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'Sister Wives' Bigamy Case -- The Stats Don't Lie

10/8/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kody Brown better not have any skeletons in his many closets ... because a TMZ review of Utah bigamy cases reveals no one -- at least no one we could find -- has ever been prosecuted for bigamy in recent times ... unless the perp was suspected of a collateral crime such as child endangerment.

Sister Wives
Law enforcement sources tell us there are so many polygamous families in Utah, that officials simply don't have the resources to go after all of them ... unless they're made aware of a more serious crime ... such as a the taking of a child bride, false imprisonment or anything violent.

As we previously reported, the Brown family -- featured on the TLC show "Sister Wives" -- is currently at the center of a bigamy investigation ... and could face up to 5 years in prison if convicted.

The case is currently in the hands of the Utah County Attorney's office -- and the guy in charge, Jeff Buhman, tells us, "In my experience ... there has never been a traditional polygamist family charged with the sole crime of bigamy." 


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oh please all your bleeding heart people wake up. The men have been ruling the world for years and women just listen to their crap. The mormons can have multiple wives according to their religion.Why can't the women have brother husbands . The men have a good thing going there. Muslims can keep their women covered from head to toe,can't go out unaccompanied by a man. Young African girls are getting their vaginas sewn closed and if you survive that you can live long enough to be raped. I can go on and on but I think we all get the idea. Something is wrong with this picture every higher power in every culture tells us women are inferior and has to be submissive to men. Wait a minute could it be maybe because since the beginning of time men have ruled their societies and got better at making these rules up to make their lives better while using the notion that some higher power wants it that way shame on us women for still believing in that. I don't care what you say you can never justify that type of thinking. But if I was a guy I wouldn't give up the good gig either. I wonder if Kody or his fellow palygomists would like to enter into a one women multiple men relationship oh wait somebody said that wasn't what the higher power wanted, let me think was it a women no think a man.

1475 days ago


I guess some people read only want they want and skip over the rest.... Not to mention if you are a god fearing person, you know in your heart that this is just wrong. And why can't the women have several husbands, doesn't it make sense fair is fair after all.

1475 days ago

Lynn M    

I was at the zoo last winter watching a family of gorillas (1 male, three females). The male outweighed the females by far. However, when the male started bothering one of the females, the strangest thing occurred. The females circled around behind of the male and started chasing him all over. He ran like the ****ens. I really wish I had caught it on video.

So while these are people, not apes, I am sure, after listening to these women (they aren't shrinking violets), that they are the ones that really rule this relationship. These women are there by choice. Perhaps they like the companionship. I've only seen the clips online. I certainly don't see the self-esteem issues that seem to be claimed by other posters. I only saw the first wife sad and a bit envious of the other's pregnancy because of her own failure to get pregnant after her daughter. It was no different than a women who has trouble getting pregnant dealing with friends announcing their prenancies. It is a normal reaction.

It isn't a lifestyle I'd be interested in and the practice is not going away.

1475 days ago


It's just a ruse for men to get something they want (a harem-like arrangement) and gullible women fall for it. And I agree with the prediction that there will soon be challenges to bigamy/polygamy laws, since the one man/one woman paradigm is already eroding thanks to the growing acceptance of gay marriage. Why not polygamous gay marriage, too? Then anti-incest restrictions will probably go. Then comes Farmer Brown with dear Bessie....

All of these folks are entitled to be married; if it were only so simple as stopping them from marrying! The problem is who and what they inappropriately WANT to marry. It just continues to escape me why society is obliged to officially scratch their quirky personal itch.

1475 days ago


So ... it's actually still legal. Why did we let Utah become a state?

1475 days ago


It is all a little weird. I am a military brat and was raised LDS. I've seen the religion all over the U.S. as well as Europe. Utah is the WEIRDEST place on earth. The LDS religion does not promote polygamy it is not practiced. Sister Wives is a group of people that are not members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Kody even made that clear in the opening episode. I've lived in Utah now for 15 years and have only come in contact with one polygamy family since I've lived here. I was at Lagoon (an amusement park), and they had one man, several wives, and a ton of kids. I personally don't understand it. I also do not understand gay marriage but I have a gay brother who got married in Canada and he has taught me love, tolerance, and not to judge. It is against my core believe to accept gay marriage but I love my brother and he is welcome in my home. His partner is amazing and they have been married for 16 years with a daughter that is very much loved by the whole family. I think people are not nice and are so quick to judge. I believe that religion causes hate craziness which is why I've stepped back a few steps and take what I like and ignore the rest from religion. I think the only laws we should have on this matter are the ones that protect young girls forced into polygamy marriage. They also should not be allowed to be on food stamps or state assistance. If they want that life style which is expensive I'm sure, they need to pay for it. They have a lot of kids in that family. I love Utah, the only thing I do not like about it is that the average household has five kids and most of the households make less than $39,000 a year. We have the highest bankruptcy rate in the U.S. and also one of the highest foreclosure rates. These are facts.

