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Family Rips 'Transformers' Investigation - 'Ridiculous'

10/13/2010 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The family of the woman partially paralyzed on the set of "Transformers 3" is blasting the government agency that cleared producers of any wrongdoing ... claiming their findings are "ridiculous."


In a statement issued today, the family of 24-year-old Gabriela Cedillo said they were "deeply saddened and disappointed" that the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration cleared Paramount simply because they used a licensed welder to set up a vehicular stunt on Sept. 1. 

The family claims, "The mere fact that the welding was performed by a 'certified welder' ... does not in any way suggest that the weld was performed properly." The family continues, "In fact the evidence is clear that it was done in a slip-shod fashion."

The statement concludes, "It is completely irresponsible for even a local government bureaucrat to rush to such sloppy conclusions."


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Wow, some of the comments on @people like Carl--this woman was on the job. It wasn't some random accident on the street. She was on set. People say 'she knew the risks.' As someone who's worked a lot as an extra, I can tell you that's not how it works. They put you in a scene, tell you what to do, and you're expected to do it. You can walk off if you feel at risk, but the majority of the time you simply trust what the crew and stuntmen have set up. I'm sure the woman didn't go into that scene thinking she was in harm's way. I doubt anyone sat down with her and told her, 'look, this is very dangerous, do you want to do it?' I'm guessing she didn't even get stunt pay.

This is why movie productions carry insurance. This woman is 24, and now has suffered a life long debilitating injury which will require care until the day she dies. That doesn't mean she should get 20 million dollars or some other ridiculous number, but the studio needs to take care of her, and take care of her well.

1473 days ago


Post #10 my speed boat is at a hi and dri on a rack if a storm comes in and the welds break who pays?? the answer is act of god lawyers say you must be a union welder like god is lamof

1473 days ago


#5 Carl,

You said it best.

There is a risk in everything we do. SH*T happens!

1473 days ago


What is the surprise here. Obama Administration appoints the people who sit on this transportation board investigative unit. The Republicans were complaining about the appointments being "political payback" and those commissioners laced the investigative expereince and creditanls necessary to serve. Well the Ole democRAT Congress rubber stamped these appointments who ARE UNION Officials!!! Now Ole Steve Spielberg is one of the big fundraisers for Prez Barry. Do you think Imana Obama is going to let anyhting happen to his biggest hollywood fundraiser, his appointed union croonies, and a UNION CERTIFIED and Employed Welder? Hell no! This is just more of that Hope and Change you voted for. Thats ok, Obamacare will surely take care of her and all of her bills!!!

1473 days ago


#20, save the right wing ranting, this isn't about national politics or Pres. Obama.

1473 days ago


Ron is the product of inbreeding. What the hell does Obama or politics have to do with this?

This girl wll be compensated. Lawyers have to be called in regardless of who's at fault. This was one investigation about the movie company, like whether or not they hired a cheap welding company who had no licenses, you do-do.

1473 days ago


Very simple for me. Either the specifications for the weld were incorrect and thats why it failed, or, if the specs were correct, the person that did the welding (as I recall reading, more than once)didn't do it right. If the specs and the weld were correct, this would not have happened. This is not an "act of god" where a tree is blown over by wind or a person is struck by lightening. This is a case of either shoddy planning, shoddy workmanship, negligence, or all of the above. And believe me, they will not let it g before a jury, 'cause you know if that woman is wheeled in paralyzed on half her body, its game over and he jury might decide to punish them a bit more. It wouldn't be the first time.

1473 days ago


Hope and Change , Hope and Change

Franks and Beans , Franks and beans

1473 days ago


This is not some random "act of god", such as when a tree gets blown over or lightening strikes someone. Either the specifications called for on the weld were incorrect, or the welding job was improperly done. If both had been correct, this would not have happened. Either the specs were wrong or the job was botched. Either way, their is fault. Don't worry, someone is gonna pay and they should. Theres no way they go in front of a jury and let them wheel in a women paralyzed on half her body. They will settle,jury's are known to be a little vindictive when a big company making millions tries to screw over someone, especially someone that was just a normal, non-hollywood type earning peanuts whose life has been destroyed.

1473 days ago


typical here in america the justice system looking out for big money.

1473 days ago


Heck yeah there'll be more investigations. This is only speaking of one aspect of the accident, who Paramount hired to make the equipment needed for the stunt. The welding company and whatever products used will be looked into. Paramount didn't weld so yes, they can be cleared on THAT particular note. Read more clearly people.

I don't think money will be an issue, she will be compensated and handsomely. Are people that thick to truly believe that the movie house won't pay her medical expenses and a lump sum for pain and suffering? How stupid can you be?!

1473 days ago


It is very clear something is wrong with their findings. This was a catastrophic failure and she will need care for a lifetime. Put me on that jury! I can easily do what is right in this matter.

1473 days ago


She shouldn't even have to go to court. Her family hiring lawyers in this extreme injury case so a monetary deal can be laid out with Paramount lawyers and possibly the welding company's lawyers about medical expenses makes perfect sense. You can't go at this blindly and throw your hands up and say "sh_t happens" when there's a chance someone was at fault. They are all hurting right now and are probably worried about medical expenses like anyone would be. Hope her paralysis improves.

1473 days ago


Is the weld the sole reason for the accident?

1473 days ago


People that say "sh*t happens" obviously haven't had the sh*t happen to them! Show a little compassion!

1473 days ago
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