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Katt Williams

Ordered to Pay $577k in Dog Attack Case

12/12/2010 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Comedian Katt Williams has been ordered to fork over $577,929 to an Atlanta record producer -- after Katt allegedly sicked his attack dog on the other man's pet canine ... nearly killing the animal.

The producer, Merion Joseph Powers, had sued Katt in Atlanta -- claiming the comic racked up a $28k bill in his studio, but refused to pay the debt ... and when he pressed Williams for the dough, Katt paid him a visit with his attack dog in tow.

Powers alleged Katt -- in an effort to intimidate him into backing off the debt -- showed up to his studio with an attack dog and gave it a "verbal attack signal" to go after Merion's dog ... which suffered "substantial and nearly life-threatening injuries."

But when Merion had his day in court -- the judge ruled in his favor ... and ordered Katt to pay the man a whopping $577k.

Calls to Katt's reps were not returned.


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Never heard of this Katt with a dog dude.

But he's a Michael Vick like dirtbag in my book now.

1409 days ago


Are spineless whimps reqired to own a pit?

I guess if you have no balls and a big mouth you need a pitbull.

His pimpin crap show what low life he is.

1409 days ago


What a low life...I'm sure the loser doesn't have the funds to cover the judgement if he couldn't even pay the tab! Someone needs to take the dog away from the loser!

1409 days ago

Mark in Texas    

I have a family and My dogs are a part of that family and if I am owed money I expect to be paid. I also own protection. Had this man came to my home where my family is and sent an attack dog at a member of my family at my home. I'd of shot him when he sicked the dog and then the dog after. He obviously was out to harm someone and would of had to be put down just like the dog. It wouldn't be smart to let either live. In short .....They dude should of shot Katt and dog. He would of been justified.

1409 days ago


Never heard of this Jive Ass Monkey looking fool ,Jives like him get dogs for status symbols, they just have to show out.I hope VICK number two looses every penny he has , you can look at that picture of him and tell he is a pure bread TURD !

1409 days ago


This Judgment will never stand. A dog is property and you're only entitled to the value of the dog, which is no where near 500K dollars.

1409 days ago


Firstly, who is he again?

what planet does these idiots come from.

- He owes a undisputed debt
- He get's pissed because he's expected to pay it
- He returns -Big-Bad-Man (with a pit bull) gets in the guys face
- Instructs his dog to attack
- Still insist that he's not going to pay
- Sued, gets a judgement of 500k, now dude owe 20x than he did originally.

You think he learned anything from this?

Good luck collecting

1409 days ago


#10 - he gets damage as well. The vet bills could have been 3,000 dollars X 9 times actual damage = 27,000 plus whatever else he lost in actual damage (which could be all kinds of things, and then multiply that times 9). Also there is the 28,000 in debt plus interest. etc, etc. I think the judge knows how to do his job.

1409 days ago


Reyna38 - you are a moron. We are all dumber for reading your comment.

1409 days ago


Yo Hona...Biatch please...

1409 days ago


I love Katt Williams! I hope he gets "in tune with his star player" soon!! I want to see him get it together, stay out of trouble and back on top again..he's got the talent!! Come back to us Katt!

1409 days ago


Katt Williams is the most un-funny standup comedian ever.

1409 days ago


Plain dumb to make him pay the much!!! <3 Kat he is so fing funny!!!

1409 days ago


Poor animals, both of them. He's got an "attack dog" wtf... Might as well be Michael Vick in my opion, piece of crap loser!

1408 days ago


It was a default judgment, according to the online court records. That means that Katt didn't respond to the lawsuit and so admitted all of the facts contained in it as a matter of law.

I haven't seen the lawsuit, but suspect it includes claims for intentional infliction of emotional distress as well as punitive damages, among other things, which will certainly stand unless Williams can show a really good reason for not filing a response. Most of the time, unless a defendant in his position can show that he was not actually served (which is unlikely as the court would look into this before judgment) he won't ever have a chance to challenge the judgment.

-An Atlanta litigator

1408 days ago
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