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On 'The Hangover 2' Set

10/22/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like it was your garden-variety peer pressure that torpedoed Mel Gibson's cameo on "The Hangover 2."


Multiple sources connected with the production tell TMZ ... director Todd Phillips cast Mel in the role of a tattoo artist a month ago and that the entire cast and crew knew about it and were simpatico.

The problem came three days ago, when a story leaked that Mel would be shooting a scene for the flick.  Our sources say the friends of some of the cast and crew started putting pressure on them to lodge sudden, last-minute displeasure with Phillips' choice.

Our sources say some of the production people became belatedly upset because they were getting so much crap from friends, so they began objecting. One of the loudest, we're told, was Zach Galifianakis.

There were other people in the cast and crew who were also making noise about walking off the set if Mel showed up.  Our sources say Bradley Cooper was not among the group who complained.

So the day before Mel was supposed to shoot, Phillips pulled the plug.

As one person connected with Mel told TMZ, "It's such hypocrisy. They cast a convicted rapist [Mike Tyson] but 86'd Mel."


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The Hangover 2, Gibsons cameo would make the whole movie. They know that. Gibson knows how to make fun of himself. Gibson would "upstage" without even trying.

The Hangover... 30 second trailor was the best part of the movie.

The Hangover is a rip off of Bachelor Party '85. As long as the movie makes money.

1428 days ago


Well I won't be watching this now. I agree with the statement that how the hell can a convicted rapist get a cameo in the first movie and Mel gets the flick when he hasn't been convicted of anything. I think Mel's cameo would have rocked! If it is true that it was mainly that Zack guy, he should remember the old saying of Respect your Betters.

1428 days ago


I feel a boycot for hangover coming up.

And when Mel is cleared I demand an apology too.

1428 days ago


Let all the Mel Gibson domestic violence supporters (probably beat their women too) speak up and cause an uproar... Only 15 comments? Hm, maybe those supporters are too busy beating their wives.

Posted at 2:30 AM on Oct 22, 2010 by me
Mel is innocent of domestic violence, Dingbat.
Oksana's false accusations were investigated and taken to the DA months ago and he has NOT been charged.
Stop trying to sling BS. If you want to lie go to Huffington Post, they like trashing innocent people at that site.

1428 days ago


Well, no need for me to go see this film anymore

Hangover 2 = Hang 2 OVER

I am happy also about not having to watch that ugly Zach Galifianakis.

I am not the person to spit anyone in the face unless their beard would be on fire, but for this guy I would not even do that.

1428 days ago


I have said it before and I will say it again

Mr. Gibson is still THE MAN

1428 days ago



1428 days ago


Man... I can´t believe this was all done by Galifianakis. He seems such a nice person on interviews and all... I don´t want to believe it was him...

1428 days ago



Who is with me?

1428 days ago

RJ Hunt    

Wow what professionalism these guys are showing...Have some f'ing balls... Regardless of what is going on in Mel's life, the man is still a good actor and I bet he's still one of the most powerful men in Hollywood, so not a very good move for a cast of "B+" actors...This could come back and bite some of them in the azz...Because no one in Hollywood ever holds a grudge...

1428 days ago


The Hangover was bad. I did not pay money to see this, cable that didn't take long. The 30 second trailor was better.

Hangover 2 cheap, makes money, thats what is't all about.

1428 days ago

Your Aunt Bea    

I don't think it's too late for these jerks to 'man up' or 'woman up'... and reverse this decision. Zach, grow some balls... what, your aunt complain? Send her to your aunt Bea.

1428 days ago


I would rather see Mr. Gibson in shorts than this

Zach Galifianakis all dressed up in a designer suit

1428 days ago



I really liked Hangover, but I'll skip the sequel. The more I'm reading about Oksana, the more I feel sorry for Mel.

Screw you, Zach.

Yay, Brad Cooper.

1428 days ago


You guys know this is the best publicity this movie will ever get. Didn't cost the producers a dime. That's the best publicity.

1428 days ago
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