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'Rock of Love' Finalist

Jailed for Pimp Cup Attack

12/29/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of the chicks Bret Michaels dissed on "Rock of Love Bus" has just begun a 6-month stint behind bars for unleashing a bloody attack on another woman with a pimp chalice ... TMZ has learned.


25-year-old Brittanya O'Campo checked into Ventura County Jail in California yesterday ... after pleading guilty to felony assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor battery for an incident back in 2008.

Law enforcement sources tell us the deadly weapon was a "pimp cup" -- à la Lil' Jon.

In fact, we're told the woman on the receiving end of O'Campo's pimp smack was so busted up ... she needed several stitches to close the wounds.

Brittanya -- who clearly spent some time on her eyebrows before her mug shot -- twittered a goodbye note to her fans ... saying, "I will be locked up for 6 monthes [sic]. I can only get PostCards, no letters or packages."



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this girl is so down!! this is how we do things in oxnard!! go girl!! be good & youll be out in less than 6 months... the bitch she hit had to do something to trigger it-- 805!!!!!!!

1339 days ago


Brittanya without makeup! she must have been piling it on on tv. I don't think she looks that bad though. There are worse looking people out there.

1339 days ago


the *uck she got in her face?

1339 days ago


Trash - who cares - next!

1339 days ago


The other girl started the fight and expected not to get her ass kicked? On another note, her eyebrows are tattooed not sharpied.

1339 days ago


Ridiculous piercings..."I'm so unique and original".........NOT....just silly.

1339 days ago


OMG - If that what's coming out of Oxnard then all the ho's in Oxnard need to make sure they don't miss high tide! This used up bar ho will never be anything more than a bar ho with no man & 4 kids with 4 different father's. When she becomes unbangable, she'll resort to drugs and alcohol. Look at her, she looks used, drugged out and batsh*t crazy!! What kind of woman does that to her face - A F'D up loser like this one! I'm sure her family must be so proud of their trashy dump of a daughter.

1339 days ago


DAYUM!!! What a difference make up makes on this girl. Just nasty. Here I was thinking she was so pretty..ugh.

1339 days ago


What kind of name is O'Campo? I didn't realize there was a Spanish section of Ireland.

1339 days ago

i pee freely    

i bet the majority of the posters r fat ugly people with out a life hahahahah you f****ng haters

1339 days ago


Just another ghetto piece of street trash from low-class Oxnard.

1339 days ago


.............& she gave the sob cry that she was gonna change for her kid, blah, blah, blah.

Trash will always be just that: TRASH

1339 days ago


this is a lie i know her baby's daddy that shes PREGNANT from right NOW!!! her 2nd child will be born in Jail Just like his BIG brother.... And she turned herself in on the 22nd.... and the girl she f'd up she ruined her for the rest of her life all because the girl was talking to a supposed Fiance that shes not with anymore.. it was with a Beer Bottle... and she cut her face from her forehead to her neck... and all she got was 6month this is also her 3rd offence... this f'in Bitch is CRAZY!!!

1339 days ago


to #40 thats even worse that her eye brows are tattoo'd cus she cant even FIX the angry eyes.....

1339 days ago


You guys judge...because you guys have nothing better to do... Throw the 1st stone if you guys have never done anything bad in your life. EXACTLY YOU CANT!!! You all are just mad and hating on Brittanya because she is making money & even if she is locked up she is still making that money. And whore please.... I bet 95% of the people attacking her on here are freaken whores your self!!! She is one of the most sweetest persons you can ever meet & so down to earth. I am honored to know her and YES I HAD HER AS A SPECIAL GUEST AT MY SONS 16th BIRTHDAY!!!! And please if someone came at you and did something stupid or fight you... you are going to fight back I dont care what anybody says! Unless you are punks who run away! In which I am a mother of 2 handsome boys and I myself would of done the same thing as Brittanya..defend myself! So quit judging people and go take care of your kids that they are probably doing drugs or behing whores!!! Get a Life & let live! And for your information her Eyebrows are tattooed and they look good! Oh and all you lady's hating on her please, you are just mad because she is beautiful with a banging body and you know your men would slobber if she passed by them and you lady's would feel so stupid and insecure! Exactly Insecure!!!! GET A LIFE PEOPLE!!! Oh wait this is your life obviously judging others because you guys are all insecure and feel good about judging other people then yourself. Low Lifes!!!!

1339 days ago
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