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Junior Seau

Arrested for Domestic Violence

10/18/2010 1:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Retired NFL legend Junior Seau was arrested early this morning on suspicion of domestic violence ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Junior Seau arrested.
We're told Seau was arrested in San Diego early this morning -- and booked into the Vista Detention Facility around 2:00 AM.

Seau -- who rose to NFL stardom with the San Diego Chargers -- was released around 3:20 AM.

Seau also played for the Miami Dolphins and the New England Patriots.

Story developing ...


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Thanks TMZ. And you can Expect San Diego Media to do their stellar bad job of covering the problem, and the solution. (GPSmonitoring.com/family-courts.html)

1464 days ago


A woman can make an accusation and automatically she is right! I disagree with our system! A woman is NOT ALWAYS right!

1464 days ago


u are an idiot junior seau

1464 days ago


I met him and he seemed like a very nice guy

1464 days ago


Wasn't Junior just elected to the O'Side Hall of Fame on Saturday?
Driving your car off a cliff is a helluva way to celebrate!!
Not to mention domestic violence and jail time.

1464 days ago


#9 and #10 I know what you went through #9 cuz I'm going through it right now, I was getting the crap beat out of me by my boyfriend and I choose to defend myself and because I did when the cops arrived I WAS TAKEN TO JAIL!!!!

I am 5' 5" he is 6' 4" he lied to police about what happened and the cops took me away, he was going to kill me and I knew so I did what I needed to do to protect my life and know I'm going through the hell you went through.

#10 You HAVE NO IDEA what the heck your talking about, if you did then in my case he should have went to jail - so unless you have been through your opinion is worthless

Opinions are like a-holes and everybody has one, speaking from first hand experience, like I said YOU HAVE NO IDEA when it comes to domestic violence.

1463 days ago


Based on everyone's comments, guilty until proven innocent???

1463 days ago


Man... that sucks. Another ball player bites the dust. But have you ever noticed out of all the celebrity domestic abuse issues from both women and men... yes.. women do get domestic charges too... haha. But anyway.. Have ya ever wondered why a person would react the way they do? Like what started the fight? They say... behind every good man, there stands an even better woman. What stands behind a good man that hits his good wife? haha. Makes no sense does it. All I'm saying is... Don't believe everything you hear, and half of what you see. There is always two sides to every story. Unfortunately... the side we see is the end result. But ask yourself... what started this incident? Women always know how to break a mans spirit. And woman also know how to encourage a man to be the best he can be. But we live in a double standard society. Actions speak louder than words. But... words make or break spirits.

1463 days ago

Teddy Davenport    

I'm a business Partner and friend of Junior Seau. What happen here is a tragedy. He has been a great Partner and a brother to many people in good and bad times. he alway thought things out like a man. He should be treated as a human being. Everyone of us have emotions. Bad things can happen to anyone of us through our emotions. No one knows what happens in a persons shoes unless you walk in those shoes. Let's not judge and hope that something good can come from this tragedy. Junior has raise Millions of Dollars for those who are in need. Let things heal and everyone move on.


1463 days ago

Jon Kua'ana    

Why don't we just wait for more facts before calling Junior a "has been", "punk", "abuser", etc. Most definitely, if Junior did abuse a woman or anyone for that matter, she or he would be messed up. So let's see what the facts are before spouting off the "pie hole".

1463 days ago


I blame his Momma & Daddy, anyone having the name Junior, gotta be messed up. Football or not...

1463 days ago


He is the biggest jerk I have ever met, many years back, a little kid(maybe 5-6) wanted his autograph. Jr very roughly said to the kid no go away leave me alone. He is just a JERK!!!!!!!

1463 days ago


He is the biggest jerk I have ever met, many years back, a little kid(maybe 5-6) wanted his autograph. Jr very roughly said to the kid no go away leave me alone. He is just a JERK!!!!!!!

1463 days ago



21st Century Spartans : Does Violence Beget Violence?
Becky Lee - 09/23/2010

During ancient times, the Spartans were known as ruthless soldiers who worked together in a solid group to bring down their opponent. In fact, many male citizens were trained since early childhood under a government mandated system known as "agoge," where they were taught a curriculum focused on et...

1463 days ago


Sensationalism sells, but is rarely completely factual. I'm a WASP, yet I have lived around the Samoan culture/community in the SD North County/Oceanside area all my life and I can not find a more family oriented group of people than the Samoans. When a very misguided Samoan juvenile murdered an Oceanside PD officer the entire Samoan community was outraged. Whatever happened with Junior Seau is another rare anamoly and we should wait for more facts before calling one side of the event a "punk." One of my friends works at his MV food place and you could not find a better employer.

1463 days ago
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