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Michael Lohan: Dina

Screwed Lindsay Up, Too

10/11/2010 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan is lashing out at claims he's the root of Lindsay Lohan's problems -- what with the violence, prison stints and general bad behavior.

Michael tells TMZ ... Dina was violent as Lindsay was growing up, and it left an impression.  Michael claims when Lindsay was 4 years old, Dina was arguing with his mom and Dina allegedly smashed a phone across grandma's face, requiring six stitches.

And Michael says, on another occasion -- when Lindsay was a teenager -- Dina went nuts on Michael, flew over two beds to get to him and accidentally knocked herself out.

Michael adds it was Dina's idea to leave Lindsay in Hollywood at a very young age, even though LiLo had a stalker.

As we reported, some members of Lindsay's family tell us ... Lindsay believes her current predicament is the result of Michael's craziness.

UPDATE: A source close to Dina tells us, "This is absolutely not true. She will not respond to anything Michael Lohan says."


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RJ Hunt    

white trash...that's all i gotta say...

1421 days ago

Jade evergreen    

Deja Vu again damn both parents are partly to blame for Lindsay problems but Lindsay is grown azz woman need suck it up start blaming herself for doing drugs/alcohol and breaking the law
geez Dina let Lindsay do what ever hell she wanting to do and also party with Lindsay and Lindsay is never going to get better if she doesn't grow up accept that she one at fault for how her life turn out and she has got finally learn to take responsibility for her actions until then Lindsay not going to get better she still do going drugs and drink booze and partying all night.

1421 days ago


As much as a waste of parents they both are... Michael was the one that has been saying all along that she was on drugs and needed to go to rehab. Dina was the one saying that she was NOT on drugs, that she was fine and that everything was okay! He never went about doing anything the right way and USED her issues to get in front of a camera.. but the fact is, IT'S BOTH OF THEIR FAULTS for being crappy parents.. BUT.. LL is old enough now to take responsiblity for herself. I know lots of people who had horrible parents and instead of screwing their lives up and blaming it on them, they DID WHAT THEY HAD TO DO AND ARE DECENT PEOPLE WHO AREN'T ON DRUGS, JAIL OR REHAB. I think that LL needs to STOP blaming everyone around her and start owning up to the fact that SHE was the one that snorted coke, drinks till she passes out and makes horrible choices in life.

1421 days ago


Michael if I were you the fight would be over. I would let Lindsay no your sorry for the past you love her and if she wants to talk someday give you a call. Fighting for her Love and visits will get you no where. All this fighting with Dina thru the Media is awful.If you want Lindsay to recover leave her alone.As long as Dina is feeding her the blame game , her chances of long term recovery are slim.

1421 days ago


Dina won't you blow your ho...rn!

1421 days ago


At least her family's drama dosent date back to the Salem witch trials, like mine dose(thank god were not in the media hahaha).

1421 days ago


Sounds like she wants to blame everyone but herself. I know everything that has happened might have had an effect on her but come on shes how old?? You cant tell me she doesnt the know the difference between right and wrong even with all the other drama.

1421 days ago


Oh who the eff cares. These two "parents" are both moral degenerates who refuse to take any responsibility for the troubles of THEIR child. They are acting like two three year olds and fail to realize the more they speak, the worse SHE gets. They have effed her up big time and still pretend it's the other's fault. GROW UP....You suck as parents!!!!! and your daughter is paying the price.

1421 days ago


not that i think mike is an angel-but you know there are 2 sides to every story-it's a shame he's an ass! on the other hand saint dina was in full control of linsay! now which is the lesser of 2 evils! lol

1421 days ago


dang-my bad for saying both were responseble for lindsey problems!
the only resposible party here is lindsey!to blame her problems on her parents is wrong-why is she not blaming people that gave her the drugs and kept her high!after she turned 18 all choices in her life were made by her-same as brittney-lindsey is now just trying to imitate her to get her career back(it's barely working for brit-brit lol)
I don't care how bad your parents are-the childhood you had-You have your own mind and your own choices.No one but you can make up your mind to what your choices will be!
after dad and mom are gone.........who will lindsey blame next?
what a waste but i do agree with most mike and dina need to go away!

1421 days ago


OH Michael, you're finally admitting you screwed up your daughter's life too lol!! Constantly airing her problems in the media and pleading with her to contact you as you can help her, does not a good father make lol!! Right now LiLo hates you, but then she realises her mother Dina is to blame too, it's just you won't go away, you want money lol!!!

1421 days ago


sherrymurph u r sooooo right & I agree with u fully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dina needs to STOP enabling this sick "woman" but then again she loves EVERY SECOND of it!!!! MOM of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1421 days ago


The problem is that Lindsay had a mother who acted more like a best friend than a mother and not only let Lindsay do whatever she wanted but actually ran with her like she was a teenager too. Her father had so many of his own problems that he couldn't fight the mother and, of course, Lindsay chose to side with the enabling mother. Lindsay may be 24 but she's still acting like a little brat who thinks she's smarter than everyone else and that everyone will believe her lies. She got that attitude from her mother who still doesn't see anything wrong with Lindsay. Her dad is now trying to get Lindsay to realize that there is a better way to live and that she needs help to clean up her life but his only access to her is through the media because Lindsay doesn't want to hear what he says. So dad gets constant flack but presses on as best he can. Her mother is incapable of helping her.

1421 days ago


Eff you Locohan! You're a sociopath. And the whole "she knocked herself out.." is laughable. Right up there with, 'she walked into a door', 'fell out of bed' or perhaps....'she ASKED for it'?

Just go away *******. You are a loser. You talk like one, walk like one and dress like one.

1421 days ago


I wish Lindsey would take responsibility for her own actions and choices. Not always the parents fault!!

1420 days ago
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