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Cops Reviewing

'Teen Mom' Violence

11/10/2010 2:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cops now have the unedited video of a recent episode of "Teen Mom" -- which allegedly shows T.M.'s Amber Portwood beating the crap out of her ex-fiance ... this according to Anderson, Indiana cops.

The Anderson P.D. tells TMZ, MTV turned the tapes over yesterday -- after receiving a subpoena for any evidence of domestic violence.

Cops launched the probe after a recent "Teen Mom" episode aired -- showing an altercation between Amber and her baby daddy Gary Shirley. During the episode, Amber repeatedly hits and kicks Gary.

Amber could face felony domestic violence charges if the couple's kid witnessed the altercation.



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1420 days ago


It's about time!

1420 days ago


She should be charged for domestic violence!!

1420 days ago


good, glad to see... hope her a$$ get thrown in jail, she is a horrible parent also

1420 days ago


She is so mean and cruel to that poor man! I hope she never goes off on her daughter like that! She is unstable and prone to fits of rage and violence Mommy material? NOT!

1420 days ago


It's damn time then that the police arrest the morons who got into the significant fist fight in this season of Black Gold

It's damn time then that the police arrest athletes who are involved in violence on the field/court, etc.

It's damn time this crap is done universally.

1420 days ago


I have watched this show one time only, because I accidentally stopped switching channels. This happens to be the episode I watched. She is an abusive, dysfunctional, and violent person. He deserves much more than her, not to mention the child involved.

1420 days ago


Why would anyone want to be around that cow!! She is the biggest bitch I have ever seen. He deserves better, the next thing that hog will do is beat the kid.

1420 days ago


Thank God someone is doing something about this. I know their is truly two sides to every story and the truth lies in the middle but their is no excuse for hitting someone. I saw all the episodes of teen mom. She constantly used excuses for why she hit him....he doesn't deserve me...I tried to push him away...he threatened to take the baby away....I feel sorry for Leah. I wish I could take her home and give her the life she deserves. I was a teen mom and I didn't do anything like what these teen moms did. I didn't have a baby daddy in my daughter's life so I can't imagine one that actually wants to stay that you would turn around and hit him and call him names. I hope the baby does get taken away and they provide her supervised visits until she calms her act down and provide a better life for her daughter. SHe needs a better environment. Everytime I saw the show, her apartment was constantly dirty with laundry EVERYwhere. It was disgusting. And Gary....I think he really needs some parenting and relationship classes. To constantly say that your going to take a child away is a mother's worst fear. No need for it, and if you aren't dating anymore, yes it is healthy to want to know who your child is around, but to call up baby momma and demand to know where a couple of scrapes came from when babies fall and play outside getting scratched all the time is a ridiculous sign of wanting to find excuses to talk to Amber. Both need help. Leah you can come live with me!!!

1420 days ago

Jim Deen    

These people are garbage. MTV what has happened to you? I cant believe people watch this crap.

1420 days ago

Good. They're both idiots, but there shouldn't be a double standard with domestic abuse. If he had hit her, I'm sure something would have happened that day. This appeared to be a legit attack, not some form of Springer bs.

1420 days ago


Why's it only D.V.if the kid saw it? It's D.V. whether witnessed or not. If the kid saw it, wouldn't that give cause for an additional charge of Child Abuse?

1420 days ago


She abused him regardless of whether the child witnessed it! Lock her up! Fair is fair!
Stupid pathetic mother needs her child taken away from her. To think that people witnessed this and it's taken this long for someone to get on it! Sad!
The other way around and the witnesses would've called the police and this guy be in jail already.
Disgusting! Get the child out of there!

1420 days ago


They are both trash. Amber is a pyscho and Gary is a hopeless punching-bag/enabler. Something needs to be done, for their daughter's sake. I'm sure I'm not the only one who watches them ignore her week after week as they carry on this pathetic soap opera they have going on. And her screechy voice is enough to make me want to shove a screwdriver in my ears. Uggggh.

1420 days ago


This young girl needs to be evaluated. I have watched some of this program, I admit. It seems the baby of this woman has no toys and Amber just whines at her to "quiiiiit" when she picks up something to play with. The baby is ignored too much. She deserves better. There are too many guys running through that house, too.

1420 days ago
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