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Rachel Uchitel -- Wanna Sleep at My Place?

10/8/2010 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Reverend Rachel Uchitel is on the hunt for a rich man (or woman) who's down for a two-year commitment ... because she's trying to rent out her brand new $2 million bachelorette pad in NYC.

Rachel Uchitel

Even though Uchitel just bought the swanky 3-bedroom, 3-bath pad on Park Ave. last month ... she has since enrolled in a master's degree program in California -- and will be moving to the West Coast ASAP.

But since she doesn't want to sell her New York abode -- Rachel wants to find a renter who's willing to shell out a modest $12,000 a month.

Rachel's not pussyfooting around -- in fact, she's holding her first open house this Sunday.


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Rafaelle Zuccaro    

She should be able to find 12 Whores, like her to rent it to for 1,000.00 each per month???

1476 days ago


I am sure the house will not be the only thing open.

With those teeth and her oral agility, she would make a ideal Dental Floss Spokesperson. Second in line would be for a pet food commercial since all 4's is her natural position.

1476 days ago


I wouldn't do this ugly nasty skanky ho bag with Tiger's junk!!

1476 days ago


So Tiger put it in that thing?

1476 days ago


She makes skin crawl worst than NYC bedbugs.
Ha ha to all those rich bitch neighbors in her Park Ave whore building.

1476 days ago

Eric Schulman    

Contact Beth Benalloul of the Corcoran group if you looking to rent. I've seen the place, Park Ave.

1476 days ago


Tiger will jump on renting that one!

1476 days ago


Is she going to clean the old encrusted slug trails off the floors from her knee long dripping turkey neck?

1476 days ago


Yep, she looks like she's ready for the Kentucky Derby. My what big teeth you have Grandma. She doesn't need a reality show, thanks to Tiger, she has all the money she'll ever need. TMZ, why do you give coverage to people like this? Please focus on people who REALLY do something worthwhile in life. I am this close to dumping you, TMZ, for all the crap you print. Why don't you send your photogs to other states and other areas of California other than Hollywood in search of REAL relevent people. That would be much more interesting than these sluts, wannabes and "stars" in rehab.

Posted at 5:57 PM on Oct 7, 2010 by Cheryl Rose


This site is a gossip site. Poor taste, yes. Entertaining, sometimes. Do not come here in search of intellectual enlightment.

Spelling errors are intentional, in case you lack a sense of the foolish.

1476 days ago


Man oh Man Tiger she really used the old "strapon".

1476 days ago


a fool and their money soon part.

1476 days ago


Elin is planning on using her Masters and resources to open a counseling clinic for children of divorced families. There are also reports that while she was not paid for the People interview she did request a 6 figure amount be donated directly to charity. Im sure Rachel will be using her masters (IF she finishes) to also do something non-self promoting and meaningful. BTW a note to Tiger's camp...if this is thier way of trying to white wash Rachel's past, good luck. I doubt her true intentions or values will ever change.

1476 days ago


So far, a truly obvious attempt to sell herself as Elin v 2.0. adn gain the same level as respect and approval. As I said, GOOD LUCK with that.

1476 days ago

Moe Green    

Her fame is residual from Tiger. Tiger is the moron. He should have manned up, instead of leaving her as a further ugly trail of his mistakes. The Elin thing is cool! Everything else he did is ugly. How can resolve this ugly appearance of 'you can tell' she's a hooker. Probably can't, it was seen on TV/Internet. We the public must suffer. His PR people should have just said he was an unrepentant guy, who would change his ways due to his family. His weakness was paying off people instead of accepting the truth. An attitude of hey I did what I did and am trying my best to be a good golfer would have worked. He has that attituded now but a day late and a dollar short.

1476 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Better spray the place for lice, crabs, herpes, yeast infections and AIDS.
Rachel has most of the STD's in the book, her vajayjay oozes black cheese.
Just to be safe, better boil the whole building in bleach - if Rachel has been there, it's infected.

1476 days ago
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