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Lindsay's Mom and Siblings

Angry at 'Glee'

11/17/2010 3:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's mom and siblings think "Glee" was shameful for mocking Lindsay on the show last night ... this according to sources connected to Dina and the kids.

Lindsay Lohan Glee
On the show, Gwyneth Paltrow played a Spanish teacher whose classroom lesson included the following: "Lindsey [sic] Lohan is totally crazy, right?" And, Gwyneth quizzed the class in Spanish, "How many times has Lindsay Lohan been to rehab?"

We're told Dina is saying, "Shame on them," and the family feels it was "tasteless."


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How are they pissed? They are the ones that are constantly putting it out there how she is.

1439 days ago


Dina Lohan created the monster that Lindsay became. Lindsay is now beginning to see that. She should feel ashamed of herself.

1439 days ago


Yeah, it's much easier to shout at the ones calling your daughter out than do the hard work necessary to help improve your daughter's life and turn everyone's perceptions around. Isn't it, Dina?

1439 days ago


Tasteless? I wouldn't exactly say that, but I would say it's overdone, cliched and unfunny as jokes about Lindsay were already getting old 3 years ago, and they've gotten less funny every year, Lindsay's family shouldn't be worried too much, Glee is one of the most overrated shows on TV right now, but it would be pretty funny if Lindsay actually starred in one episode where some of the Glee club members are making jokes about her without realizing she's standing right behind them, and then they get all tongue-tied when they see her and don't know what to say, and then Lindsay asks them if they'd be laughing so hard if someone they knew was in rehab among other things, the members don't have an answer and just stareblankly looking like idiots, now THAT would be funny!

1439 days ago


they have no reason to be mad! come on people tell ur daughter/sibling to stop being stupid and crazy and we wont have and problems! (ITS THAT EASY)

1439 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

Like any of the Lohans know a damn thing about taste, or class.

1439 days ago


What is shameful is how many times Lindsay HAS been in rehab ...

1439 days ago


I don't think she is crazy, but her mom is a human waste in first place....they should play a role about Dina....

1439 days ago


Pot meet KETTLE.... she is one to talk about taste oh wait I forgot her 24 year old drug addict daughter is still a child...

1439 days ago


damn, Gwyneth has the accent from Spain, but whoever provided her lines, needs to take some Spanish.

1439 days ago

Tickle Bunny    

OMG! Wah, wah, wah! The Lohans totally need to get over them selves! Last night's episode of Glee was awesome! Maybe they shouldn't have put their family out in the spot light so much if they can't take being made fun of. Every celebrity gets mad fun of, or caught doing something funny or silly. That's just what happens Lohans, GET OVER IT!!

1439 days ago


Oh COME ON. If you don't want to be mocked for being crazy and ending up in rehab....DON'T DO CRAZY THINGS THAT CAUSE YOU TO END UP IN REHAB. Duh.

1439 days ago


Ok was very funny, Its not like everything that Lindsay has done is a secret! Dina and the family have more to worry about than what "Glee" is doing. Is tasteless is that that same as classless? Because they got a lot of both !!!

and it wasn't just very funny it was freaking funny!!!

1439 days ago


If I would Lolo I would make fun of the bitcch Gweneth on her next movie
I know its not her idea but she galdly took the part in it

1439 days ago


LMAO....... "....shameful for mocking Lindsay".

If the Lohans wouldn't show their ass and ignorance every time they are out, there wouldn't be anything to make fun of now would there?

1439 days ago
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