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The Girl

Demi Lovato Punched

11/4/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Demi Lovato's decision to seek treatment came after she punched a dancer who appeared on "America's Best Dance Crew" ... TMZ has learned.


Sources tell TMZ ... Alex Welch was on the receiving end of Demi's blow.  Welch is a backup dancer on the Jonas Brothers Live in Concert Tour.  She was also a member of Beat Freaks, which got the runner-up title on season 3 of "America's Best Dance Crew."

We're told Welch -- who had a pretty nasty shiner from the incident -- has been talking to lawyers and is considering legal action.

Sources close to Demi say she feels "awful" about her behavior and took personal responsibility for it by leaving the tour and seeking help.



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"NOW I get it. Celebs don't go to rehab because they KNOW they need help. They go to rehab because they screwed up and are trying to mitigate damages."

Yeah you totally got it. YOu know all the ins and outs of hollywood and all their tricks. Good lord why aren't you writing a book about this?

Are you for real dude?

1448 days ago


If alex is thinking of a lawsuit here's a message for her. As Judge Smails from Caddyshack would say.

"You'll get nothing, and like it!"

Boo ****ing ya.

1448 days ago


Hope you enjoyed your career while it lasted Demi. Camp rock days are over. Your lack of talent is shining through.

1448 days ago


"Hope you enjoyed your career while it lasted Demi. Camp rock days are over. Your lack of talent is shining through."

Camp rock days have been over for a while yet she's still one of Disney's biggest stars...shows what you know...

1448 days ago


Demi was bullied in the seventh grade, because she was in show business. She left school and became home school, because of being bullied.

I don't care what caused Demi to be upset with the dancer, she still had no right to put her hands on the girl. For everyone that will come back and say, yes she did. Think about all the people you have made upset. Should those people punch you in the face, because you have made them angry?

If I am not mistaken, Demi's stepfather and Joe's father asked what happen at the party that Demi and her dancers have gone to and Demi thought that the dancer told on her and that's why she went after the girl and punched her.

Demi is 18 years old and the dancer is 21 years old. If it was the other way around and the dancer was the one that punched Demi, then people would have been upset with the dancer for hitting Demi.

Demi may have been bullied for being in show business at the age of 12, but she's 18 now. What's her excuse for her action? She can't hide behind being bullied at 12 years old.

A person that was bullied as a child can become a bully themselves.

Unless I have read wrong from other reports. The dancer didn't hit Demi back. Demi was the only one that hit someone.

I don't know Demi and for all we all know, Demi could be a diva behind closed doors. She could even be a bully. Throwing her weight around, because she's famous and in the spotlight.

No matter what a person is going through, you never take out your problems on someone.

Demi should have went outside and kicked a tree or go to her room and punched the wall.

1448 days ago


"I don't care what caused Demi to be upset with the dancer, she still had no right to put her hands on the girl."

Were not saying what she did wasn't wrong. At least I'm not. But we're taking in consideration of WHY she “punched” her in the face (allegedly) and what not. My experiece, nobody punches you in the face unless you did something to really cheese them off. And from what we were told, this was the girl who ratted her out. A friend who she trusted ratted her out to her father. Which is not cool. Again Not saying it's an excuse but it's certainly a reason as to what cheesed her off. I would've been pissed off too if my friend ratted me out to the “authorities”
Also it's not JUSt the whole being bullied at 12 years old. It might have something to do with it, but it's a combination of things. Her issues she's got going on, the stress that this whole ordeal has played on her. All the crap that she's been through this year, there's a lot of stuff that caused her to unhinge at some point. All the stress she's under is bound to make her lash out at some point.

Were not saying it's an excuse but we're taking things into consideration. At least I am. And you're right a person that was bullied as a child can become a bully, or at least commit bully actions them selves. It's another downside.

Also what we got from these “reports” are spotty at best. There's a possible chance that the whole conversation was heated and harsh words were said towards each other. And most likely something was said to Demi which made her do what she did.

