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'Sister Wives' Halloween

Braving the Elements

10/31/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Even polygamists enjoy a little Halloween action -- and TMZ has learned the entire crew from "Sister Wives" are getting in on the devilish festivities ... 21 costumes in all.

We're told the Brown family will be hitting up a costume party on Sunday -- and the four wives will be dressed up like earth (Janelle), air (Christine), fire (Meri) and water (Robyn).

As for fifteen of their sixteen kids (it's hard to keep up with them all) -- we're told they'll be disguised as two vampires, one hippie, two nerds, one goth fairy, one regular fairy, one zombie, an M&M, Cleopatra, a gangster, an angel, a mobster, a "Twilight" vampire, and one "ugly mask."

And last but not least -- we're told Kody has yet to make up his mind about an outfit ... which probably explains why he has FOUR WIVES.


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Does anyone think this photo was photoshopped??

1456 days ago


How come the large one is never cuddled and she has the bigger bag....

1456 days ago


Ya know......that is why we are always at war.....mind your own business........don't John Lennon sing....give peace a are not meant to be with one person....some yes....but just let it are not god..

1456 days ago


And you are just plain STUPID!!!!!!

1456 days ago


So many of you supposedly Christian people are sooo intolerant of others' beliefs. Their religion tells them it's good. Your religion says it isn't. Do your thing and let them do theirs, they're not hurting you. The wives are intelligent, well-spoken, and outspoken; they can leave anytime they want to. The children are well-behaved and happy. I'll bet the husband is far more caring than many of your spouses, and obviously is providing well for them.

I wouldn't care to share my spouse, nor would I care to live in a commune-like situation (too many kids!), but I support their right to do so.

I didn't expect to like them at all, but I do.

1456 days ago


Gosh isn't this just another way of how society lives, how in different ways families are made up of, are defined ... Rise up and be counted ... geez you sound like how it would of felt if we were in the 50's and imagining legalizing Gay marriages... oh dear :o

1456 days ago


I didn't know that mormons had so many females born in their families. If you have 4 wives than 3 men are out, unless you get rid of the unwanted suitors. That's what they do in these compounds. Sons that the father doesn't like are thrown out as teenagers. These children are called "lost boys". Throw away the boys and enslave the girls.

1456 days ago

mary ann    

They are a happy family who pay their taxes and support each other without expecting the government to bail them out. I enjoy their show and they aren't hurting anyone either. All the negative people are just plain jealous of being watching happiness.

1456 days ago

your not all that    

Cant believe there is anybody LIFELESS enough to watch this GARBAGE. TLC is nothing but TRASH TV. And look at the wives would ya???? Im sure they couldnt do any better than this PIG any how.

1456 days ago


it looks like wife #1 is saying "in your face, bit/ch!" to wife #4!

brown turds X 5!!!!!

1456 days ago


My only question about polygamy is how can you feel loved and appreciated if there's more than two people in a relationship? If many people don't feel loved when they're with one person, how would they feel if there's more people involved? It's just completely ridiculous to me. This show makes me uncomfortable to be honest. If I lived in an environment like that, I'd be running for he hills. I admit it is interesting to watch but like I said at the same time it's uncomfortable for me.

I can only imagine how the children feel... sure they might appear to be okay on the camera's or tell their parents they're totally for it, but in their minds I wonder what's going through. Probably something like "My parents are freaks," coming from the girls, but the sons are probably like, "My dad is such a pimp."

Kody himself gives me the creeps. He has a creepy face; I know this is wrong to say but I'm saying it anyway: he looks like a pedophile.


1456 days ago


I want 4 husbands.

1456 days ago

Janice Mahon    

Even though Kody and his first wife Meri have been legally married, they are considered living in a polygamy lifestyle which is against the law in Utah. All three of the wives, except Wife #3, work outside of the home. I wonder how much money Kody brings in to support his tribe.

However, everytime I see him with his long hair swinging around thinking he is such a sexy dude, I just get sick. And he is so inarticulate, sitting there on the couch with his harem with not much intelligence coming out of his mouth. He sounds like an 18 year old who can't wait to get the next one into the sack. Sad program, I just watched it until he came on to Wife No. 4. Where is her head? I won't watch this program any more. Season Number Two, he's filmed in jail. Where he belongs.

1456 days ago

Judy McKenna    

I've always admired TLC having suitable programming that I was proud to tell my friends to watch ., BUT, now, with trash like Sister Wives, I'll not recommend your channel ever again. Sister Wives is SO against Biblical standards.

1456 days ago


I am surprised that they even do Halloween... especially in costumes like vampires. Oh well. This has no effect on my life at all.

1456 days ago
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