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MMA Pro to Gay Kids -- Got a Bully? Let Me at 'Em!

10/8/2010 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Undefeated MMA badass Daniel Puder is laying the blueprints for a nationwide gay-bullying crackdown -- here's how it works: 1) send the dude an email, 2) dude flies to your school, 3) no more bully.


The issue of bullying has clearly made an impact on the former WWE star ... who recently blogged, "There is an issue with our society when gay young kids are getting bullied to the point they are killing themselves."

But after scarfing down a burger at Stout in L.A. last night -- protein-style, obviously -- Puder hatched a new plan ... telling us, "Anybody that's getting bullied in the whole U.S. can shoot me an email at dp@knockoutsgym.com."

He adds,"You email me, I'll go fly to your school ... and we'll go talk to the bullies for you."

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you make 500,000 bullies crap their pants at once.

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what is wrong with some of you people ?! did u really just read what you wrote ?! "#3 gay young kids should kill themselves ?! wtf is wrong with you ? #11 gay youths should be bullied and if they happen to kill themeselves good ; less homos is a good thing." you kind of people are the reason stuff like this is happening. you are a piece of **** !!! i hope you rot in hell for what u said. both of you are closed minded dumbasses.

1439 days ago

Y do he got    

wanting to kick someones tass for being a bully makes you a bully..he is only after press and he`s a fighter ha ha ha a stage act fighter with rules in a cage in life fights have no rules or cages or paydays.IF some kids THINKS they are gay..let them find out for themself..kids don`t need stage mother fighters making press off them.Less than 1% of the general population in the USA is gay according to the stats but in hollywood it seems like 1000% whom have a chip on thier backs about it.Lived in a family with gay sisters..no big deal no fighters were needed to defend us.

1439 days ago

Y do he got    

THis an`t not cage match BROTHER in real life you go to jail if you kick someones tassys learn to LOVE not fight..if he fought everytime we didn`t like someone or whenever we wanted to he would be in fo life brother.It`s a fish bowl world with 400,000 satellites and millions of tower and traffic cams and millions of street cams someone spying is nothing new DEAL with that or it will kill you and hate wins.LOVE and peace take the punch walk a way DON`t go to jail were it is a real fight for life and death 247 365

1439 days ago

Y do he got    

LIMES last NOTE...Learn to take a punch IT`s a ART amke it look like it hurts spin off the energys let the bullys win they are weak and need to win at something and maybe you have a friend.If you kick everyones tass you will have NO friends and you will be the bully you din`t want2b

1439 days ago


#35: I, too, was a little shocked at the #3 and #11 comments... and that's not easy to do in the comments section of TMZ, but to answer your question: My personal opinion is that #3 and #11 have neurotic emotional illness of one sort or other. That's not a crime, but my personal opinion is that they would serve themselves better by examining their lives; trying to get their antisocial emotions fixed (or at least corralled) , and try hard to not spread the hate around. I wish them good luck in their coming struggle.

1439 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

#39: I agree with you. But I wil add that they are diseases spewed from their whore mothers.

1439 days ago


To have this creep "come and fight" for anybody is embarassing.

1439 days ago

Some random guy    

"If kids who are being bullied would stand up for themselves and punch the little bitch in the mouth, the bullying ends. Bullies are the true cowards and pick on the weak. They get punched in the face once, they go running to Mommy. Stop the self esteem bull**** and the coddling, stand up for yourself and knock the little prick on his ass, watch bullying end.

Oh, you people would rather talk to the bullies and do a public service announcement. Whatever. They're the real cowards, and once good shot to their mouths will prove it. It's been going on forever and that's always worked, so take your skirts off and let them know you won't take the crap. Your life will be much better afterwards."

Posted at 1:04 PM on Oct 8, 2010 by Wrestling Beltworld

Right, every single bully out there is gonna be like "Damn... my bad... I was wrong about you!" after the bullied kid fights back. I bet you a lot of them will get their asses kicked for that, they get bullied for a reason, because they look weak. If you're weak how are you gonna beat up some bigger kid that's bullying you? In some cases it might even make the situation even worse. I'm sure there are times where your little solution would work out but let's be real here.

It's not always as easy as you're describing it. "They get punched in the face once, they go running to Mommy" - Yeah if they're like 10 years old.

1439 days ago


I would KILL to see this guy beat up a fifth grader.

1439 days ago


Problem, Reaction, Solution?

1439 days ago


I guess since the success of MTVs bully beatdown everyone's trying to cash in... And this dude isn't even that good of a fighter. Anyone who isn't in the UFC, WEC, K-1, Dream and a select few in Strikeforce are garbage fighters

1439 days ago


Puder, your a *****, you have no G&P, no Jitz, and your hands suck ****... just like your coaches. You ain't **** bro. So many other causes you could stand up for and you choose this ****? WTF is wrong with you, you must wanna roll with young gay kids.
I'll woop your ass, come to Phoenix you faaaag lover and I'll put a beat down on you, **** face!

1439 days ago

Big Sexxy    

I think the title MMA "nobody" fits better . 8 wins VS 8 losers .

1439 days ago


Good for him. He lets the kids know someone cares.

1439 days ago


I love this guy! Kudos to him. If I were gay I'd feel great that he's in my corner.

Bigger picture, though. I'm so sick of bullying of any kind. it's not a gay issue. How you look, dress, speak, religious preference, ethnicity, disability etc. The list is long.

We've got to teach tolerance from Kindergarten on. I say tolerance because we have way too many differences between people in this country to force acceptance especially, between cultures and religions.

I don't think we have to "like" each other to be sensitive, kind or respectful as a society.

I'm totally for education that encompasses ALL. Not just gays.

1439 days ago
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