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Randi and Evi Quaid -- Sprung from Canadian Pokey

10/27/2010 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Evi and Randy Quaid were just released from custody in Vancouver ... after officials learned Evi's father may have been born on Canadian soil.


The two were being held on an active warrant out of Santa Barbara stemming from an alleged squatting incident at a property they once owned.

The decision to release the couple was made after a hearing with the Immigration and Refugee Board. Evi received an "unconditional release" in light of the information regarding her father's birthplace ... and Randy was released after posting a $10,000 bond.

Randy may be required to attend another hearing before he's permanently off the hook.

But the most important part -- the two will be reunited with their cute little doggie in just a matter of hours.


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They should stay in Canada. Maybe Mel is Canadian too.

1425 days ago


Actually, I think we should make a list of people we hope are Canadian!

1425 days ago


Where is Dennis why can't he help Randy out? I hope these two straighten up now and avoid future trouble with the law! Who cares where they live I enjoyed Randy's movies and would pay to see him again in them. He has a great sense of humor. Glad his wife and him made it out of jail now.

1425 days ago


I think he already accused Dennis of being part of the conspiracy to take all his money. Why should Dennis help him after that?

1425 days ago


Who cares!

1425 days ago

The Truth    

Love them Crazy Quaids, inspiration to nutjobs everywhere. They should get into politics, it seems that craziness has become a virtue in that profession.

1425 days ago


why does our country continue to allow any business trade or allow anyone from countries to come to ours from any place that does not send criminals back to stand trial for crimes they committed? I do not care how small someone thinks a crime may be a crime was done by these two on a repeated offense. What does her dad even have to do with this at all? I am so sick of this crap going on. Canada is the worse for this so stop allowing canadians into this country until they start sending people back to stand trial.

1425 days ago


I want a pic of Doji when she sees mama and daddy. That would be great in this world of sadness, and bad news.

1425 days ago


This is a perfect example of how cruel and mean Canadians are to animals.

1425 days ago


Lets see if I've got this straight. They keep the dog in Canada but leave the two kids they adopted in the USA? I suppose you've got to have your priorities straight.

1425 days ago


I read they are seeking sanctuary in Canada.

1425 days ago

Christina G.    

To the person who is asking where his brother, Dennis, is...who do you think keeps bailing this guy out of jail? Randy Quaid hasn't got a pot to piss in. That's why he was squatting on his old property in the first place.

1425 days ago

Christina G.    

The reason Canada doesn't just ship them back to the US is because Canada is its own country with its own government that makes its own decisions. No decent country just sends refugees back to another country without getting all the facts first, especially when dealing with a country that has the death penalty, like the US. Canada does not. If the US wants them back badly enough, it will go through the proper procedures to do so, per the treaty it has with Canada on such matters.

1425 days ago


@ 30 Christina G.

I hope you enjoy having them!

When they clog the courts in Canada with their frequent law breaking and they fail to show up for court dates remember you welcomed them with open arms and helped them avoid facing a court for crimes they committed before they fled. Crimes, by the way, that in no way would ever warrant a death sentence. I hope some day that you get the chance to meet and explain to the man who's property they damaged why he was not entitled to his day in court and was denied a chance to recover the money he lost.

1425 days ago

Christina G.    

@Spot, I'm on the US side of the border. I'm an American. I was just explaining to someone why Canada doesn't just ship refugees back without a hearing.

1425 days ago
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