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'Bachelor' Star

Scientology Won't Leave Me Alone!

12/17/2010 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former "The Bachelor" winner Shayne Lamas is waging war on the Church of Scientology -- claiming Xenu's followers are billing her $1,500 ... even though she wants nothing to do with them.

Shayne's lawyer fired off a letter to the famous L. Ron Hubbard shrine in Hollywood, demanding the church quit sending her bills for $1,506.35 -- claiming the bills are bogus ... and that Shayne "is not now, nor ever has been, a member of your organization or the Church of Scientology."

A Church rep claims Shayne "made a donation in 2004" -- but the check didn't clear. The rep says they'll stop sending letters to Shayne.

Best part ... Shayne's lawyer also reps her husband Nik Richie -- the guy behind -- who says he's a big "Top Gun" fan and might be interested in joining the Church ... if they send him letters addressed to "Maverick."

We're guessing that's a negative, Ghost Rider.


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I didn't know that official lawyer correspondence could be snarky. It looks pretty unprofessional.

The last Maverick line.

1405 days ago

brock lesnar    

Scientology sucks and so does Nik Richie.

1405 days ago


if you join this scientology stuff does that mean you can have like 8 wives and you do not have to work

1405 days ago


Scientology is a seriously disturbing cult. Comparing them to Christianity is irrelevant -- only fundamentalists factions of religions even compare to the level of insanity that is the Co$. Do some research if you believe they are a viable and healthy religion -- and even see what happens if you tell them how maniacal they are. Chances are you'll regret it -- just like Shayna will.

1405 days ago


waow since when was tmz all up nik richies ass HAHA

1405 days ago

Sad sad    

$cientology is a cult. If you even give them your information (even if you never intend to join), they deem you a "member" and you'll never, ever stop getting their junk mail.

The poor guys/gals who man their booths are paid less than minimum wage, are brainwashed into thinking that more courses will help them, and are stuck in an endless cycle of getting paid goose eggs while paying for worthless courses at a "discount".

1405 days ago


Scientology is a rich man's "religion" cult.

1405 days ago


Xenu says Nanu Nanu to You!

1405 days ago


Dude, you have to get the story right: Shayne Lamas gave check to Scientology and it bounced and they were asking her to issue one that works. A fading starlet trying to make some media, using Scientology as a "big name".

1405 days ago


Hmm!!!...Ok!....who cares?

1405 days ago


She look like she was ready for giving a bj or having an orgasm. LOL

1405 days ago

Gloria Unread    

Honestly, I could use that same response about Christianity. You can debate back and forth with it. I'm not a Scientoligist btw. It's creepy to you because it's different then what you have been taught. I guess one must have to have some sort of intelligence because it does requires some reading skills. lol

Posted at 3:47 AM on Dec 17, 2010 by Sad sad
I was going to also make that point, but I try to keep my posts short here. Otherwise I'd waste more time here than I already do... :) Yet, here I go.. *cracks knuckles and puts on a pot of coffee**

Seriously Sad sad, I agree with you on every single point about religion. I'm Agnostic, just so you know where I'm coming from on all this. My problem with Scientology specifically is the whole 'Limited amount of seats on the spaceship, and only the people who donate the most money get those seats' to their equivilant of heaven.
Also, the whole SP deal - Telling people to avoid others who speak out against their religion or viewpoint is the very way a Cult keeps it's members in line. 'Anyone who tells you you're brainwashed doesn't really care about you, so you'd better get away from them.' It also usually target a person whose depressed or had trauma and then shows a small bit of kindness in order to get their complete devotion and eventually, money. Of course, all religions do it to some extent, but the way that Scientology also tells people not to seek medical attention when they have a mental issue is absolutely cruel and could end up getting someone killed.

I also agree that people should do whatever makes them happy. Whether it's Scientology, Anti-Depressants, Christianity, Drugs, BDSM, wearing a shortie robe and throwing fire crackers around the house with your houseboys - Whatever floats your boat. As for me, I have this site and some other really dark things that make me happy.. :)

I'm curious, what is this single part of Scientology that worked for you? You don't have to say, obviously, but I had to ask. :)

Since you quoted my remark about Scientology being creepy, Yes - all religions have their very creepy and unsettling members. I've seen that 18 Kids and Counting show.. **shudder** I wasn't even questioning or insulting intelligence there - I was questioning their rationality. A rational person would look at Scientology and Hubbard outright admitting he wanted to start a religion solely to get money out of people and they would stay the hell away from it.

Even intelligent people can be irrational - and most geniuses actually are quite mad.. :) I just wanted to clarify that.

Well, Sad sad, I apologize if you actually read all this.. I completely agree with you and wasn't trying to antagonize you by quoting your post before. I think it's cool that you got something out of Scientology to help you when you needed it. But I do wonder what it is that made you not go any further with it. I can't help but think that there was something that might have drove you off from it, even though you're still defending the "Something in it that works."

1405 days ago

Gloria Unread    

She look like she was ready for giving a bj or having an orgasm. LOL

Posted at 9:43 AM on Dec 17, 2010 by Jackie
Looks like the still-frame right before the 'money shot'.. :S

You gotta love how TMZ sometimes picks the most unflattering picture of a celebrity for their stories. I know it's on purpose - they've used better shots of Shayne for other stories. Hell, I'd do the same thing to celebs I hated if I were working here!

1405 days ago


Oh, wtf eva! They are nice people. Never ever once bothered or harassed me for anything. In fact one of the guys gave me one of their books free. I wanted it and no one forced me. Actually, something they do worked really well for me.
Posted at 1:25 AM on Dec 17, 2010 by Sad sad
oh just see how nice they are to you once they condsider you a suppressive person or if you dont do or believe everything that they tell you. Oh yea, and hold on the cold hard cash.

Yeah, I felt the love when they made my ex-fiancee end his relationship with me when I refused to quit my job and work for free for Scientology and join the cult. He ended up leaving the cult after they sucked a year out of his life and all of his funds. He came back to me proclaiming how right was about them!

They are NUTSO!

1405 days ago

Scientology student MM    

Thanks TMZ for not mentioning that she wrote a bad check, nice slanted propaganda as usual. Of course, they sent her a bill.

1405 days ago
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