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Jwoww to Ex:

Gimme My NAKED Photos Back!

12/7/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jwoww's legal fight with her ex-boyfriend ain't just about money -- TMZ has learned she's very concerned about some "derogatory" photos in his possession ... photos that we're told leave very little to the imagination.

Jwoww Nude Photos

Weeks before the "Jersey Shore" star's ex-boyfriend/former business manager Thomas Lippolis sued Jwoww for allegedly stiffing him on several deals -- Jwoww's lawyer sent the guy a letter explaining a "final payment" for his services was in the works. The document could be the proof that Lippolis needs to get the $350,000 he's demanding from the reality star.

But in the letter, the lawyer added, "It has come to [Jwoww's] attention that you may be in possession of certain photos of her that may be derogatory to her image and in violation of her contract with MTV."

Sources connected to the former couple tell TMZ ... the photos in question contain some very nude images of the reality star.

Jwoww's attorney demanded the return of the pics ASAP -- but we're told nothing has been exchanged thus far.


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1. Don't do anything that is against your contract.
2. Don't do anything that will hurt your "image."
3. Don't share evidence that you violated your contract.
4. Don't EVER give nude photos of yourself to someone who could one day be an ex.

When will people ever learn to keep their clothes on or at least make sure there is no camera in the room when clothes come off?

1314 days ago

Oh no!    

If it was Angelina, it would be worth a look. But J-BowWow looks like a hotel maid with plastic teets.

1314 days ago

Bob Kimball    

I've always felt--if people are willing to pose for naked pictures, then they shouldn't be upset when their naked pictures get published. Lesson learned, hopefully!!! Bob

1314 days ago


Release the, I mean photos

1314 days ago


what a shallow empty generation...i bet not one person associated with that show gave a penny to charity, or even wrote a letter or visited a troop...whos fighting and risking his/her life for the freedom for this dumbass to act like a drunken shallow idiot...her family must be ashamed of her and i bet she thinks there proud....Just cant wait for the future when shes broke out of rehab for the 3rd time and actually grows up enough to stop feeling sorry for herself and do something for someone else besides her..of course after her porn carrer celebrity rehab and finally dancing at Satin dolls then getting fired cause shes to skanky for customers...Sad part this is the best case scenairo....

1314 days ago


She could dance on my pole anyday. Boiiiiiiinnggggggg! I'd stick it in all three of her holes.

1314 days ago


Isn't she always naked in those horrible hore outfits?¿?...
(sorry my english..Juliana (medellin-colombia))

1314 days ago


Nice one #18. Here's another to add to the list. "The chick is like a town bicycle, everyone gets a ride."

1314 days ago


Don't worry honey, nobody wants to see your skanky nude photos.

1314 days ago


Envious much people?

1314 days ago


Event her lawyer is an idiot...

"Derogatory to her image"

de·rog·a·to·ry Adjective
Showing a critical or disrespectful attitude

Go back to night school for English you ambulance chaser.

1314 days ago


Shes the dumb ass for letting her boyfriend take the pics. He should be allowed to keep them and o what he wants with them. Who wants to see her naked anyway? Shes disgusting.

1314 days ago


25. Don't worry honey, nobody wants to see your skanky nude photos

You are wrong on that number 25. That would be my jerk-material for at least a week.

1314 days ago


BOW WOW is more like it. Nice body but face isn't bthat great. Most of the girls on that Jersey Shore, especially Snooki look like deformed trolls.

1314 days ago


So let me see if I have this right.

She posed naked with a boyfriend for some photos which was a violation of her MTV contract. Uh-huh.

I don't know if this happened before or during her contract but it really doesn't matter. If it happened before and she lied about it to get the contract in the first place she deserves to be sued and/or fired. If it happened during then she willfully violated the contract and ALSO deserves to be sued and/or fired.
The timing isn't even relevant all that much. The second scenario just makes her out to be an even bigger dumbass.

So her lawyers want to cover up her transgressions so as to preserve her marketability. The idiot shouldn't have done it in the first place. She shouldn't be able to cover up the facts just so she can continue to be an overpaid "celebrity" because she "earned" her status under fraudulent conditions.

I say sell the photos or publish them freely over the Internet and let her reap the consequences of her actions. She's hardly a rolemodel. Send her back to the 'hood to get a real job.

1314 days ago
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