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Charlie Sheen's Ex

Goes to Cops Over Kids

3/1/2011 5:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Brooke Mueller has gone to the cops to wrestle physical custody of her two kids away from Charlie Sheen.

Brooke Mueller

Brooke went to the Beverly Hills Police Department a short time ago to ask for help in getting the kids, but she was told Charlie doesn't live in Bev Hills so she was at the wrong police department. 

Mike Walters from TMZ was at Charlie's house yesterday and saw the twins there.  We're told the twins are living with Charlie full-time ... sources connected with Charlie say he's worried about her sobriety.

We're told Brooke was supposed to spend two hours with the kids today.



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the entire time im asking myself where is child protective services; denise richards is the only one with some self respect and dignity in this parody.

1296 days ago


The grandparents had them until recently. Now all of the sudden, she wants her kids when she sees them on TV. She is just using them for the money.

1296 days ago


CHUCKLES IS A FRIGGIN' PSYCHOPATH... just ask Kelly Preston (who he SHOT at while living together) Brooke (who he held a knife to her throat) The WHORE in New York (who he chased into the bathroom and threatened)...on and on

When is the LAW going to do their JOB? What will it take...a DEATH?

1296 days ago


Zee pot calls zee kettle black, no? And just as we thought Mel and Oksana stories would keep us puking throughout the year, now we have - for the replacement season - Charlie and Brooke and Chiam and two "goddesses" who can't figure out how to make a cup of coffee between 'em, and, and, and.

Who says the comedy has ended? heh, heh ... heh

Someone please pass the pipe ...

1296 days ago


When "it rains, it pours"! A custody battle is the last thing these two should be entertaining. The both of them have SERIOUS issues that could adversely affect their legal custody rights. Brooke Mueller should have filed the appropriate paperwork in the courts to address whatever issues she may have with the current state of her ex's household. This is not going to turn out well. Perhaps another relative should be looking after the boys until Charlie can iron out his professional/personal challenges.

1296 days ago


She was in the wrong police department. She doesn't know where Charlie Sheen lives? where her kids are?

1296 days ago


Charlie Sheen Doesn't Hit Women (Oh, Really?)
by Jeanne Sager
on March 1, 2011 at 2:45 PM

Have you heard the news? Charlie Sheen is now the hero to the All-American male. Able to take more drugs than nature allows and still survive. He's able to rant on network TV and avoid the psych ward. Able to convince a bevy of "goddesses" to move in with him after he successfully did the above plus lost his job on Two and a Half Men (where, let's face it, he didn't do any work to begin with -- he just played a lazy drunk).

Who knew being a wife-beating criminal was such a great thing, America? Yup. While certain American males are sitting, as you read this, furiously typing "how the f--k do I get Charlie Sheen's life?" they're conveniently ignoring a whole long history of Charlie Sheen's brushes with the law. Piers Morgan hasn't. In a bit released from tonight's highly anticipated interview, Sheen claims:

Women are not to be hit. They are to be hugged and caressed.

Oh, really? Remember the time he allegedly slammed a girlfriend's head into the ground, knocking her unconscious? How about that time he choked his own wife? America, let's wake up. You are currently fascinated with a man who is a criminal, and a dangerous one at that.

Sheen's goddesses, Natalie Kenly and Rachel Oberlin, plus soon-to-be ex-wife Brooke Mueller and two of his children, are now said to be living with a man who was once arrested on felony assault charges for threatening Mueller with a knife and trying to choke her (he was later convicted). These women and children are living with a guy who allegedly once slammed girlfriend Brittany Ashland into a marble floor, then threatened to kill her if she told anyone about the assault. A guy who didn't care that ex-wife Denise Richards was holding daughter Lola in her arms when she says he pushed her to the ground, making death threats. And let's not forget way back in 1990, Sheen "accidentally shot" then-fiancee Kelly Preston in the arm. He wasn't charged, but Preston immediately broke off the engagement (moving on to marry John Travolta).

Still sound like a guy we should be laughing about and celebrating for living the high life? Really? Because that's just brushing over the domestic violence charges. We also have Sheen's alleged trashing of a room at the Plaza Hotel last fall, when -- surprise, surprise -- his "escort" was said to be locked in a closet, terrified.

We could go on. Talk about the rehab stints. His link to Heidi Fleiss. But we shouldn't need to.

Charlie Sheen may think he's a tiger with Adonis DNA. I think he's a s***bag. America, when are you going to follow suit?

1296 days ago


Give the kids to the other ex wife she at least has her children's best interest I am sure she would do much better than eithe rone of these too self center sob's

1296 days ago


#54 Yo:

Well said...why haven't the police done something by now? Seems MIGHTY suspicious that this guy has gotten away with close to MURDER...I mean let's get real here...those children are in as much danger as everyone else in CHUCKLES LIFE.

CPS where are you?

1296 days ago


Here comes trouble, more of Brooke’s premeditated fantasies. Charlie needs a restraining order or gag order. What is Denise conjuring up?

1296 days ago


Lori... you're an idiot.

Posted at 12:49 PM on Mar 1, 2011 by MightyMad

We'll see "mightymad" you've been CHUCKLES fan all your comment is not me...I hope I'm wrong, but statistics don't lie...those children are in danger.

1296 days ago



Brooke Mueller, now SHE has REAL problems...she lived in Florida and was always a substance abuser...

She cannot even go to the correct police department?!? As if the police are going to show up and just take the kids away? Hasn't she ever heard of "family court?"

Poor girl - she just now decided to sic the police on Charlie? Last week she was vacationing in the Bahamas with him and now she doesn't like or trust him? Talk about schizoid?

Charlie's winning every round with everyone and as long as he is not exposing those children to risky behavior, which he is not, not doing drugs or alcohol, which he is not, then they are safe in their mansion. ***

1296 days ago


Wow. Brooke doesn't even know where Charlie lives? I thought she had moved in with him. Was that wrong? So, Charlie has custody of the twins huh? Brooks isn't "well enough" to care for them full time? I think the twins needs to go to Denise Ricahrds then or someone who can really keep them out of harms way. Poor babies.

1296 days ago


I hope that when Charlie OD's that one of the "goddesses" has enough sense to call 911. If I were Brooke, I would do everything I could to make sure that the twins are not left in the care of those two skanks.

1296 days ago


Oy Vey! Charlie just said on 'Howard Stern' that if Martin & Emelio try to do a '5150' that 'GUNS WILL BE INVOLVED' Omg...this is going south, Really f'kn fast...

1296 days ago
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