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'Transformers 3' Victim's Tab -- $350k ... and Rising

10/28/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Medical bills are rolling in for the "Transformers 3" extra who was brain-damaged on set -- and the early total is more than $350,000 ... an astronomical tab Paramount Studios says it will foot.


Gabriela Cedillo's attorney Todd Smith tells us the 350k only covers her initial month-long hospital stay -- and does not include other costs like an airlift, ambulance rides, and the rehab facility where Gabriela is now.

Gabriela was partially paralyzed when a stunt went horribly wrong back in September.

Paramount -- which is producing "Transformers 3" -- has said it will pay for Gabriela's medical expenses.



No Avatar


Does this mean we are supposed to feel sorry for Paramount?

1435 days ago


Really? She needs to sue for 200,000,000 the budge of the movie. ahaha! No movie unless she wants to cover the bill. X) Hope she get atleast 15million.

1435 days ago


What I want to know- and which is nowhere to be found- is if a full recovery is expected or possible for this young woman. I couldn't care less if Paramount has to pay for expenses ( it's only natural they have to ) .

1435 days ago


I am fine with them paying, but 350k sounds excessive so far. I think they should pay. And it is a tragic accident. But again, I am not surprised that an ambulance chaser is going this far. This is America. We invented the ambulance chaser and we have some of the best...Lisa Bloom, Gloria Allred, Daniel Horowitz....

1435 days ago

no shame    

**** here gold digger parents she choose that job i feel sorry for her but not for what ios happening now

1434 days ago

no shame    

I have no feelings for her she was happy getting there pay cheques and knew the risk with her job thats probally what made it fun i feel sorry for your family but you choose to become a stunt double good luck paramount

1434 days ago


She wasn't a stunt double, she was an extra. Paramount should pay her bills, she's been horribly hurt.
As someone else commented on, how about an update as to how she's doing.

1434 days ago


Extras do not get paid for horrendous injuries that happen at the workplace. This actress was NOT paid to be a stunt driver. It was a horrible accident. This lawsuit has nothing to do with being a gold digger. Nothing whatsoever.

1434 days ago


why should they pay..thats whats workmans comp is for.,..if i got hurt on my job the business sure wouldnt pay..workmans comp would..

1434 days ago


well now she can play paralized victims in movies..every movie always has a handicapped person..

1434 days ago


#1- TMZ police your comments section, too much spam

#2- She reminds me of the actress on one of those CSI shows, Eva LaRue

#3- I hope they compensate her for the rest of her life. Taking out an Annuity to cover her lifetime earning is probably as much as is spent on food services or one scenes worth of special effects.

1434 days ago


Megan Fox did complain about Michael Bay putting people's life on the line. I guess she was right.

1434 days ago


Hope she recovers....hang in there.

1434 days ago


I don't think $350k sounds excessive for a month of medical bills in the hospital. I spent 4 days in the hospital for a c-section and the bill was over $30k. C'mon the right thing and take care of this!

1434 days ago


$350,000 is not excessive for a one month hospital stay, I spent 2 weeks in a hospital and built up a $185,000 bill and I wasn't in the ICU. In light of that $350k actually sounds quite low to me, but her long term expenses could add up to $1-3 Million. As for the woman making a full recovery, that won't happen. Brain injuries, don't heal, I know, I have one (not from that 2 week stay, my brain injury happened in 1974). This woman will need years of therapy just to return to any sort of life, and it will never be the life she had before the accident. That said, It was just that, an accident. The studio is responsible for her medical bills, and her lost income for the rest of her life, but not punitive damages. My heart goes out to this woman and her family, they have a long hard road ahead of them.

1434 days ago
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