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Family Rips 'Transformers' Investigation - 'Ridiculous'

10/13/2010 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The family of the woman partially paralyzed on the set of "Transformers 3" is blasting the government agency that cleared producers of any wrongdoing ... claiming their findings are "ridiculous."


In a statement issued today, the family of 24-year-old Gabriela Cedillo said they were "deeply saddened and disappointed" that the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration cleared Paramount simply because they used a licensed welder to set up a vehicular stunt on Sept. 1. 

The family claims, "The mere fact that the welding was performed by a 'certified welder' ... does not in any way suggest that the weld was performed properly." The family continues, "In fact the evidence is clear that it was done in a slip-shod fashion."

The statement concludes, "It is completely irresponsible for even a local government bureaucrat to rush to such sloppy conclusions."


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"How DARE you make it harder for us to sue! I'll sue you for that!"

1469 days ago


Hey #31 Muppet, Compassion has nothing to do with money.

IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! Oh, but that word in America doesn't exist anymore.
Not like it was planned...then you may have a case.

1469 days ago


Hey dummies. They were found clear of any wrong doing which means they won't face charges. The insurance company is liable to pay damages. You morons.

1469 days ago


It was an accident! Even if everybody did everything right, an accident can still happen. I feel for this woman and I hope she gets taken care of, but I don't believe anyone intentionally did something wrong. It was an accident.

1469 days ago

just saying    

It's called INSURANCE people! Paramount's insurance company should be paying out, and paying out big! There was a lot of damage done to this poor girl - of all the trivial lawsuits out there, this isn't one of them, she should get millions!!!!!

1469 days ago

charley hardman    

they're right.

1469 days ago


#9 - Wrong! Don't be stupid. If PARAMOUNT had hired a doctor who was board certified & he screwed up - they could sue the doctor, but NOT Paramount.
Same goes here. She can try and sue the welder, but NOT Paramount. They did nothing wrong. They're just pissed 'cause they know they'll never get as much from him & his insurance as they could have from Paramount. Too bad.

1469 days ago


Ok, I think the woman should be cared for and her bills should be paid but I dont understand how the family is blaming Paramount? Nothing, NOTHING, is perfect. Accidents happen and its not always because of negligence. It's just because sometimes accidents happen. Automatically saying Paramount did something wrong is just stupid. They have to cover their butts just as much as anyone and getting certified people is the nest thing they can do. I am sorry for the family but just because you are upset doesnt mean that Paramount somehow did something shady and the certified welder or whatever, didnt do his job. This proof the family says they have about shoddy work...well, no offense but thats most likely their opinion and there is no hard proof to it. Also, being in any action movie can be a hazard, you cant make every little thing safe. Things like this can happen to people just walking by something at the wrong time. Accidents do happen and thats what it looks like happened. Paramount hasnt denied paying her medical bills and so far have worked with everyone. I think they need to look at all the facts before full on attacking the movie company. I do totally understand what its like to have a family member in this type of situation but grief can make you irrationally angry and you jump to pointing fingers before really knowing the truth. Even sometimes the truth is not enough and you believe what you want. Who knows here. I can just recognize the pattern in this family to what my own family went through.

1469 days ago


I agree with many of the people saying sue the welder. They're right. Paramount covered their base by simply hiring a certified welder. However she was just an extra and not trained for stunt driving and there should be some type of accident coverage from the company for those precarious situations. She would not have been there if the coordinator didn't place her there. The studio should have certain liabilities in this situation.

1469 days ago

Y do he got    

Paramount will pay damages though thier insurances sooner or later.They alone are her employer and must have coverage to employ anyone.The welder is not a stunt subcontractor and playing SHELL GAMES won`t take paramount off the sue radar.WELDS done mean nothing as I`am sure they didn`t break the metal broke that they were welded into due to overloading of stress and heat metal fatigue due to the wrong tempering and placements of cable plates.A new subframe would of had to be engineered by a stunt knowledge company with years of on site contracting.Welds don`t break 99% of the time...the metal breaks around them due to mismating of welds to metals.Nothing should have to be welded on site on location unless it was breaking all the time which would indicate it was caused by overloading stress too much speed to much launch to car weight so on.STUNT company is who? protected by paramount by shell games

1469 days ago


I told ya Indiana's OSHA are ignoring the negligence so the movie industry will continue to come back to Indiana. I tell you there will be a whole lot of souls in Hell, but it's not going to be a party.

Still, the family will get their compensation in a civil jury trial.

1469 days ago


this family is wrong to sue she wanted to do it. they are paying for her medical bills now they wanna sue? people will do anything for money. i'm sure in that piece of paper she signed there was a fine print that stated she might get hurt. i mean she's driving a car down the road. millions of us do that each day stuff happens get over it

1469 days ago


Contrary to what everyone here is saying, even if the weld failed it may not be the welder's fault. The failure of the weld could be due to some random flaw in the welding material, a hairline crack in the metal the weld was attached to, etc. Flaws like that can be nearly impossible to detect.

the producers in this case did everything they were supposed to do, they followed all safety regulations, used a certified welder, etc. This does not mean they are not liable for the woman's injury. She was hurt on the job, and they are responsible for her medical bills and lost income, but they were not negligent, so the family can't sue for punitive damages (which is where you usually see those outrageously huge amounts awarded for damages.

They might be able to sue the welder, but unless they can find some evidence that he did a piss poor job, that is doubtful.

1469 days ago


Brain damage. Paralysis. For life.

Sumner Redstone's billions go a long way. Government always does what moneybags say.

1469 days ago

RJ Hunt    

If the studio used a certified welser, they did nothing wrong. You have to knowingly leave someone in peril to be liabile for it. The studio has no way of knowing if the weld is good. They are not professional welders. The welder has to know if it is good or not. If the welder failed, then the welder is liable. If the studio used a handy-man, then you could say they were negligent. Where is the negligence in using a certified welder? It iw with the welder!


You are 100% wrong...they should have tested the weld with some form of NDT (Non-Destructive testing). Anytime you weld something that has a margin of safety attached to it (Meaning if it fails people are likely to get hurt of killed) The weld must be tested and certified...Someone dropped the ball on this one for sure...

1469 days ago
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