ONCE AGAIN not an excuse at all but it's certainly something to be considered. I'm not saying what she did was wrong, and I'm not saying she should apologize for it. But we should also see WHY it happened and what caused it. Again this is something that can be solved with a simple apology and maybe a comp check. I do agree the dancer should get something.

1448 days ago


Friends can talk trash to one another, but still no one should put their hands on the next person. No one asksto be hit. It's sad, but a lot of women, who gets beat up by their husband or boyfriend, feel that it's okay for their husband or boyfriend to hit them, because they were talking head to them and made them mad. It's sad that a lot of people thinks that a female should get herself beat up by her husband of boyfriend, if she's talking head to him. Violence is wrong, no matter what and Demi was wrong. I don't care what anyone says.

If the dancer would have punched her back and continue to keep hitting her, causing some real damage, people would have been uspet with the dancer.

Demi was in the wrong, no matter what.

Another thing, a person doesn't have to do a person anything, for them to get punched in the face. Some people are just that cruel. They will punch you in the face for no reason.

I don't know what Demi was doing at the party, but a true friend. Someone that truly loves you will not keep their mouth shut.

Lets say that Demi was cutting herself in the restroom. Should her friend be quiet about that? I don't think so. I know if I would see someone I love doing that, I would tell too. I would want the person get help.

Another thing, something must have happened at the party and gotten back to Demi's stepfather and Joe's father, in order for them to ask what happened at the party. Maybe, just maybe the fathers had to go get Demi and her dancers from the party.

I could be wrong, but I don't think that Demi and her dancers came back from the party and someone just volunteered to tell the fathers what happened at the party.

I am sure that Demi and her dancers or just Demi and other people have gone to plenty of parties and her father and Joe's father never questioned them about what went on at the party.

Demi is not innocent. I don't hate the girl. I am not even a fan of her or the Jonas brothers.

1448 days ago


I understand what you're saying but you really can't compare this to a domestic abuse case. It's not even in the same degree. This is most likely a heated convo that got out of control where demi reacted irrationally. No one did asked to be hit. But sometimes you say the wrong things and when your angry you aren't in the right state of mind. No one punches you for no reason. Like I said. No one is saying what she did was NOT wrong. But consideration should be taken into WHY she did what she did.
And I don't agree with people who say “the dancer deserves to get hit” and yes she was in the wrong. But in this case, the “Wrong” may have been caused by another “Wrong” if she ratted her out, yeah I'd be upset to.
And yeah maybe in the EXTREME cases were the person is a real A hole with no sense of morality. But I doubt that's the case here. We've seen her with her dancers and this particular dancer, and we know that they were friends at one point. So it's not very likely that she would walk up to a random dancer and just punch her in the face. That's pretty unlikely. And if those pictures are an indication of their friendhsip, then she's probably not THAT cruel to punch you for no reason.
But no a true friend WOULD keep their mouth shut. Especially since said FRIEND was partying with you. I have a saying “Never rat a friend out, especially when you're both in the same boat”. She obviously was in the same boat if she was part of Demi's little after party. I consider that ratting her out and what not.
Keeping their cutting a secrete is something else. But if these reports are true it's not her cutting or her eating disorder that's kept a secrete. It was the fact that she was “tattletaled on” by a friend. I would be pissed off to. I mean what happened to that “bros before hos” motto?
Again I am not saying she is innocent. I agree what she did was wrong. But the reason behind it, the stress she was feeling from the tour and how she's been put to work 24/7 without a moment to breathe and the constant pressure she has to be under along with all the other crap she's been dealing with made her act out irrationally. It's certainly seeable. I don't condone it's kinda understandable. It would be like if you did the samething, I think you would expect some sympathy. And I would give it to you.

1448 days ago


JoeCheif, I can read just fine without you putting words in caps. That's screaming in the internet world and it's screaming to me.

Demi was still in the wrong. No one can say that Demi wouldn't have attacked a stranger, because she probably would have, if a stranger told on her.