1475 days ago


You know, I don't particularly agree with their lifestyle, but I it's their business. They are all adults and can do what they want. I wonder why they are being investigated for bigamy when they said on their show only the first wife is legally married to the husband. The rest were married in the church, but no marriage license. So how can they be bigamists if legally there is only one wife?

Posted at 3:58 AM on Oct 8, 2010 by urbusted


Sorry honey but adulthood is not a ticket to do whatever you want. Polygamy is a crime, whether you agree with that or not, it is a felony in Utah.

And Bigamy/Polygamy laws in the U.S. do not require you to be legally married to more then one spouse. That loophole doesn't exist. If your living in a as a single household with multiple significant others your committing polygamy under the law. If you go on national TV and flaunt it in law enforcements face you damned well better have a lawyer at the ready.

And this isn't selective prosecution either. Polygamy is rampant in some Utah communities and they don't have the prosecutorial resources to prosecute every case. That being the case it is completely appropriate for the DA to go after those who publicly and boldly flaunt the law as a first priority.

1475 days ago


We are all falling into the free publicity that this show wanted us to do ! We diffently needed a new concept and a new idea. Consider this, this man is allowing himself the pleasure's only men would dream of. He has all these women and children that I believe he truly loves, but isn't it always the same with men, it's all about the sex. Men are different than women we don't need to go around chasing after men they come willingly, flocking around us. So who really holds all the power ?

I watched the show the other night and it is a lifestyle choice for all of them. They know how it works and they want it to work, they have something that they are getting out of it. Everyone has an agenda.

This 4th soon to be wife is being selfish. She has 3 children two who are going to be well aware of what their mother is doing. I could see if she were to have done this with really young children, or no children at all. But to bring her children into this maddness is just plain crazy.

I divorced my husband when he decided to bring his mistress into our lives. There was no question about it. It's over. You cheat, your history.

But with this man he is openly cheating on his real wife !
This show doesn't offend me, it's really none of my business what people do behind closed doors.

1475 days ago


One last point that I meant to make. Consider this, we have Octomom who by all accounts did the unthinkable. She was given far too many eggs implanted in her when she already had 6 children who were conceived the same way.

She was barely surviving on the welfare and social security benefits she was receiving for them. Yet here she is having eggs implanted and what happens ? Well we all know what happens.

She has a litter of kids that she can't support and is again using our taxpaying dollars to support all of them with no husband in site.

So the question is who would you rather watch on a reality tv show? A man with 4 wives and 20 kids and counting, that don't live off of taxpayers. Who he supports financially, along with his wives working also contributing to the brood that they have breed.

Who is doing the right thing in terms of supporting and raising the children ? Octomom or this Kody and his sister wives ? We all might not condone their lifestyle but the truth be told they are all contributing members of society, they pay their taxes just like the rest of us do, they take care of themselves and aren't a burden to the welfare and social services system.

So what we are really offended by with this show is that he is flaunting his lifestyle by allowing cameras into his home.

Octomom, can you imagine having to watch a show with her and her brood of kids, I think we'd all have to lower the volume because it would be a half hour of non-stop whining and crying babies.

1475 days ago


You know, if he's only legally married to one of them and is just shacking up with the others, I can't see that he's broke any law. It does make him a jerk of the highest order, tho. And what is wrong with those women who think they have to share a man?

1475 days ago


They are free loaders that all live off welfare, with out food stamps etc they would all starve. Where is the goverment ? No one checks into these sicko's ripping off the tax payers in the name of church. The state laws and courts are a joke time the Goverment looked into all this freeloading from the poor people that are working and holding a job.

1475 days ago

someone who reads    

Again another example of American Laws that are just words written on paper and not practiced.

Hey USA, why bother having them?

1475 days ago


never seen the show...or even heard of them. but ewwwwww

1475 days ago


Some have asked "why have laws if you aren't going to abide by them?" Go to dumblawsdotcom and click on your state. In Acworth Georgia: All citizens must own a rake. Should we go door to door asking to show a rake? Once upon a time, not too long ago, it was illegal and people were incarcerated for one race marrying another. Yes, there are dumb laws that shouldn't be prosecuted. They are LEGALLY CONSENTING adults. And for those that continue to bring up animals as a comparison, don't since an animal CANNOT consent....ever.

1475 days ago


Bigamy and/or Polygamy...who cares? If he is taking care of his wives and supporting his kids then that's fantastic! What about all the lowlifes who have kids with multiple partners, that's okay just because they're not married??? This guy is behaving responsibly and has no fidelity secrets from his spouses. How many married couples these days can say the same?

1475 days ago
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