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Michael Vick Ponies Up Porsche for Fiancée's Bday

12/16/2010 5:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Vick is definitely spending cash like a starting QB -- because the dude just handed over a fully loaded Porsche to his fiancée at her birthday bash in Philadelphia ... TMZ has learned.

Michael Vick Porsche
Sources inside the party tell us Vick's fiancée, Kijafa Frink, celebrated her birthday with a private event at a Philly nightclub ... where guests feasted on filet mignon sliders, imported crab balls, and designer chicken wings (yeah, we don't get it either).

But here's the kicker -- when it was time to open gifts Vick whipped out a brand new Porsche Panamera! Yeah, he dropped $90k on a birthday gift. Baller.

We're told Vick's Philadelphia Eagles teammates LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson were also at the party -- but we're guessing he didn't toss the Porsche keys to 'em the way he tosses the rock.

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weed, yeah before he got the new contract he was because he was not making enough to pay the debts. he now makes 12 million a year able to pay his debts. i mean who is right and who is wrong? APPARENTLY i am right because he just bought a 90,000 dollar birthday present. so smoke some more weed mr. weed.

1405 days ago


Michael Vick signs two-year deal with Philadelphia Eagles - ESPN

Aug 14, 2009 · Michael Vick has signed a two-year deal with the Eagles. ... The Eagles tore up his old contract with two years remaining, and gave him a new deal worth $24.5 million ...

Later Lawrence, love to stuff it in your face, read it and weep kind sir. I going to lunch, haha, a big nice fancy lunch:)

1405 days ago


Once again giving fake links proves you're an idiot. Here's a link to a story in the USA Today from yesterday entitled:

"Eagles face contract issues with both Michael Vick and DeSean Jackson"

The first paragraphy says:

"Both QB Michael Vick and WR DeSean Jackson spoke on Tuesday about their desire for new deals next season, albeit with different tones."

Here is the REAL link:


Later LisaLisa, enjoy that big fancy value meal. Do they give you an employee discount?

Sorry, wrong again.

1405 days ago


How worthless do you have to be to kill a dog?

1405 days ago


i cant not stands this man what he did was uncalled for and for him to be back playing football is a joke to bad those helpless dog cant have a second chance some one to treat him the way he treat them but hey he was someone b..ch in jail...............................................................

1405 days ago


@Zoe#1...NO ONE is "jealous" of Michael Vick!

Comedian Chris Rock tells white audiences, "None of ya would change places with me! And I'm rich! That's how good it is to be white!"

So yeah, no, we are not jealous....

1405 days ago


Vick hasn't changed one bit ...He said in an NFL interview when asked if this is all genuine and he said that he thinks before he speaks so he'll say all the right things ,,You could tell as soon as it came out of his mouth by the look on his face that he said the wrong thing ...none of this is genuine ....Its all an act to get endorsements and a new contract ...

1405 days ago


For all you morons that want to play the race card. Why don't you tell your fellow black people that killing dogs is a horrible thing to do. Tell them to learn how to speak english while you're at it.
Vick is a monster and will never be forgiven and if he was white nothing would change.

1405 days ago


Reading post 67 by the African American woman Jennifer makes you forgive the ignorance of someone like lissalissa25...

1405 days ago


how is that phat azz going to fit into that car? Perhaps if you lube the doors with bacon grease i guess. Mike, you have come a long way from prison, time to get a hot girl, without arm fat.

1405 days ago


What's really sick is that his fiancee did an interview with a local news station and went on how upset she was that everyone treated Vick like he's a monster. Bitch please.

1405 days ago



Indeed most people have done something wrong in their life, and I firmly believe in second chances. This is a whole different story though, he tortured and killed innocent dogs voor fun. Someone enjoying inflicting pain on others is called a Sociopath and is not able to be rehabilitated. He will be in the news for violence against humans and/or animals again, that's for sure. Would you say the same if this was about childeren? I read that he got himself a pet dog. I hope the RSPCA gets the poor thing ASAP. And please stop making this a race thing, the biggest racists are people making these claims. Would you have written your comment if the guy was white? I would!

1405 days ago


I don't care what color you are, you don't kill dogs and think nothing is bad about that. Where is your soul?? How do you look in the mirror. sorry is never enough

1405 days ago



1405 days ago



1405 days ago
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