go on welfare to foot the bill. Because the "extra" wives are not legally married to the husband, they are technically single, often unemployed women. Pretty hard for the average guy to support 12+ kids and 3+ adult women on one salary. So it's a welfare bonanza in most cases.

1424 days ago

Jennifer E Norman    

Maybe if they weren't on televison they wouldn't be in trouble at all

1424 days ago


Yes... freaks.

1424 days ago


I don't see what the big deal is. I mean if they're all consenting adults in a loving relationship, how is that hurting anyone?

Lol. This is the slippery slope society finds itself in when it starts embracing sickness such as homosexuality. Tolerance doesn't mean that we have to embrace perversion!

1424 days ago


WTF...I have just one wife. And she is so ugly I take her with me wherever I go. That's so I don't have to kiss her good-bye.

1424 days ago


This was my argument against the gays getting married. Why can't i have 7 husbands? So, if a gay can marry, why not polygamy? If you're not going to leave it between 1 man and 1 woman, just think of the possibilities?????

1424 days ago


So, if two gays is a violation of the sanctity of marriage (or whatever bs), then what the hell do you call THIS? At least two gay people can commit to each other instead of this sorry excuse of a man and the even more pathetic women who allow themselves to be used and taken advantage of in this manner. This disgusting little arrangement works out great for the guy who can have as many women as he wants, but what's in it for the women who all have to SHARE their so-called "husband" while he goes out and acquires even more women for his harem? Don't even try to tell me that any woman actually enjoys this or that he treats all these "wives" equally and fairly. If he gets to have as many women as he wants, why can't they also bring more men into the picture? It's all about HIM, HIM, HIM and the women are bloody fools to go along with it.

A MARRIAGE is a COMMITMENT between TWO PEOPLE, otherwise what's the point of getting married? I hope this so-called "family" gets the book thrown at them. This kind of lifestyle should NOT be encouraged or tolerated and certainly not glamourized by a TV show. The so-called husband has no respect for any of these women and they obviously have none for themselves to put up with this nonsense. It's SICK.

1424 days ago

Hanging to da lef    

I thought about becoming a Mormon and polygamist, but it seems only UGLY women are willing to do the polygamy thing so I scrapped that idea!!

1424 days ago
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