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Oksana Grigorieva and the Gloria Allred Connection

10/12/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva made a beeline for attorney Gloria Allred after secretly recording Mel Gibson ... sources tell TMZ.

We've learned ... days after recording Mel's crazy rants on February 18, Oksana met separately several times with Gloria and attorney Eric George.  Oksana went back and forth before finally deciding to hire George.

Our sources say Gloria had advised Oksana to go to the cops immediately and file a domestic violence complaint.  Gloria also told Oksana she should hold a news conference where she would play the secret tapes.  It's important to note ... just two months before, Gloria scored a $10 million settlement for Rachel Uchitel and then canceled her news conference just hours before it was supposed to go down.

George engineered a $15 million package for Oksana and Lucia in May.  Sources say during the mediation ... Oksana was back on the phone talking to Gloria.  After signing the mediation docs, Oksana disavowed the deal and began lawyer shopping again.  We do not know if Oksana continued talking to Gloria.

We asked Gloria about the meetings and whether she had anything to do with the possible sale of the tapes.  Gloria said, "No comment.  It is the policy of our law firm never to discuss who does or does not contact us and for those who do contact us we never disclose what is discussed."  



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Fred Farkel    


Um. Excuse me????


Because the bad man called you names???

Keep it up Gloria. Keep it up ladies.

We men have been silently putting up with your congenital INSANITY since before even god was born.

I hope to Jesus H. Christ himself - that in my lifetime - MEN will step up and PUT DOWN the misery our entire gender has enduring at the hands of the Gloria Allred types.

Oh they may have most men jerked around on leashes now... and why??? So most men have to beg for sex occasionally - and (LOL) "behave" (LOL) around women for the other 23 hours and 59 minutes a day???


I had it lucky.

The ex-wife and I had sex every single day and twice on Sundays before she decided that she was DONE with sex. Once that happened and I was able to gather myself and look at the true COST of sex with your wife - oh baby - I WAS OUT OF A 30 YEAR RELATIONSHIP AS FAST AS I COULD GET IT DONE.



Your woman didn't even look good.

And now look at THIS friggin mess.

For what?

To get laid occasionally???

Oh my dear sweet Jesus H Christ.



Read it and weap. In the year 2010... this is your destiny.


Stay sane.

Thank you.

This has been a public service announcement.

1411 days ago


The problem is not that she is new to the country and does not know the law. The problem is she is stubborn and doesn't want to listen. She looks for lawyers who tell her what she wants to hear.

Posted at 3:06 AM on Oct 12, 2010 by garnet

Oksana has previous experience with lawsuits before Mel. She knows more
about how the court system works than most women in this country.

Her greed and narcissism will be her downfall. And the pathological history
of lying will not help either.


Victims go to the police. Criminals go to 12+ lawyers.

1411 days ago


from the Daily Beast.....A few of my favorite lines....

“She’s gone from a stage of, ‘This is a serious issue of domestic violence,’ to the Octomom stage,” said Ross Johnson, head of strategic communications at the public-relations firm PMK-BMC.

"The more she does, the more it backfires,” said Robin Sax, a former Los Angeles County deputy district attorney, who briefly counseled Grigorieva, though Sax was never paid or on contract. “There’s more opportunity for inconsistent statements. At this point, it’s just, ‘Shut up and let the media speak for itself.’”

1411 days ago


Sounds to me that this just backs up Oksana's story that she really did not want to release the tapes.
Seems to Me she just wanted Mel to take care of her and Lucia like he promised.

1411 days ago


nutter Oksana Grigorieva says that Mel Gibson had a guy named Tony who worked for him, and Oksana says he witnessed what happened the night Mel assaulted her.

But this woman insists on trying to occupy the celeb gossip space which is usually reserved for Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton! We want to know why this serial baby maker has such an addiction to being in the gossip columns. Does she really think that supremo Harvey Levin is going to let her dislodge Lindsay and Paris and go to the top of the gossip tree. Harvey will just report her gossip only as long as he wants, he will decide her ‘sell by date’ as this woman has no real talent apart from having babies with stars – then nailing them for big payouts and child allowance.

Is Oksana now delusional or is it that ‘she is up the stick’ again (and her imagination is running away with her), please let us know if you are in foal again Oksana, as we want to know!

1411 days ago


Sounds to me that this just backs up Oksana's story that she really did not want to release the tapes.
Seems to Me she just wanted Mel to take care of her and Lucia like he promised.

Posted at 4:26 AM on Oct 12, 2010 by zoody
What in that agreement didn't sound like Lucia was being taken care of? Of course, you're right about Ox wanting to be taken care of - and that is why she released the tapes. She wants to be taken care of like a wife instead of the fling she was. Woman is delusional and apparently has no ability to support herself.

