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Gretchen Rossi's Ex -- Pay For My Damn Parking!

11/28/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gretchen Rossi's ex hates the reality starlet so much -- he's demanding that she pay back every penny he had to spend in their nasty legal war ... including parking fees, gas and even a $20 dinner.


The man making the demands is Jay Photoglou -- who Rossi sued for defamation after he appeared on "Real Housewives of Orange County" and claimed they were dating while she was still engaged to another man.

A judge dismissed Rossi's claims -- and earlier this week, Jay filed docs in Orange County Superior Court demanding she pay for literally everything he had to go through during the case ... including:

-- $96.25 for parking fees
-- $289 in "milage fees"
-- $20.85 for a dinner meeting regarding the case
... and a mere $72,072.80 in legal fees.

All in all, Jay wants $85,864.08 for his troubles.

A rep for Gretchen tells us, "The fee's [Jay] claims he accrued are a result of his own actions by filing a SLAPP motion to stop Ms. Rossi's pending litigation against him.  The reality is this attempt was not very successful and the meat of Gretchen's case still remains."


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I think people should look into Photoglou's criminal record and extensive IRS debts. It appears he stalks and harasses woman until they sue him or get restraining orders against him, He then tries to extort money from them claiming emotional distress. What a *****!! It is obvious he is harassing Gretchen because he is desperate for money. Once again I believe he has lied to the press trying to make himself look like the victim. If he wasn't bullying Gretchen, no one would give a flying %#^@ who this guy was. By the way, her case against him was not dismissed. 8 counts still stand against him. Here is the rest of the story.

1423 days ago


His tool never appeared on Housewives. He is a used car sales man. I hear he has had restraining orders against him from woman for 20 years.

1423 days ago


This tool never appeared on Housewives, I heard he is just a used car salesman looser. I hear on the street he deals and has had restraining orders against him since he was 18 years old. He makes a living causing problems then suing people. Girls beware, I am sure he is hunting for his next victim as we speak..

1423 days ago


Good luck seeing one thin dime, Bozo.

1423 days ago


yo tmz, do sth about all this spam in the comments!

1423 days ago

none of that    

She lost the last one to him and had to pay him. She will pay him again! She lied. By the way, tell Slade Slimey to pay his child support plus $80,000 in back support. His son has incurable cancer. Why doesn't Gretchen fork over some of the money for this child? They are pure OC trash!!!

1423 days ago


she looks like kat von dee with blond hair

1423 days ago


Anti-SLAPP litigation? Do any of you know what that means? Clever.

1423 days ago


Ha! Karma is a cold-hearted bitch, Gretchen! That is what you get for being a gold-digging whore who fooled around with other men while her fiance lay in the hospital dying of cancer. I hope everyone who can will sue the skanky witch. Her and Slimy Slade should get all they have coming to them and and then some. What a pair! A deadbeat Dad and a gold-digging whore.

1423 days ago


Who are these people again?

1423 days ago


so Jay has a criminal record and a history of domestic abuse recorded in the public records, Gretchen has never had issues that I have ever seen until this car salesman looser made his claims all over the internet. Jay claims he was banging a girl who had a dying fiancé but she is the whore? You don’t think he was trying to get close to Gretchen so he could execute this little plan of his the whole time? He planned this and I am looking forward to him getting busted. What fn planet are you from, This guy has zero credibility. It's impossible that he has 70K to spend on an attorney; I hear he lost his house, lost his car and owes the IRS like 300K. He lives with his looser brother Mark now who just got busted getting his buddies wife prego. Mark Photoglou just got married and is already banging some other guys wife. Jay putters around in Marks car cause his was repo’d, LOL. I guess you like guys who harass and abuse woman. Wonder why the judge allowed 8 counts including harassment, theft, interference with contracts and 5 others to remain in her case? Because he is a criminal you dumb ass!!! I can't wait to see this guy do jail time, my second favorite thing will be to watch you choke on your own post for supporting a person like this. You’re an idiot!

1423 days ago


I had heard Gretchen posts on numerous gossip sites defending herself. I guess on here she goes by Maria. *lmao*

1423 days ago



1423 days ago


Maria I mean Gretchen WHO ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE U ARE TALKING ABOUT.. I think u know too much info...BUSTED GRETCHEN...

1423 days ago

Who gives a F about mel gibson?    

Lock up your grandpa's everyone!! Gretchen may need more money!! You know 2.5 million just dont cut it these days!!! now i aint sayin she a gold digger... wait yeah i am

1422 days ago
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