Friend or no friend, Demi shouldn't have put her hands on the dancer.

Lets use family for example. Say her sister Dallas had gone with Demi and the dancers to this party and told on her afterwards. Would it be okay for Demi to punch her sister in the face, because she told on her?

Lets use Joe for an example as well. Say he went to this same party and did something and Demi told on him. Would it have been okay for him to get in a heated agrument with Demi and go up to her and slap her in the face?

Just because Joe looks happy, it doesn't mean he's not going through anything. Anyone can have a bad day and say, he had one and Demi told on him. I guess that would give him a reason to slap her in the face or even punch her in the face. After all, according to both of them, they are still best friends.

1448 days ago


Well then don't look at it that way. I'm not screaming at you. I'm emphasizing a point. It's what I do when I emphasize something.
Where did I say that she wasn't wrong? I never said once she was NOT wrong. I said she was but I was looking at the bigger picture. You can't say she would've attacked a stranger because a stranger told on her because a stranger doesn't know her. So there would be no reason for her to attack her.
But this isn't the case. This is someone who was a friend to her and ratted her out. This isn't a STRANGER this is a friend who ratted her our and got into an altercation AFTER she confronted her.
And yeah she shouldn't have but you know what? **** happens and when you're angry and in the heat of the moment, you'll do something stupid.
Your example of Dallas or whoever still doesn't change the fact that someone she trusted went behind her back and ratted her out for the SAMETHING she did. What does it matter? Honestly? What does it matter? I never said it was ok. I said I was taking into CONSIDERATION on what happened and being a little understanding towards said scenario. Do you understand what I am saying? I;m not saying she is RIGHT. I never said she was RIGHT.
Where did I say she was right? Huh? Point out where I said that. I was saying in the heat of the moment when two are angry, and that's what it seems like, stuff will happen. Even to people you care about. Especially to people who are your friends. Ever heard the saying “we hurt the ones we love?” well this is an example.
Once again, third time seems to be a charm, I never SAID she was RIGHT. I SAID she was wrong, but the REASON behind her ACTIONS are not so black and white. I would be pissed too if my friend ratted me out, especially when she was the one PARTYING with ME...tu comprende? And most likely words would've been exchanged and you're not really thinking clear in that moment of anger. So yeah it's really not that black and white.
And as far as Joe Jonas is concerned, they aren't friends. In fact if anything they are the pollar opposite of friends.

1448 days ago


“Just because Joe looks happy, it doesn't mean he's not going through anything.”

What does this has to do with anything? I don't even know why you brought this up. We're talking about what happened.

1448 days ago


"No one can say that Demi wouldn't have attacked a stranger, because she probably would have, if a stranger told on her. "

Talk about a pretentious statement. Lol

1448 days ago


The fact of the matter is this. We don't know HOW this happened. We know that Demi got into a scuffle and that said scuffle was a physical one. And unfortunately for her, this girl got a little minor shiner because of it. But the details on why it happened and what was said and what the real cause of the fight has happened.

And I don't care who you are. YOu don't get punched in the face for no reason. Especially if it comes from a friend. And from the pictures we see, they were friends at one point. But it is important to look at the whole picture and not just mere glimpses of it. Because that's all were given right now. A few distorted images of what could or couldn't be. We don't even know how much of this is accurate. And that's the truth.

1448 days ago


I have seen strangers punch each other in the face.

JoeChief you have said:"And as far as Joe Jonas is concerned, they aren't friends. In fact if anything they are the pollar opposite of friends."

Where did you get this from?

According to Joe, he broke up with Demi, because he wanted them to remain friends. He said they are still friends and that he will always be there for Demi.

Demi even said that they are friends.

So, someone is lying, if they aren't friends.

1448 days ago


hahahaha thats funny maybe she deserved it.
Her and Demi were close Demi even said it in a interview and back stabbed her. I would stickher in the eye to! theres pictures.

1448 days ago
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