1411 days ago


I am not surprised by the GA attachment. And personally, I wouldn't be surprised if GA is the one who sold or leaked the tapes. It's her kind of move. And "No Comment" is a standard line if you have something you can't admit or deny.



Posted at 4:00 AM on Oct 12, 2010 by Michael


It's not that complicated. Oksana made sure the tapes
got to her PUBLICIST Steve Jaffe at Radar Online.

Lets not twist ourselves into a pretzels trying to believe
that Oksana never wanted Radar Online to release the tapes.

1411 days ago


Sounds to me like she called GA during mediation to see how much more than $15M she could get her. I really believe that Oinky had a figure in mind...say $200M...and was on a quest to find someone to get it for her. This was never about DV.

1411 days ago


Horowitz you are telling women that have been abused by men not to goto the police but to goto to you instead.
Horowitz you should be locked up for abusing the emotional state of battered women to pay for your rolls royce.

Posted at 4:36 AM on Oct 12, 2010 by Mishie

That little creep

1411 days ago


I'm thinking oksana was afraid to go to the police, because the cops would ask her questions.

"Did you SHAKE YOUR BABY and did Mel use force from stopping you SHAKRE your baby?"

Remember she was at a ball game, not taking care of her child. Child is with very sick illegal that doesn't speak english and was not able to stop the baby from crying.
Nanny calls oskana and says baby crying and Mel upset, he wants you to come home and take care of the baby.
Oksana is very, very PISSED, very PISSED. She comes home and Mel is Pissed and Oskana is PISSED. Both PISSED.
She saying "I can do whatever I damn please." Mel says "you have a baby and you leave her with someone that doesn't even know how to calm the baby down. And you go to ball game and you are pissed when YOUR BABY needs assistance.
Oksana grabs baby in back yard , and starts HITTING her head on ground, and SHAKING the BABY . Mel freaks out. Grabs Oksana and takes the baby away from Oksana.
They fight.
The phone messages were edited.
So you only HEAR what oskana wants the public to hear.
She can't go to the cops. Because she was wrong to SHAKE the baby.
Her only HOPE to get Mel's Millions is to tape his RANTS and try to settle quietly.
Going to the police. Hell NO.
But the lawyers don't know the "whole story".
Why? Because oksana doesn't tell them the "whole story".
Mel blamed himself for freaking out when the baby was crying and they called oksana. But actually Mel was right to do that.
Listen this is not all cut and dry.
Oksana is a LIAR and only sees her position.
You can see it on tapes. She's "cloudy-delusional".

She still thinks she was right, Mel shouldn't have gotten mad at her for leaving the baby with nanny and going to game.

So all you oskana supporters, if it turns out OKSANA was "shaking the baby" and abusing the CHILD , are you gonna change your way of looking at this. I don't think so. You are just against Mel and so what, oksana is bad news, you are just against Mel. Because when he rants, he says bad things about everybody, just like whoopie does and you do and I do.

1411 days ago


How come greedy Mel and Robin had to exclude Lucia from the Icon

1411 days ago


As much as I detest his tactics, Horowitz is doing what he was hired to do. He is waging a PR blitz. He is also attempting to get the focus off his client's seemingly illegal actions.

This latest involves yet another lawyer - one his client seemingly never hired.

The more we focus on the tapes, the more they remain in the public's consciousness. His client wants this. She is a vengeful jilted woman who wants:

* personal financial gain
* personal media exposure
* personal career advancement
* personal destruction of another human being


1411 days ago


OX claims she walked away from the 15 million to protect the baby....had she gone to the police, she would have gotten the 15 million and supervised visitation or no visitation until Mel was deemed a fit Father....end of story....there were many avenues for still proctecting the child and still keeping her funded by Mel. BUT IT WAS ALL BS All she had to do was prove to the court Mel was a threat to the baby and they would have investigated and the baby would have still had her 15 million......BS BS BS BS BS OX.....LIAR

1411 days ago


I really hope that at some point, Blair Burk gets her on the witness stand. She thinks she's being clever now, but when Blair puts all this together..piece by piece...she won't have a camera and minions to enthrall. She will have to answer the questions. Did you see Lawyer A? Did you see Lawyer B? Did you see Lawyer C? Yes, yes, yes..all the way to Z. Did any of them tell you to go to the police? Yes. And you didn't go? No. Did you call Lawyer C while Lawyer F was negotiating a settlement? Did Lawyer M or Lawyer P tell you to move out of the house? No. Did Lawyer W and Lawyer X tell you that you could get more money if you went with them? Yes.

The transcripts will be priceless. Maybe Mel can make a small fortune off of them because we all want to see her squirm.

1411 days ago


How come greedy Mel and Robin had to exclude Lucia from the Icon

Posted at 4:51 AM on Oct 12, 2010 by zoody

Because she was provided her own trust.

1411 days ago
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