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Christina Aguilera


by Her New Man's Band

12/2/2010 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Christina Aguilera is the best thing that ever happened to her new boyfriend's band -- and they know it -- because they quickly plastered her name all over their website in an apparent effort to gain exposure.

Christina Aguilera and Matt Rutler

Right after the news broke that Matt Rutler was getting all cozy with Christina -- the guys from the Nate Mott Band posted Xtina's name and Matt's name all over the "Tags" section of their homepage -- hoping to increase the likelihood that anyone doing a Google search for those two will find their band's website.

But, it seems somebody wasn't happy with the coattail riding ... because the Christina-related tags have since been removed from the website.

Christina couldn't have been too upset -- because she accompanied Matt (below left) to a bar in Newport, Rhode Island on Sunday to watch her new man jam out a few songs with another one of the guys from the band.

Nate Mott Band



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I seriously doubt Matt had anything to do with it. He didn't want to go public with the relationship. Perhaps a "former" band member thought it would be a "good"idea.Leave the dude alone.

1400 days ago


I think it's pretty awful that people just automatically go for the negative perspective to get readers. I second the fact checking comments...and also, why couldn't this just be an example of a girlfriend supporting her man and what he's passionate about. Obviously their both passionate about music and maybe that's something that brought them together in the first place. She may be famous but that doesn't mean that everyone is using her.

1400 days ago


Smoke and mirrors...Christina likes girls. If you look back at a pic of him and her he's got one of those security earpieces in his ear. He's her bodyguard and she's trying to clean up her image. It's ok Christina be who you are.

1400 days ago


Why do celebs even have children? Hardly any of them even spend any time with their children.. always with a family member or a nanny. Don't they realize they've spawned a spoiled unloved brat that will fail?

She looks fat as well, what happened to her?

1400 days ago


What A Whore !

1400 days ago


What a joke. Some no name band trying to make it big JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE! You guys a special right? Right. No one will remember their names in two weeks we she dumps this loser.

1400 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

isn't 'boy band' an oxymoron??!

1400 days ago


Hey Floptina, let the ink on your divorce papers dry before you go out getting yourself a new man. I bet your son is thrilled. I'm sure he understands what's going on.

1400 days ago


We all know this guy is going to break her heart like she broke Jordan's its very obvious she cheated on Jordan while making Burlesque or came close to since they started going on dates real fast. Its funny how she keeps saying she is taking things slow however she has been on several dates with him, met his mother and has now given People magazine an interview about her "new man" and how wonderful he is. Newsflash Christina anyone's marriage will fall apart when you start to wonder off and met other people behind your husbands back. Your husband has been there thru the good and bad you said it yourself you were dating while on set of your Dirrty video. She took so long just to even say she was with Jordan and made him jump thru hoops for her and this guy gets her just like that. All things that start off fast also end fast and you will never have a nice husand again like Jordan. She tried to throw him under the bus by quoting after the 1st year with Max she was the one caring for him well there has been plenty of pics all throughout this year showing Jordan and Max together while Mommy was out on her drinking nights and all of them together pics don't lie Christina but you do to make yourself look good. Christina Aguilera looks fat and ugly, I'm tired of her lying to make herself look good.

1399 days ago


Why is she not a villan 4 leavin him if other way around he'd B belittled & Casturated by the media and public this world cradle her like a Queen but a Queen from sodom and U know
he's way better off emotionally w/out her thiugh he may or maynot know yet in time youll see how big a sexx kitten she is advice TIE HER TUBES B 4 she hatches the antichrist ever see her on exploit celebs and her lil jaunts with her ***** posse at the erotic male stretchin organs show TMZ reported last year or early this WOW she doesnt swallow looks like GOBBLE GOBBLE on exploit celebs QUICK TIE UM.....

1399 days ago


HAHAHA. She's dating some OC-looking Bro dude now with a RUCA shirt. I'm sure his band sounds like Jack Johnson or some crap. Dude, have some self-respect, and quit riding some pop-stars act to get your ****ty band signed. Loser.

1398 days ago


Coattail Rutler...Tags are still there > view source

1398 days ago


if shes with him maybe hes worth it!her ex husband sopposly beated her!!search up for her picsss

1392 days ago


There are on two kinds of people on this planet earth.

(1) allow to be used.

(2) The USER..

1392 days ago


Just a reiteration of what I said before: There are only two kinds of humans on this planet we live in: (1) One that allows to be USED; (2) The one that lurks around searching for those who are naive and complacent who allows themselves to be USED; taken advantage of. These the people that professes to be one's most honest & trustworthy. My suggestion? Always open yours eyes,l be wary and put a stop to it. Thanks

1391 days ago
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